Late Monday night, Jeff Passan came out with an article that said that the MLB was at least considering an idea of playing games in Arizona in empty stadiums to at least start the season.  The idea, the basic premise of which has also come up for the NFL and the NBA from what I [...]

Early on in this series (but what seems like eons ago), we talked about what the work stoppage would be like for Yadier Molina.  Today, let’s look at the other elder statesman of this organization, the man who is almost synonymous with Molina, Adam Wainwright. First of all, let’s get this out of the way: [...]

I did a radio interview soon after the coronavirus stoppage.  The host asked, “Will we have baseball this year?” and I immediately said, “Oh, sure, we’ll have baseball.  It might be June or so, but we’ll have it.”  The more and more that I hear, the more and more that goes on, the less and [...]

Late on Wednesday night, the Cards put out a tweet that some folks thought might have been an April Fool’s joke. 👀Coming soon… — St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) April 2, 2020 I guess I could see people thinking that it might be a joke, but 1) brands usually try to do their jokes [...]

CODNP Day 23: Mo Talk

Three plus weeks from the last time a Cardinal threw a competitive pitch and we know probably even less than we did on that Thursday.  After all, back then there was at least the idea that the season would just be delayed a couple of weeks.  Granted, it didn’t take long for that to be [...]

Yesterday, St. Louis’s civil holiday was cancelled. Whenever baseball returns, if it does, it’s going to be hard for a late May/mid-June/early July game to feel like a true home opener, even if it is the first game the Cardinals play at Busch.  The 2020 season is going to have so much baggage that when [...]

If you are a real, real long time reader of this blog, you might remember when I did book reviews.  I was fortunate to be on some lists that would send books along to be read.  However, the pile got bigger and the reviews stopped happening.  I still have a good stash that I read [...]

20 days.  20 days since the ballfields went quiet.  Every day is a day closer to baseball, true, but until we know that day, it’s impossible to have a countdown or feel like you are getting closer.  Even if we knew it was a guaranteed 50 days away, we could start anticipating and counting down.  [...]

So the coronavirus saw its shadow and now we have two additional weeks of lockdown.  Is that right?  Something like that? The idea that no gatherings larger than 10 can take place before April 30 is, of course, problematic for the return of baseball.  It really probably doesn’t affect it much, since we were looking [...]

I’ll be honest, folks.  I don’t know how many many more of these I’ve got in me.  I don’t think I’ve written a post for 18 straight days since….ever. Even in my blogging prime, if there was such a thing, I typically took the weekends off.  To think about stretching this out for another two, [...]

As part of the agreement that the owners and players came to this week, there will be a roster freeze from Saturday until camps reopen.  I’m not 100% sure what that means for those that stay on the major league roster but aren’t, you know, major leaguers.  The main one in this camp is Dylan [...]

While we daily get deeper into a schedule that has no baseball, the owners and the players have come to some agreement on what it will look like should we get to hear “Play ball!” ring out this year.  Unfortunately, there are also triggers that bring the idea of a completely lost season into play. [...]

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