With nothing else to do, let's do a little group thinking, shall we? When the Cardinals lost Lance Lynn for the year due to Tommy John surgery, they eventually picked up Mike Leake to fill that void.  However, few of us immediately slotted Leake into Lynn's spot in the rotation.  Lynn was set up as [...]

DINNER FOR TWO OR SUNDAY BRUNCH FOR CARDINALS LOVEBIRDS ST. LOUIS, Mo., February 5, 2016 – Cardinals fans, grab your sweetheart and head to Cardinals Nation Restaurant and Bar in Ballpark Village for Valentine’s Day. Cardinals Nation Restaurant will be hosting two separate events on Valentine’s Day weekend, one on Saturday night, February 13, and [...]

When the 2011 season started, this blog was 3 1/2 years old and had never actually covered a championship season.  That changed during a dramatic season and historic postseason.  Now that the fifth anniversary of that run is upon us, I'm going to rerun some posts to relive that run as it happened.  I don't [...]

There are times in the offseason where it seems like there's just nothing going on, that there's barely any news, that everything has been hashed and rehashed plenty of times. Then there are times like the last couple of weeks, when you wish for that much. If you caught me on Gateway this weekend, you [...]

Every Wednesday Night until the Regular Season Starts Kids Can Eat Free ST. LOUIS, Mo., February 2, 2016 – Cardinals Nation Restaurant and Bar in Ballpark Village has announced a new Family Night with Fredbird that begins tomorrow, February 3.  During Family Night with Fredbird, families will receive one free kids meal for any child [...]

Seismic Shift

I was trying to come up with something to write, as it has been a while, and I struggled. I read an article by Mark Saxon, the ESPN writer who's been assigned to the Cards after covering the Dodgers for a while. He talked about Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty. This flashed me back to [...]

I know, it's been slow around here, but those winter doldrums are just hard to kick.  It's tough to convince yourself to get out of a warm bed well before dawn to sit down and write about....well, not much of anything.  You've had the various podcasts to tide you over, I hope, and I do [...]

If it's almost time for spring training, that means I'm sitting down to chat with Jamie Pogue, bullpen catcher for the Cardinals.  It's a wide-ranging talk as we discuss the great pitching from last year, what this bullpen might look like in 2016, and whether there's more focus on the Cubs than before.  Give it [...]

Groups of 20 or more can purchase discounted tickets to single games and receive additional incentives ST. LOUIS, Mo., January 27, 2016 – Beginning today, organized groups of 20 fans or more may begin purchasing tickets to single games during the 2016 Cardinals season.  This season the club has reduced the number of people needed [...]

Tickets on Sale Now For Over 30 Theme Ticket Dates Including Star Wars Night, Superhero Night, Scout Nights and More! ST. LOUIS, January 20, 2016 – Tickets for more than 30 Theme Ticket promotional dates during the 2016 Season, including American Girl Night, Star Wars Night, Superhero Night and many more, are on sale now [...]

FAN VOTING BEGINS Friday, March 11th on cardinals.com    Fans to Select Two Players for August Induction from a List of Eight Former Cardinals Greats ST. LOUIS, January 19, 2016 – Yesterday Chris Carpenter, Keith Hernandez, Jason Isringhausen, Mark McGwire, Matt Morris, Edgar Renteria, Scott Rolen and Joe Torre were revealed as the eight players [...]

Last year, the Cards unsuccessfully bid on Jung Ho Kang, who went to Pittsburgh and had success before getting injured. This year they bid, unsuccessfully on First Baseman Byung-Ho Park, who ended up going to Minnesota. Apparently the third time is the charm, as they signed closer Seung-Hwan Oh. What do all three of these players [...]



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