Marking McGwire: #65, #65 1/2

Home run #: 65 Date: September 20 Opponent: Milwaukee Brewers Location: County Stadium Pitcher: Scott Karl Score: 0-0 Inning: 1 Outs: 1 Runners on: 1 Distance: 423 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 63 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 52 We said last time that if you wanted a seat to history, County Stadium in Milwaukee was the place [...]

This flashback takes us to the very first article ever published by the Redbird Daily. Coming out of the gates strong, the site launched with an exclusive interview with (at the time) General Manager, John Mozeliak. This interview was conducted by the site’s founder, John Nagel, with questions contributed by the entire writing staff. Keep [...]

Going Old School, Bader Style.

I grew up in the 80’s with those wonderful speed demon Cardinals teams that focused on that speed as well as pitching and defense to make up for a lack of power and capture 3 National League titles and one World Series. Growing up in that era led me to love me some speed. I [...]

A Big Time in Hotlanta

After the Cardinals had been run through by the Dodgers, only spared complete annihilation by an apparently time-traveling Adam Wainwright, the series with Atlanta loomed large in front of the team from St. Louis.  Could they go into the home of a division leader and be effective?  Would they be able to hold on to [...]

The inevitable rise of the price for an ice cold domestic beer delivered in a 16 ounce aluminum bottle by a beer vendor clad in yellow concerns me.  The looming threat that yelling “Keep the change!” will no longer be met with the same sincere nod of appreciation it has for years hurts my soul.  [...]

Marking McGwire: #64

Home run #: 64 Date: September 18 Opponent: Milwaukee Brewers Location: County Stadium Pitcher: Rafael Roque Score: 0-2 Inning: 4 Outs: 0 Runners on: 1 Distance: 423 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 63 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 52 The last couple of weeks of the 1998 season were like a slow-motion boxing fight when it came to [...]

Exclusive Ticketed Event Scheduled for September 23rd After Game vs. Giants ST. LOUIS, Mo., September 18, 2018– The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum will host an exclusive Reliving History event with All-Star pitcher, Miles Mikolas on Sunday, September 23, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the museum in Ballpark Village.  As [...]

Tickets for Potential NL Wild Card Game & NLDS Home Games on Sale Thursday at Noon CT ST. LOUIS, Mo., September 18, 2018– As postseason play approaches, tickets for potential Cardinals Wild Card and Division Series games will go on sale Thursday, September 20, at noon CT.                 Based on the final standings, the Cardinals [...]

Here Comes the Wain Again

It probably wasn’t overstatement to say that the Cardinals’ season really hung on a thread last night.  Losers of four straight, including three to their nearest competitor in the wild card race, St. Louis had fallen out of the playoff spot they’d occupied for so long and another loss would have them even further behind [...]

Marking McGwire: #63

Home run #: 63 Date: September 15 Opponent: Pittsburgh Pirates Location: Busch Stadium Pitcher: Jason Christensen Score: 8-5 Inning: 9 Outs: 1 Runners on: 0 Distance: 385 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 62 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 51 Given the buildup, given the incredible height that Mark McGwire reached on September 8, it’s probably not too [...]

Four days ago I set out to look at potential starting pitching match-ups for the postseason. 1000 words later I realized that there was no way I could cover all the ground I wanted to in a single post. And then I realized that I couldn’t stop at the starting rotation, or pitching for that [...]

We know that bullpens are all the rage when it comes to October baseball. Going back to 2011 — when Tony LaRussa and the Cardinals made up for starting pitching deficiencies by throwing a parade of relievers at the issue — “bullpen-ing” has become increasingly popular. Most of the aspects of this strategy don’t translate [...]

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