The Cardinals had the best record in baseball, but it seems like the game has something against them. I like the Wild Card as part of the game; it's made the pennant races a little more exciting. It also allows more teams a chance at the post-season while keeping baseball from letting everyone in (like [...]

As we said this morning, we're spending the day looking at the American League while trying to manage the significant worry that comes with the NLDS matchup.  We saw their opponents in the first post, so let's take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays before their afternoon first pitch. If there has ever been [...]

Online registration runs through Wednesday, October 14 at            ST. LOUIS, October 8, 2015 – Today at 10 a.m. CT, the Cardinals opened an online registration for the opportunity to purchase potential World Series tickets. Fans have until Wednesday, October 14, to submit their registration. Winners of the random drawing will [...]

Now that we've gotten past both play-in games, we can focus on the real playoffs.  Today's the American League's turn in the sun and we'll look at the three teams that have been resting throughout the day today. We'll start with the Texas Rangers.  Using a late season run that vaulted them ahead of their [...]

NLDS Roster Roulette: Bullpen

With the match-up officially set, Friday's Game 1 showdown pitting the Cubs and Cardinals will be hard pressed to live up to those backyard games my childhood best friend and I played each and every summer. Growing up in a split household and forced to watch the Chicago broadcasts was bad enough but now the [...]

So, as folks are wont to do at this time of year, in part because it's interesting, in part because you need to fill the time between the end of the season and the beginning of the postseason (assuming you aren't doing my Twitter rankings, which you really should be), it's time to see who [...]

It's really happening.  The Cubs are playing in the playoffs. Of course, given the expanded nature of the playoffs, that's not exactly what it used to be.  They aren't even the National League team with the longest drought left standing, as the Mets last were in the playoffs in 2006 (as we well remember) while [...]

Game 1 Starter

Mike Matheny has tabbed John Lackey as the starter for Game 1 of the NLDS.  Also, Yadier Molina is improving, per the manager.

We took a look yesterday at the two AL Wild Card teams, so today we turn our attention to the game that will provide the Cardinals' next opponent.  Most everyone expects that tonight's matchup between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs will be intense and most Cardinal fans are probably just glad it's not [...]

Pick Your Poison…

With the Wild Card game coming up today between our old friends the Cubs and the Pirates, I thought I'd take a brief look at both,  tell who I'd prefer to face (though honestly, neither one is appealing, but that's pretty much true of every team. Nobody said the playoffs were going to be easy, [...]

NLDS Roster Roulette: Infield

One positive out of the dreadful final weekend was the ability to get some playing time for the rest of the expanded roster. In trying to maneuver the map of who makes it onto the 25-man NLDS roster, picking the hot hand honestly could use a legend for support. Where last night's look at the [...]

As I said this morning, we're taking the preseason standard feature Playing Pepper and applying it to the 2015 postseason participants.  This time around, we're talking with our good friend James Yasko from Astros County.  James and I go back to when Houston was in the NL Central (you know, almost prehistoric times!) and he's [...]



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