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Some discussion on Twitter today led us to open up another Conclave discussion question to the public at large.  The discussion is embedded below, but you can head over to ReplyAll and give us your insight as well.  This post will continue to update as others participate. (EDIT: Technical difficulties at the moment.  Head over [...]

It’s the time of year when organizations and publications try to put a face on the preceding 12 months.  Time Magazine has its Person of the Year, which went to Pope Francis recently.  Sports Illustrated has its Sportsman of the Year, which was awarded to Peyton Manning (in what could be construed as another sign [...]

With the annual exhibition game taking place tonight, it seemed like a good time to talk to some of our writers about their thoughts about the All-Star Game and all the ramifications that go along with that.  Dathan has already written about that here at The Conclave and Daniel’s opined in length about it in [...]

Welcome to the first in what hopefully will be a recurring theme here at The Cardinal Conclave, a roundtable discussion between our writers.  We’ve done roundtables often as a part of the United Cardinal Bloggers (and likely will again come October) but we wanted to have some good Cardinal discussion amongst us in The Conclave. [...]

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