Confused by the Cardinals

The days of having to check to make sure I got the Gonzales part right with Marco are officially over. In what can only be described as an interesting first deal this month, the Cardinals acquired the one thing they seemingly didn't need. Tyler O'Neill represents yet another top-100 type prospect who provides power for [...]

You know, I was going to write after Wednesday's game in New York.  Great title ("If You Can Make It There...It Probably Doesn't Mean Much") and some great games to talk about.  I didn't and now, oh boy now momentum and excitement and optimism for this team has taken a complete 180.  The sound you [...]

Herzog, McGee, Ankiel and More to Attend Four-Day Fantasy Camp at Home of Cardinals Triple-A Redbirds Club ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 18, 2017 – After coming off a successful, special-edition of Cardinals Fantasy Camp in Cooperstown with Ozzie Smith earlier this month, the St. Louis Cardinals announced today that their 2017 regular season Fantasy Camp [...]

This week, Bird Seeds went on the road...via air...and took you with! The 2nd half is upon us, so here are 5 things I'm looking forward to, win, lose, or draw.   What are YOU most reenergized for in phase two of this baseball summer? **Subscribe, comment, like...all that jazz.**

We kicked off the second week of the Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament this morning, so if you missed out on that one, be sure to check it out for a great battle of huge postseason home runs.  This afternoon, we're going with a pivotal postseason at bat against a legendary regular season moment. #6 Matt [...]

As you're no doubt painfully aware, yesterday's 9th inning started with a Francisco Cervelli ground ball up the middle.  Paul DeJong got to the ball but could not control it, and Cervelli reached on what was charitably called a 'single'.  Two quick things on that: First, it should have been an error.  Yes DeJong had to [...]

We're one week into the Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament (#BestCardsMoments) and we've had some fun matchups already.  It's not surprising, given the seeding on the ones we voted on in the first outing that there's not been a real close one yet, but it's still been fun to relive a few moments.  Let's take a [...]

If you read the 10th anniversary post, you know that in 2007, the Cardinals went into the All-Star Break with some hope.  They went into the break 7.5 games out, but had cut three games off that deficit in just over a week.  Chris Carpenter was rumored to be on his way back.  Things were [...]

If you've read the blog, listened to the podcasts, or followed my Twitter account, you know that I'm not much about talking myself up.  I'm much more comfortable on the self-depreciating humor level, in part because it's often very true.  Folks that have been on this ride for a long time know it's not often [...]

Man, these days without baseball are rough, aren't they?  I mean, I know we've complained a lot about the Cardinals this year and some have said that they spend their evenings avoiding the team, but not having the option to turn on a game and pass 2 1/2 hours or so watching the Redbirds is [...]

ALEX MEJIA, LUKE WEAVER OPTIONED TO MEMPHIS (AAA) ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 13, 2017 – The St. Louis Cardinals announced that they activated second baseman Kolten Wong from the 10-day disabled list on Monday, and activated left-handed pitcher Kevin Siegrist from the 10-day disabled list today. To make room for both players on the St. [...]

Second Half Musings

Didn't there used to be games on the Thursday after the All-Star Game?  Oh well. Games in April count the same as games in September, but for the Redbirds the next 17 are critical: 3 against a mediocre Pirates team 4 against a mediocre Mets team 3 against a mediocre Cubs team 3 against a Rockies [...]



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