All season, we’ve said that the road to the division goes through Chicago.  Even when the schedule came out last August, these four games (and the three next week at Busch) loomed large.  Now, they are here. The Cardinals go into Wrigley in better shape than many thought, especially a few days ago.  With a [...]

Those Day-After-Off-Day Blues

Everyone was feeling good about the Cardinals going into last night’s game.  They’d just finished winning two of three in Pittsburgh and had completed a stretch where they won eight of 11.  They were in first place, the pitching was great, the offense was clicking, and things overall were looking bright.  There was just one [...]

The Cardinals lost to the Giants last night.  Earlier in the season, that’d have been a reason to gnash some teeth and talk about how this team didn’t really rise to the occasion.  Now, it’s a disappointment, but not a tragedy. That’s what happens when you put on a remarkable run of baseball.  As you [...]

Why So Serious?

Six games in a row where the Cards have won and scored at least six runs.  Time to break this out. (Can you believe this has been around for 10 years?  I mean, I guess the fact that drinks used to be a quarter and now are 50 cents is somewhat of a tell, but [...]

The Issue of Matt Carpenter

The old SportsCenter catchphrase was “a good carpenter never blames his tools”.  However, a good carpenter still has to have tools.  Right now, it’s hard to know what tools Matt Carpenter is bringing to the table. Let’s look at some numbers.  As you know, I’m not the most stat-savvy guy out there (so, so far [...]

All season long, there have been some, shall we say, debatable choices made by Mike Shildt in regard to deploying his personnel.  Over the last week or so, that hasn’t changed.  However, as surprising as it is, at least some of them have borne a lot of fruit.  A sampling: Tommy Edman starting in right [...]

Ever since last week’s bust at the trading deadline, there’s been a lot of vitriol and blame thrown at the front office of the Cardinals.  If only John Mozeliak and Michael Girsch would have done something, this team would not now be in third place, 3 1/2 games behind a Cubs team that seems to [...]

When You Hate to Be Right

It was about last week at this time when the Cardinals announced that Michael Wacha would be sliding back into the rotation the next time the fifth starter came around.  There was some question about when that would be, since with two off days last week a fifth starter could be skipped this time around.  [...]

We’re 1/2 an hour past the trading deadline.  The ONLY trading deadline, I feel compelled to remind you.  We can’t delude ourselves about players clearing waivers or anything like that.  Rosters, save for waiver wire moves (which, given the recent activity of the Cardinals with Adalberto Mejia and Zac Rosscup, has to be noted), are [...]

The Cardinals Won HOW?

Often we as fans take some games as a sign that things are going well.  A win happens in an almost supernatural way and we think, “It’s on now.  Here we go.”  Now, sometimes it is a sign and sometimes it is just a game.  Sometimes the team comes out flat and loses the next [...]

Since the All-Star Break, the Cardinals are 5-2.  That sort of record is nice, but especially in the last couple of days, how they’ve put together a W is probably more notable than the fact that they did. Let’s start with yesterday.  A day game after a tough loss (which, as we noted, looked familiar).  [...]

Monday night, you could really believe things were changing for the Cardinals.  You had an excellent outing by Miles Mikolas, just one pitch short of throwing a Maddux, and it was backed up by two homers by Tyler O’Neill and seven overall runs, though again a solid portion of them came from Pittsburgh bumbling around [...]

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