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Dathan Brooks (@Dathan7) is a husband and father of four who lives in the St. Louis area, albeit over in Illinois.  Besides writing at Go Crazy, Big Boy (his third blog incarnation, following Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Goodnight and Cards Tied For First), you can also hear Dathan every second Tuesday on UCB Radio.  This scrappy blogger filled in his backstory with this post.  You’ll find Dathan somewhere during the fourth week of a given month.


Cole Claybourn (@HighSock_Sunday) broke down his background in his first post under the High Sock Sunday banner. Cole’s in the newspaper business in Evansville, Indiana, after graduating from Western Kentucky University.  Formerly of Redbird Report, Cole brings a mix of sabermetrics and journalism to his site.  You should see him here on a fairly regular basis.

Josh Gilliam

Josh Gilliam (@aprfool79) forms half of the dynamic duo that writes the legendary blog Pitchers Hit Eighth.  A former Marine, Josh can provide security for The Conclave as well as whip up a mean post full of great Cardinal talk.  Josh calls the Joplin area home and he gave a few personal details in the midst of his first outing here on the site.  Josh is the scrappy utility guy around here, being found not only at PH8 but at times over at Prospect Preacher as well.


Wes Keene (@KeeneMLB) can be found over here taking the weekend shift, putting up quality work for you to wake up and read on Saturday.  Wes was originally at his own site with the same title, but needed a jump start to keep the creative juices flowing.  That was something we were willing to provide the Illinois dweller and gladly brought him into the fold.  Once that jump start fully takes hold, don’t be surprised to see Wes writing occasionally on the weekdays as well.


Dustin McClure (@DJ_McClure) has been writing Welcome To Baseball Heaven since 2010 and kept the name even as he changed location here to The Conclave.  Dustin’s also in the St. Louis area, so he’s no stranger to Busch Stadium.  He gave out some personal backstory on this post and you should see him regularly during the second week of a month.


Mike Metzger (@metzgermg) is the wise veteran of this group, having started his first blog (Stan Musial’s Stance) in 2006.  He shuttered that one after the Cardinals won in 2011, but stayed in the blogging game by penning Padres Trail, which is now part of The Conclave’s spiritual ancestor, Padres Public.  Given that he lives in the San Diego area, it’s not a surprise to see him commenting on both teams.  We were lucky enough to bring him back out of Cardinal retirement with West Coast Redbird, where he contributes most Fridays.


Daniel Shoptaw (@C70) has been blogging since 2007 and now is in his third location with C70 At The Bat.  Along the way, he’s created groups like the United Cardinal Bloggers and the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, does his own podcast, and can be heard on Gateway To Baseball Heaven every Sunday as well as UCB Radio sporadically.  Given his prolific nature, it’s not surprising that you’ll find him here most every weekday during baseball season, recapping and previewing the Cardinal action.


Steve Sommer (@Steve_Sommer) is well known to those Cardinal fans of the sabermetric bent.  Steve has been found at a number of places, including Viva El Birdos, FanGraphs, Play A Hard 9 and Gas House Graphs.  He brought the latter name with him as he will regularly contribute here during the third week of the month, making the numbers dance in ways they haven’t before.  Steve’s also in the St. Louis area and made his introductions here.


Nick Waeltz  (@PitchersHit8th) is the founder of Pitchers Hit Eighth and the driving force behind the formation of The Conclave.  Nick, who has the misfortune of also residing in the Chicago area, started blogging in 2008 and has continued regularly since that time.  You’ll find Nick contributing when time allows and you can find out a bit more about him in this post.

WellmanTara Wellman (@TaraWellman) writes under the banner of Bird Tales here at The Conclave.  Tara’s a veteran in the Cardinal Internet world, having written for years at Aaron Miles’ Fastball and also cohosting Gateway To Baseball Heaven every week and UCB Radio once a month.  When she’s not writing Cardinals, you can find Tara on TV or opining on her other favorite sport, figure skating.



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