This is the big one, folks.  As I wrote about earlier in the week, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Tyler Lyons for the podcast.  The legendary #70 was as gracious as you'd expect from a guy wearing such a great number.  Absolutely a blast to talk to him and I [...]

Visiting Gibby in 1968

The January project for the United Cardinal Bloggers asked the group to pick one game they would hop in a time machine to go watch. That could be a game that you attended as a kid or a game you weren't alive to see. I've been asked this question before and the answer hasn't changed [...]

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here, and I couldn't possibly be any more excited! Not because of the game, or the halftime show, or even the commercials.  Even though, last time I checked, Katy Perry looked pretty good, and an ice cold Bud Light was rather refreshing.  I feel like I can recognize a Patriot [...]

Recently, the Milwaukee Brewers introduced their "timeless ticket".  For $1000, you got a ticket that you could use at any game in the future, whether it was Opening Day or the last game of the World Series.  You want to go?  You can go--at least once.  They don't have "timeless passes". Trying to figure out [...]

A week ago tomorrow, all baseball fans felt the loss of another giant in the world of sports. Ernie Banks was much more than just an ambassador of the game because he carried the ultimate title for his franchise. Banks will always be known as Mr. Cub in much the same way that Stan is The [...]

Groups of 25 or more can purchase discounted tickets to single games and receive additional incentives ST. LOUIS, January 28, 2015 – Beginning today, organized groups of 25 fans or more may begin purchasing tickets to single games during the 2015 Cardinals season. Designed for school and church groups, family or social gatherings, company outings [...]

Match Against New Zealand To Be Played on Saturday April 4th as Team Readies for FIFA Women’s World Cup ST. LOUIS, MO (January 26, 2015) – The St. Louis Cardinals announced that the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (U.S. WNT), in its first domestic game of 2015, will play the New Zealand National Soccer Team [...]

There are many reasons why one becomes a fan.  Perhaps there's a player with a fun name or a name that is similar to yours on a team that you are watching.  Perhaps a player hit a big home run or piled up some strikeouts at the first game you remember attending.  Perhaps it's passed [...]

That's right: Out of the Park Baseball 16 is the first entry in our 16-year-old series to feature official and Minor League Baseball licenses! That means as soon as you launch a new game, you'll enjoy official league logos, 30 MLB team logos and jerseys, over 150 MiLB team logos, and even historical MLB [...]

The latest UCB project is this: If you could time warp to any Cards game and watch it, which would you choose? There are many obvious options, like game six of the 2011 series. But I wanted something different. I ruled out the following things: Playoff games. Chances are quite a few people will choose [...]

There's been a lot of talk about pitching this offseason.  Whether it's a pitcher that's gone (Shelby Miller), a pitcher possibly changing roles (Carlos Martinez) or a pitcher that never materialized (Max Scherzer), a strength of the Cardinals has been the talk of the town, more than you'd expect after 23 shutouts as a staff [...]

Can you believe there's been 50 of these?  Of course, only about 5 of them show up on the Podomatic site or on iTunes, so if you want to hear any of 2-45, let me know and I'll get you a link.  This time, Jamie Pogue, the Cardinals' bullpen catcher, joins me for his annual [...]



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