CODNP Day 124: Kicking Off Year 14

It’s another trip around the sun for the blog.

Back in 2007, less than two months after my second child was born, I fired up WordPress and started complaining about Kip Wells.  2007 wasn’t exactly the greatest year to start writing a Cardinal-centric blog, what with Chris Carpenter hurt and the World Series fading quickly into the background.  Nobody’s ever said I’m in touch with what’s hot or synonymous with “the smart move”.  Yet I kept at it, found some other Cardinal bloggers to work with, and kept going.

The location has changed a couple of times in the last 13 years but I feel like my initial description of the blog is still pretty accurate:

I realized tonight, though, that I wanted to start up a blog specifically to talk about the Cardinals in particular and major league baseball issues in general. I’ve done some of that on my personal blog, but the people that check that out usually want to see pictures of my son and daughter and don’t want a couple of paragraphs on the state of the Cardinals’ pitching. This way I can get some stuff off my chest and make it easier on everyone.

This is not going to be a high-quality Cardinals blog like vivaelbirdos, with stats and interesting new ways of looking at things. I’m not going to cover the minors the way that Future Redbirds does. There are a lot of great Cardinal blogs out there, each of them with their own style. What you’ll get here is the general thoughts of a guy who doesn’t watch every pitch, but tries to watch some of every game while juggling the home life. A guy who spends time talking Cardinals at CardsClubhouse and reading about them other places. You’ll probably get ideas I’ve seen other places, but I’ll try to identify those that aren’t mine, at least.

It’s just a regular joe blog. I root for the Cardinals and typically give them and management the benefit of the doubt. I’ll criticize when necessary, but I’m not big on general bashing. So let’s give it a shot, see what happens.

Of course, Future Redbirds is long, long gone.  CardsClubhouse went that way a few years back, as Twitter makes a forum community difficult to maintain (plus there were computer/server issue that the owner just never got around to fixing).  The blogging landscape looks so much different now than it did when I started up.  We (by we, I mean the United Cardinal Bloggers) got into rudimentary podcasting around the end of 2008 with Blog Talk Radio so it’s not like podcasting was unheard of, but it definitely wasn’t as big as it is today.  And, overall, writing posts has decreased because you can put those thoughts in a broadcast or on Twitter.

Obviously, except for this not-well-thought-out idea of writing daily during the stoppage, my output has decreased as well.  Still, there’s something about working out topics in a post, figuring out some of the angles, perhaps even changing your own mine between the beginning and the end.  I’ve done that a few times!  And while, in my advancing age (I’ll turn 45 in a couple of weeks, which is like 90 in blogger years I believe), I probably will slow things down once the game gets back on the field, I don’t plan on throwing in the towel on the site anytime soon.  I’ll write when I can, five people will read it, and the cycle will continue.

Thanks for those that have been supporting me on this ride.  We’ll see if we can get it right this year.

(EDIT: After poking around, I realized that it was actually last night–July 13, which happened to be a Friday appropriately enough–that the blog actually started.  Somewhere along the way I’ve shifted it a day.)

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