Has the Bubble Burst?

Quite a number of things have happened since last we got together.  Let's dive right into the recaps and see what threads we want to tug on as we go, shall we? Thursday (8-6 win vs. Kansas City) Hero: Dexter Fowler.  Two hits, including the third grand slam of the week, which made up the [...]

Today's offering has been percolating for quite awhile now, as it is time to come clean on a few matters. The lack of moves at the trade deadline caused things to take a sinister tone via social media. It was time to unplug from Twitter as well as breaking my sleep schedule in hopes of [...]


Here we are in the second week of the second round of the Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament (#BestCardsMoments).  I will admit, I was a little surprised to see how easily Bob Gibson's 17 strikeout game defeated Albert Pujols's moonshot off of Brad Lidge.  So after last week's matchups, here's (or here's) the bracket: Let's check [...]

ST. LOUIS,Mo., August 10, 2017– The St. Louis Cardinals issued the following statement today regarding the #RallyCat from last night’s game. As everyone observed during last night’s game, Lucas Hackmann, a member of our grounds crew, secured the stray cat in the outfield and exited the playing surface at the left field gate and walked [...]

Rally cat, rally cat What are they feeding you? Rally cat, rally cat Yadi's bomb is your fault They don't want you at the K The Royals wish you'd go away It may not be a bed of roses When you leave the field by your toeses --"Rally Cat" by Phoebe Buffay (probably) Let us [...]

A four game winning streak.  Three straight games with ten or more runs, something that ties a franchise mark (and would have been inconceivable--and I do know what that word means--a week or so ago).  And when you wake up and look at this..... ...how do you not start getting a little excited about this [...]

Mirage Or Mainstay?

Hey there folks, it's been a while. I'm working on trying to get back to be a regular, and this post is a step in that direction.   I remember last year when Aledmys Diaz had a slash line of .300/.369/.510 with 17 homers and 65 RBI. Many, including myself, thought he was our shortstop [...]

Flight of the Bumble-Cards

They've weaved and bobbed, made runs and fallen back, but finally, last night, the Cardinals accomplished a goal that has eluded them for over two months.  As Ray Kinsella would say, the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place. The Cardinals, right now, can say they are actually a .500 team. It feels wrong that this [...]

After four weeks of work, we've cut half of our field of 64 and sent them packing.  Some great moments, to be sure, but there were very few upsets in the first round.  These are the more iconic times of St. Louis Cardinals history.  Let's take a look at the current bracket.  (As always, to [...]

Striving To Be Mediocre

Right now, it feels like .500 is the Death Star and the Cardinals are the X-wings trying to take it down.  Maybe one time a talented, gifted ship will sneak in and blow it up, but right now the Empire of Even keeps swatting away challengers.  Two games, one win, one loss, against a team [...]

Tickets on Sale Now for Country Music Night, Old School Wrestling Night, Career Day & College Night III ST. LOUIS, Mo., August 3, 2017 – The St. Louis Cardinals have announced the addition of four new Theme Nights for the 2017 season. Grab your boots and head down to the ballpark on Friday, September 8, [...]



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