ST. LOUIS, Mo., October 24, 2014 – St. Louis Cardinals All-Star pitcher Adam Wainwright underwent a minor arthroscopic procedure earlier today to trim a small piece of cartilage from his right elbow. Although an initial MRI of his elbow conducted last week came back negative, Wainwright requested additional tests and the findings of a second [...]

It’s Just A Game

A week ago, the Cardinals were eliminated from postseason play. Their season came to an end on a long game winning home run off the bat of Travis Ishikawa that was delivered by Michael Wacha. The lights didn't dim. They were shut off for the winter. When it happened, I felt anger, resentment and foolish [...]

I have the distinct honor of being a voting member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, and this season my vote is being tallied for the Walter Johnson Award for the most outstanding pitcher in the National League. As with many of these voting processes, BBA or other body of award-givers, there can be very few [...]

With the postseason now over the Cardinals, it's time to start sorting through some of the other responsibilities on my baseball desk.  One of those is voting in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance's postseason awards.  As head of the St. Louis Chapter, I was able to assign people to vote for the various awards.  I also [...]

Winter Plans

As the Cardinals left the field late Thursday night, with their dreams of a Game 6 sailing into the right field stands at AT&T Park, there was a part of me that breathed a sigh of relief. Sure, I wanted the Cards to win and come back to St. Louis tonight and send Lance Lynn [...]

Cardinals fans love their team. They'll do anything to trumpet their accomplishments and downplays their shortcomings. That's called being a good fan. The best fans? Well, I'll leave that to someone else to dissect. Being a "fan" isn't the insulting barb most of the BFIB writers intend for it to be, so I'll lump myself [...]

The Darkness Falls

For 29 teams, when the end of the season comes, it's a tough thing to handle.  Even for fans with teams that were out of the race in June, you miss the companionship of the daily grind, you miss turning on the TV to see your team play ball, however badly.  For teams that make the [...]

Hope is not a Plan

I've tried to write this post for over an hour.  And like most of my attempts to write this year, I can't coherently tie the various ideas swirling around into a post with a common theme.  So I've just devolved into bullet points. That the Cardinals ultimately lost this series doesn't bother me, but the way they lost [...]

I think you could forgive Cardinal fans if they started exploring nihilism.  It seems like, no matter what they do this series, the Giants are going to wind up scoring crazy runs and win the ballgame.  This series is closer than the 3-1 deficit, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Would you like to [...]

Step Up, Shelby

I love the playoffs. I really do. They bring out the best in players. When you are the only game in town and the only one playing on a National circuit, the lens can cut right through you or give you a spotlight to stand tall. A year ago, Shelby Miller was banished to the [...]

Choating One Away

The error was almost incidental, the speeding up of the inevitable. After all, even if Randy Choate throws a strike to first base, there are still runners at second and third with one out with a left-handed Joe Panik coming up, meaning that Choate would have likely stayed in for that.  Anyone want to bet [...]

You know the old saying. Never let your girlfriend have access to your Twitter account. Seth Maness did not follow that rule and learned the hard way Tuesday night. Just minutes after Randy Choate's throwing error led to a 5-4 extra innings win to put the Giants up 2-1 in the NLCS, a few peculiar [...]



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