Top Cards on Twitter 2023: 11-15

Our last post of the day is an eclectic mix of accounts, including a newcomer to the ranks.  Let’s just dive in and see what we have!

Number 15: memphisredbirds
The proud Triple-A affiliate of the @Cardinals.

On Twitter since: March 2009
Number of Tweets: 41.2K
Following: 591
Followers: 69,034

Total points: 1,060
Average: 8.143
Number of ballots: 126
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 3
% that were 10: 35.71%
% that were 1: 0.00%
Ranking history: 25 (2019), 36 (2020), 21 (2021), 16 (2022)

Throughout this series we’ve talked about how interesting and enjoyable the minor league accounts are and the Memphis team is no different.  Lots of highlights, they promote the players well, they are just great representatives of what’s coming up through the Cardinals pipeline.

Number 14: BengieMolina1
World champion, 2x Gold Glove. Book author: Molina: The Story of the Father Who Raised an Unlikely #Baseball Dynasty http://

On Twitter since: March 2015
Number of Tweets: 12.4K
Following: 3,689
Followers: 21,849

Total points: 1,115
Average: 8.022
Number of ballots: 139
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 3
% that were 10: 24.46%
% that were 1: 0.00%
Ranking history: None

It’s not easy making your own place in a market where your brother is a legend, but Bengie seems to have managed.  The Spanish broadcasts with him and Polo Ascencio are so popular they’ve expanded from a handful of dates to the entire home schedule.  I wouldn’t be surprised in a few years if these two guys aren’t covering every game, both home and away, given their charm and excitement for the game.  Bengie especially may be one of the most positive people alive!

Number 13: sarahanne1212
I’m just kidding… • Guinness Book of World Records Holder for Paul Goldschmidt’s Biggest Fan • Cohost of @cryinbaseball✨🎙️

On Twitter since: January 2012
Number of Tweets: 59.9K
Following: 318
Followers: 5,635

Total points: 1,120
Average: 7.368
Number of ballots: 152
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 31.58%
% that were 1: 7.89%
Ranking history: 24 (2021), 13 (2022)

She doesn’t know who Albert Pujols is.  She’s continually asking for sources.  She often wants John Mozeliak to wake up.  She thinks anything is good for Juan Yepez, though.  Most notably, though, you need to always remember the first phrase of her Twitter bio.

Number 12: VanHicklestein
vids of stuff you’ve already seen #stlcards #stlblues #allforcity

On Twitter since: February 2017
Number of Tweets: 68.9K
Following: 783
Followers: 8,292

Total points: 1,126
Average: 8.729
Number of ballots: 129
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 45.74%
% that were 1: 0.78%
Ranking history: 21 (2018), 22 (2019), 33 (2020), 16 (2021), 9 (2022)

Come for the alternate broadcasts overlaying Cardinal video, stay for the St. Louis sports takes.  VHS is one of the masters of the visual media that we have in our Cardinal community and he’s always got a great way to illustrate a point.  I imagine this might be one of the best tweets ever, honestly, and he deserves his ranking based on it alone.

Number 11: QuinnSTLCards
If you’re not sure if I’m joking, I probably am. I made Mike Trout laugh one time. Nolan Arenado is good.

On Twitter since: March 2018
Number of Tweets: 75.8K
Following: 2,556
Followers: 8,019

Total points: 1,129
Average: 8.007
Number of ballots: 141
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 31.91%
% that were 1: 2.84%
Ranking history: 128 (2018), 37 (2019), 35 (2020), 9 (2021), 8 (2022)

I actually met Quinn this past fall.  The fact that he didn’t ask to take a selfie with me quickly let me know where I stood in the Cardinal hierarchy.  Seriously, if you can name a Cardinal legend Quinn doesn’t have a picture with, you are a better person than most.  I mean, he’s got historic pictures.  He’s a great follow for his Cardinals thoughts well, of course.  Don’t mean to imply otherwise.

That’ll do it for this section.  Tomorrow we tackle the Top 10!

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