The Cardinals delayed their workouts for a long time yesterday and, for a few moments, it looked like they were going to have to scrap another day of training.  Losing two full days out of a summer camp that is only 21 days long is less than ideal.  We’re not sure how well the players [...]

ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 7, 2020– The St. Louis Cardinals have announced the following ticket refund policy for July, August, and September games at Busch Stadium impacted by COVID-19: SEASON TICKET HOLDERS (Full, Half and 27-Game Plans) Season Ticket Holders will receive an account credit to be used on a future game.  If a refund [...]

If we’re going to keep the tightrope analogy going, yesterday saw baseball briefly slip one foot off of it, increasing fears of a tumble. Early in the day, a number of teams cancelled their workouts due to the fact that they weren’t getting test results back in a timely manner.  The Cardinals initially pushed their [...]

Over the weekend, we got two days closer to the return of baseball.  Right now, there are 19 days until the Cardinals face another team in a game that actually counts (and this series can mercifully come to an end).  As the club was doing that, though, there were reminders that this season, while agreed [...]

If you remember from earlier in this series, I’ve taken the Cardinals in Out of the Park Baseball 21 and am simulating the season, with minimal interference, just to see how things are going to go.  At the end of May, these Cardinals were in last place, seven games behind the Reds, and struggling.  So [...]

When we started this series back in March, I don’t think we expected that the only baseball we’d see on the Fourth of July would be people taking grounders and doing drills.  (Perhaps if things with the owners had gone differently, we’d be talking about Opening Day right now, but it seems fruitless to rehash [...]

We’ve got our first pictures of players at Busch.  I think that’s all we need today. Back on the field 💪 — St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) July 2, 2020

FOX Sports Midwest will preview the 2020 Cardinals season in Cardinals Warmup, a series of shows airing each of the next three weeks. The first episode of Cardinals Warmup debuts tomorrow (Friday, July 3) at 9 p.m. FOX Sports Midwest Cardinals broadcasters Dan McLaughlin and Brad Thompson discuss baseball’s new rules in the 60-game season, the Cardinals roster, [...]

We still don’t know the official schedule, though it sounds like the Pirates will be in St. Louis July 24-26.  (Get your tickets now….oh, wait.)  What we do seem to know, though, is that the Cardinals are going to walk out of the cornfield.  Is this baseball heaven?  No, it’s Iowa. Even as the idea [...]

Early on in the coronavirus shutdown, you saw all these little games on Twitter popping up.  “Pick 1 from row one, 1 from row two, 1 from row three.”  That kind of thing.  There was also the ever-popular “Who are you quarantining with?” category, where different people were grouped together and you picked the one [...]

As this series proves daily, it’s been a long time since we last saw the Cardinals doing baseball things.  (If you’ve read this series regularly, it probably feels even longer to you.)  As my co-host Tara Wellman said as we were getting ready for this week’s Gateway to Baseball Heaven, “What were we even talking [...]

It’s a little more real now. Yesterday, the Cardinals announced the 44 players that would be training at Busch Stadium for the next three weeks.  This is the group that the initial 30 man roster will be made of.  The other 16 (did I do the math right this time, unlike Saturday?) will be announced [...]

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