Taking Stock of the Flock

If you have spent any time browsing the Conclave or any of our sites before the merger, none of my posts the next month will come as a shock. Just in case you stumbled upon this one in any number of various ways, thanks for reading and pull up a chair – you are gonna [...]

Marking McGwire: #25

Home run #: 25 Date: May 25 Opponent: Colorado Rockies Location: Busch Stadium Pitcher: John Thomson Score: 3-0 Inning: 1 Outs: 2 Runners on: 0 Distance: 433 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 11 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 18 The number 25 never has been retired in St. Louis, given the suspicions and eventual confirmation of Mark McGwire‘s [...]

A day removed from the loss to the Royals, things are still disappointing but not quite as frustrating and aggravating as they were in the moment.  Wednesday afternoon was full of snarky remarks, invective hurled, and doomsaying.  Now, while it’s still not a game to really want to revisit, it’s not quite as immediate. I [...]

What an Encore for Reyes

Hard to ask for anything better out of the Memphis game, which will leave people talking all summer. In another of those where were you type of outings, Alex Reyes displayed everything that makes him a difference maker in the NL Central race. Reyes did much more than get his work in for the Redbirds, [...]

Strikeouts are not Boring

Reyes has shared the wealth, as every spot in the OKC lineup has now gone down swinging or looking, with Memphis leading 5-0 thru six.

Reyes is Rolling

Only a pair of Dodgers have reached against Alex Reyes, who has mowed down OKC thru four shutout innings with 7 K’s.

3 Up, 3 Down

Alex Reyes just continues to keep rolling, this time setting down OKC in order on just 10 pitches. Oh, and the three outs were via swinging K’s!

All Eyes on Memphis

Typically a Thursday evening contest between the top affiliates of the Dodgers and Cardinals wouldn’t garner national attention, but it is fair to say Memphis has received an extra amount of media credentials leading up to Alex Reyes night at the ballpark. And instead of a bobble head giveaway or autograph session, the fans of [...]

Marking McGwire: #24

Home run #: 24 Date: May 24 Opponent: San Francisco Giants Location: Busch Stadium Pitcher: Robb Nen Score: 4-6 Inning: 12 Outs: 2 Runners on: 1 Distance: 397 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 9 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 18 Mark McGwire had a blast or four facing the Giants in this series, but the home run he [...]

When the Orioles shop Manny Machado, any destination in the AL works great.  Sending him to the NL West?  Splendid.  NL East?  Could be worse.  The NL Central?  That sounds like a positively dreadful idea.  If that somehow happens, then please don’t let it be the Cubs.  Just not the Cubs.  Anybody but the Cubs.  [...]

Opponent: San Francisco Giants Location: Busch Stadium End of day Sammy Sosa total: 9 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 17 Just like a summer rainstorm in the midwest (and even this far south), sometimes it’ll come out of the blue but when it comes, it comes hard.  That was Mark McGwire‘s power at the end [...]

A Royal Letdown

With a weak Kansas City team, at least by the standard of their record and place in the AL Central, coming into town and a Cardinal team that felt like it was starting to be what it was supposed to be, you’d have liked to have seen St. Louis just run rampant throughout this series.  [...]



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