If you are any sort of baseball fan that spends time on some sort of social media talking about a team, it's almost incumbent upon you to sketch out your postseason roster at some point or another.  Of course, "postseason roster" is a bit of a misnomer, as teams can change their rosters before every [...]

As my blogging cohort, Daniel Shoptaw, said this morning, the Cardinals never make anything easy. They'd rather back into the playoffs than cruise through the front door. They like to send us sleepless into many summer nights or walking up the street mumbling to ourselves as we put our dogs through intensive walks. The Cards [...]

It's been a while since I took up my keyboard.  Between other things going on and a general weariness of writing about the same issues, I thought I'd sit out a bit and come back when the team clinched. I didn't quite expect that to be almost the literal last moment. We've got four games [...]

Voices of Cardinal Nation

This is something new I am developing here in the Cardinal Nerve Center. A post once a week dealing with the fans perspective. Far too often, I come here and spill my beans about the Cards and what they are doing and hope for people to read it and digest it. Well, I thought, why [...]

Thinking of Playoff Baseball

There are two games to play. The Cards have a one game lead over Pittsburgh as I speak so it's okay to unleash a little story time here at the Buffa's on a cool and calm Saturday afternoon.   Every time the playoffs get closer, I think of one thing. Game 6. 2011 World Series. [...]

Dathan’s four thoughts

First things first:  Olbermann is an idiot.   In this month's installment of "four thoughts" (forethoughts), I'm going to take a look a few of the topics that seem to be on the minds of a lot of Cardinals fans lately.  Let's jump right in!   1. Adam Wainwright has a legit shot at winning [...]

The Red OcTOEber Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge was fantastic and helped shed light on a terrible disease. With that in mind, a couple trusted twitter followers and myself have come up with a new challenge. For baseball fans around the country. Maybe the world. This challenge will be a stiff test for men mostly, at least the [...]

Tickets for potential NLCS games on sale tomorrow; registration for World Series tickets begins Friday ST. LOUIS, MO (September 24, 2014) – After securing a postseason berth for the fourth straight season, the St. Louis Cardinals are announcing ticketing details for potential National League Championship Series (NLCS) and World Series games. Tickets for potential NLCS games [...]

Screaming At The Sky

In 2011 and 2012, the Cardinals put together an amazing September run to chase down a playoff spot.  Baseball karma being what it is, now they get to know what that feels like from a different point of view. The Pittsburgh Pirates have apparently forgotten how to lose.  While their schedule has been favorable, it's [...]

There are certain movies that a film-addict simply can't avoid. They may be bad but I watch them anyway. Any romantic comedy from the 80's. A Transformers flick on FX. Loverboy with Patrick Dempsey. They aren't good cinema, but I watch because somehow, the interest level is there. I like to think of it as [...]

May The Fours Be With You

Since we last spoke, the Cardinals have gone 3-1 and been able to cut four games off of their magic number.  (Message to Pittsburgh: You can start losing at any time now.  This 14-3 bit since St. Louis swept you at the beginning of September is getting pretty annoying to us fans that would like [...]

Randal Grichuk's first two stints in the Major Leagues weren't exactly what he envisioned they'd be. The talented young outfielder, who came to St. Louis in the David Freese-Peter Bourjos trade on Nov. 22 of 2013, made his debut on April 28 and struggled in his first nine games. He batted just .143 in 22 [...]



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