Yadier Molina: True Value

When I think of Yadier Molina's importance to the St. Louis Cardinals, I think of one of my legs to the rest of my body. What would I do without one of my legs?  Molina isn't the heart and soul of the team because that position belongs to the logo on the front of the [...]

A Baseball Kind of Family

Life in the Minor Leagues. It's a subject that has gained steam as of late, what with the Senne vs. MLB lawsuit making headlines, and Minor Leaguers and Major leaguers alike sharing their struggle to survive the system to get to the Show. It's a hard knock life for most. Living arrangements are only one [...]

When the Cardinals were recently on a stretch where they'd scored four runs in ten straight games, I sort of felt that was a low bar to celebrate.  I mean, four runs is right at the league average this year (3.98, per Baseball-Reference as I write this).  They are 55-18 when they hit that level, [...]

After the 3-1 loss today, in which Adam Wainwright took the loss and saw his record drop to 15-9 and his ERA rise to...holy smokes..2.59, the ace of the St. Louis Cardinals rotation admitted he is reeling from "a dead arm". This strikes many starting pitchers in August. They reach 160-180 inning and all those [...]

Fans can purchase tickets for final two Friday home games of the regular season for just $7                 ST. LOUIS, MO (August 27, 2014) –The St. Louis Cardinals are teaming up with Papa John’s to present a special Fridaynight pennant race ticket promotion. During the special ticket sale, fans can purchase $7 Pavilion and Terrace level seats to the final [...]

Deja Vu With An Ugly Twist

There was a strong sense of the familiar last night in Pittsburgh.  A dominant performance by the Pirate starter to keep the Cards off the board?  We saw that Monday as well.  A rally against the Pirates bullpen?  We'd seen that before as well.  All the Cardinals needed was to score late and they'd have [...]

OUTFIELDER SHANE ROBINSON PLACED ON 15-DAY D.L.                                                                                    PITTSBURGH, Pa., August 26, 2014 – The St. Louis Cardinals announced today that outfielder Shane Robinson has [...]

Fighting Off The PNC Urges

When did PNC Park seem so scary to play baseball in? The Pirates home park treated the Cards rudely in 2012 and 2013, and while the record is better in 2014, the games aren't easier to watch. The Cards won a close game Monday night, and fought off the usual urges they come into with [...]

Four thoughts (forethoughts)

Like many, I don't have the time to devote to blogging that I once did.  I wish I could spend more time writing about my beloved game, team, and my opinions of both, but alas it just isn't in the cards right now.  As such, my monthly blog posts here at CardsConclave will likely often [...]

For six innings last night, the Cardinals look listless.  Absolutely no offense to speak of and only the great starting pitching was keeping them in the game. Sound familiar?  Seems pretty much the way things are going this year, especially when you apply it to the division race.  Nothing seems to be going right, yet [...]

BOTH PLAYERS TO CONTINUE WORKOUTS IN SPRINGFIELD, MO. THIS WEEK                                                                 ST. LOUIS, Mo., August 25, 2014 – St. Louis Cardinals Senior Vice President/General Manager John Mozeliak announced this afternoon that Cardinals All-Star catcher Yadier Molina and [...]

INFIELDER GREG GARCIA OPTIONED TO SPRINGFIELD (AA)                                                                                    PITTSBURGH, Pa., August 25, 2014 – The St. Louis Cardinals announced prior to tonight’s series [...]



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