West Coast Redbird

That One Critical Thing

Going into the last 2 weeks of the season, lots of folks – yeah, me too – felt pretty good about the Cardinals’ chances of making the playoffs.  They’d won 11 of 13, both Colorado and Chicago were scuffling, St Louis had climbed within 2.5 games of both for a playoff spot, things were definitely [...]

Lack of Composure

Sometimes you get a call, sometimes you don’t.  What you do next is what counts. If you watched the entire top of the fifth in yesterday’s game, John Lackey had an issue with at least one other call from Home Plate Umpire Baker.  There was a 2-1 curve ball to Wong that was called a [...]

Arson Squad

Well that was a frustrating series. The Padres are a long way from being a contender for the playoffs, but they are far from the worst team in the NL.  As uncomfortable as it might be to admit, San Diego is a lot closer to St Louis in terms of the quality of the team [...]

Quick Hitter on Game Scores

With Michael Wacha winning last night, 1-0, after tossing 6 scoreless innings, I was reminded of a post I hadn’t finished after his start in New York. So quickly: Wacha’s complete game shut out of the Mets on 7/18 posted a Game Score of 95.  For the purposes of this short post, Game Score was [...]

As you’re no doubt painfully aware, yesterday’s 9th inning started with a Francisco Cervelli ground ball up the middle.  Paul DeJong got to the ball but could not control it, and Cervelli reached on what was charitably called a ‘single’.  Two quick things on that: First, it should have been an error.  Yes DeJong had to [...]

Second Half Musings

Didn’t there used to be games on the Thursday after the All-Star Game?  Oh well. Games in April count the same as games in September, but for the Redbirds the next 17 are critical: 3 against a mediocre Pirates team 4 against a mediocre Mets team 3 against a mediocre Cubs team 3 against a Rockies [...]

Old Habits Die

I didn’t plan to watch the All-Star Game this year. But with Netflix on the fritz and a fidgety 5-year old next to me I flipped the TV over to cable.  I started looking at Honduras vs French Guiana but that looked initially like a Sunday game at my local park.  Over to FOX.  Carlos Martinez was on the [...]

Oh. Hello.  It’s been a while. Hope you’ve been well. The Cardinals are on a swing through San Diego, meaning it’s time for an annual trip to Petco.  Which contained more than the usual foreboding while watching St Louis on the west coast.  For some reason, the Cardinals have had lots of trouble handling the [...]


I can honestly say, I would have waited a lot longer for this day to come. The Cardinals playing the Cubs in the post season is something many in each fan base want.  I’m comfortable saying Cubs fans were/are more eager to see this happen than Cardinals fans.  Why?  Because it meant they were in [...]


If you ever wondered what it would be like to face the Small Bears in the playoffs, you’ll get a taste of it this week. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I hoped the Cardinals would bury Pittsburgh for the rest of the regular season, when they played this weekend.  Alas, [...]

Starting this weekend, St Louis will make their final foray to the West Coast for the regular season.  Since they start the road trip in my hometown, I had great designs on a 1200+ word essay about the Padres – what to expect, strengths and weaknesses; kind of a Bird’s Eye View reprise. Then the [...]

Get Checked

This will have nothing to do with baseball. A close friend of my family died Tuesday of breast cancer. She was 49. This hits home because she was my friend; she was about my age; and her youngest daughter is the same age as my oldest son. They were classmates once upon a time. She [...]

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