I can honestly say, I would have waited a lot longer for this day to come. The Cardinals playing the Cubs in the post season is something many in each fan base want.  I'm comfortable saying Cubs fans were/are more eager to see this happen than Cardinals fans.  Why?  Because it meant they were in [...]

It’s Time, Ready or Not

This afternoon, at 5:45 PM (or thereabouts), John Lackey will throw a pitch to a Chicago Cubs batter and the postseason will be underway.  Odds are, if you look at it just purely from the numbers, this journey doesn't end well.  After all, 90% of all postseason teams lose their final game. But if you [...]

We have arrived at the last first day of the playoff series, as the National League kicks off its series this afternoon.  While, of course, we're much more focused on the Cardinals and the Cubs, there are two other teams that are looking for a trip to the NLCS, two teams that would probably love [...]

Once the decision was made to wait and see who won last night, I knew the M & M boys (Mo and Matheny) would beat me to the punch. And as much as I was prepared for anything, credit has to go to the Cardinals for making the tough choices. Already posting a roster that [...]

St. Louis Cardinals – Chicago Cubs  How fans can enjoy the historic Division Series matchup and rally support for the Cardinals            ST. LOUIS, October 08, 2015 – For the third consecutive year, the Cardinals clinched a Central Division championship and punched a ticket back to the National League Division Series. With [...]

Major League Baseball today announced the start times for the remainder of the 2015 Division Series.  FS1 and MLB Network will exclusively televise all American League Division Series games, while TBS will exclusively telecast all National League Division Series games.  ESPN Radio will provide live national coverage of all 2015 Postseason games. See below for [...]

We finish our tour around the American League with our "friends" across the state.  Kansas City shocked the world in 2014, but a deep run this year would be just fulfilling expectations, you'd have to think.  It's a strong team that wound up with the best record in baseball (non-NL Central division) and is an [...]

If you've read here long, you know that I have been involved with the Baseball Bloggers Alliance since its inception.  Through that, I've gotten to know a lot of great folks that blog for other teams.  That's been exploited in the Playing Pepper series, to be sure, but every once in a while someone asks [...]

The Cardinals had the best record in baseball, but it seems like the game has something against them. I like the Wild Card as part of the game; it's made the pennant races a little more exciting. It also allows more teams a chance at the post-season while keeping baseball from letting everyone in (like [...]

As we said this morning, we're spending the day looking at the American League while trying to manage the significant worry that comes with the NLDS matchup.  We saw their opponents in the first post, so let's take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays before their afternoon first pitch. If there has ever been [...]

Online registration runs through Wednesday, October 14 at            ST. LOUIS, October 8, 2015 – Today at 10 a.m. CT, the Cardinals opened an online registration for the opportunity to purchase potential World Series tickets. Fans have until Wednesday, October 14, to submit their registration. Winners of the random drawing will [...]

Now that we've gotten past both play-in games, we can focus on the real playoffs.  Today's the American League's turn in the sun and we'll look at the three teams that have been resting throughout the day today. We'll start with the Texas Rangers.  Using a late season run that vaulted them ahead of their [...]



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