Given the fact that the world went even crazier than normal this weekend, it’s possible that you missed the latest from Major League Baseball.  Granted, all of these discussions felt pretty trivial compared to everything that was going on in the country, but it’s still fairly noteworthy. No evidence of progress yet in MLB/ players [...]

As we reach yet another milestone in this seemingly unending drought of baseball, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at where we were this time last year.  With Memorial Day well past and more than a 1/3 of a season gone, let’s remember that, while it doesn’t really rank [...]

The NBA is looking to return July 31 at Disney World, though they haven’t laid how what that will look like yet, whether they have some games before the playoffs or not.  The NHL is going to expand their playoffs and start there when they can resume, a date that hasn’t been decided yet.  The [...]

Wednesday night, Washington pitcher Max Scherzer, speaking for the players, drew the line in the sand. — Max Scherzer (@Max_Scherzer) May 28, 2020 Now, when I first saw that, I thought that meant that the players were done talking.  That’s not quite the case, as the union is expected to send a proposal [...]

Tuesday afternoon, the owners finally proposed a financial package to the players’ union.  In an unexpected move (and by unexpected, I mean completely expected), the players swatted it away like cats with a glass of water on the edge of a counter. What the owners proposed was actually something that I’ve said on some of [...]

Again finding myself at a loss for what to write about (and having not heard any more about the proposal the owners were to send to the players), I put out a call for some ideas.  A few obliged, including a fellow writer. Best single-game pitching performance of the season. (That’s what I was going [...]

We’re past Memorial Day.  1/3 of the season has slipped by.  And while summer stretches out ahead of us–we’re still almost four weeks until the technical start of the season, even–time is getting short.  If the 2020 season is going to happen, especially if it is going to resume by the next major holiday (July [...]

I thought I had told this story here before, but checking back it was on Facebook a couple of years ago.  Which means I can use this as one of my daily posts and not feel terribly guilty about it. I’ve mentioned before that my father-in-law was a big baseball fan.  As I wrote in [...]

Thursday was the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.  If you have been around me for any length of time, you know that the occasion was not going to get by without some sort of acknowledgement.  So as I fired up Empire on Disney+, I thought about how many times I’ve watched the movie.  [...]

Thursday afternoon, we saw this information come across the Twitters. As teams around baseball weigh pay cuts, the Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals have proven themselves model organizations in how they treat their employees. Both have committed to keeping their full staffs on at full pay through at least the end of June, sources [...]

Over the last week or so, things have started to shift.  We’ve seen more and more things open up, the weather is becoming better and more summer-like, and proposals for the start of baseball season seem to have gone from Vizzini (inconceivable) to Thanos (inevitable).  But as the purple Titan found out, inevitability has a [...]

Feels like we should do something to mark Day 70, huh?  Let’s reprint the post I wrote soon after the World Series in 2011.  It actually won the Post of the Year voting in the Cardinal Blogger Awards that year as well, which was nice.  We’ll get back to the grind tomorrow! Happily Ever After [...]

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