There were so many people worried about Trevor Rosenthal earlier this season. He was a walking medical emergency on the mound. Walking batters. Creating big counts. Throwing a ton of innings. Rosenthal didn't settle down until two men were on base and the count was full on batter #3. Some guys just can't make it [...]

Two key losses for the St. Louis Cardinals in July opened the door for two specific moves to happen before the July 31 trade deadline. First was replacing catcher Yadier Molina, who will be sidelined until at least September with a sprained thumb. General Manager John Mozeliak filled that void by signing veteran free agent [...]

Hero: Matt Adams. Two hits, both for extra bases, and four RBI. Good job, Big Fill In The Blank. Goat: Oscar Taveras. Glad he got the start, but 0-4 with four left on gets him listed here. Hopefully it won't be a week before he can redeem himself. Notes: Wasn't a dominant Shelby Miller but [...]

Ugly game Friday. Kinda glad I missed watching it. Hero: Matt Holliday. Tying home run, two hits. Goat: Joe Kelly. Five runs in less than five innings. Kevin Siegrist lost the game, but Kelly was just lucky that he got off the hook. Notes: Great PH by Oscar Taveras. And I don't understand at all [...]

Greetings from the South Side of the Lou, As the Cardinals aim to even the series in Chicago today, I will provide some pregame bits. Fodder, insight and a little something to chew on as the weekend unfolds. A.J. Comes To Town The most hated man in baseball is a Cardinal. John Mozeliak hasn't pulled [...]

I have to start off by telling you that I've been a baseball fan basically since birth. In my house, baseball was required viewing. I collected numerous bits of memorabilia (mostly the kind that has little value now, but a couple of nice pieces), and attended more games than I can count. My father worked [...]

I'll likely end up forgetting something, so if I do, by all means leave it in the comment section. This is sort of a cathartic exercise for me, as I'll attempt to spell out all of the managerial mistakes that I noticed by Mike Matheny in Friday's 7-6 loss to the Chicago Cubs. 1.Starting Allen [...]

Allen Craig isn't putting together the type of season that many Cardinals fans hoped for following last season. Nearly automatic with runners in scoring position last season, Craig was also one of the most consistent hitters in general for the Cardinals. We've seen nearly the polar opposite this season. Here's a look at Craig's 2013 [...]

Gabe Kapler has brought a new voice to the baseball scene with a fresh look at baseball through the use of sabermetrics. Not many color commentators use progressive baseball analytics to explain the game the way Kapler does during his Fox Sports 1 telecasts. He's a numbers guy, not an emotions guy. Those are his [...]

Oh, the Lynnsanity!

DEVELOPING: Lance Lynn is growing on me. Sources close to the situation credit Lynn's flourishing maturity for the ever-evolving appreciation.  It seems to have happened overnight, this controlled and commanding Lance Lynn. But I know it didn't. It's been three seasons in the making; three exhilarating and heartbreaking seasons of impassioned successes and calamitous struggles. I've never [...]

I joined ESPN Evansville 105.3 on Tuesday to discuss the Cardinals. We hit on Adam Wainwright's rough outing vs. the Rays, Yadier Molina's injury, trade talk and more. Enjoy! Follow @HighSock_Sunday on Twitter.

Gabe Kapler can remember a young Dustin Pedroia, who in 2006 was just a small second baseman trying to make it in the Major Leagues. Pedroia tallied 98 plate appearances in his rookie season on his way to a .191 batting average with just two home runs and seven RBIs. He entered the 2007 season, [...]



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