Much like the first blades of grass poking through your front yard or the green buds on your tree, Cardinals in Jupiter are a real strong indication that spring is on its way.  (Many of you have had a worse winter than I have, so that might be more of a relief to you.)  Of [...]

Recently, the Cardinals announced their ballot for the 2020 Hall of Fame class.  You can vote on it here and we’ll get into this year’s ballot in a little bit.  However, this will be the seventh year of the fan voting and I thought it might be worth looking at how folks have fared in [...]

Even though this offseason has been less than action-packed, it is still hard to believe that pitchers and catchers officially report to Jupiter in less than a week.  Of course, many Cardinals are already down there, but the pitchers-and-catchers-report date is always a true sign that baseball is really almost here.  The first spring training [...]

Q & A With the PBO

For many of the past offseasons, the members of the United Cardinal Bloggers have been able to put together some questions and get them submitted to John Mozeliak for his answers and thoughts.  This year, there were some delays and that meant that Mo only got a chance to tackle them right before Winter Warmup.  [...]

Like a good magician, while everyone was focusing on the idea of the Cardinals trading for Nolan Arenado, John Mozeliak and Michael Girsch went completely the other way to heat up the hot stove.  Seemingly out of nowhere yesterday, it was announced the Cards were getting the top pitching prospect from the Tampa Bay Rays.  [...]

Look, I am in no way going to tell anyone how to fan.  If you get excited about the potential of Nolan Arenado joining the Cardinals, putting that Gold Glove to work at the hot corner and bringing some thump this lineup desperately needs, go for it.  Heaven knows I am!  I would caution, though, [...]

Earlier this afternoon, cardinalsgifs was again crowned Top Card on Twitter based on total points. However, as is our tradition, we look at some of the other possible ways of sorting the data.  First off, let’s look at who had the highest average points, based on being listed on a minimum of 30 ballots. A [...]

Top Cards on Twitter 2019: 1-5

We’re finally here, folks.  After 209 other names, we’ve worked our way to the Top 5.  If you’ve been following along (or, honestly, even if you haven’t), these accounts won’t be a surprise.  They are here for a reason.  But what order are they in?  That’s what we need to find out. Number 5: StlCardsCards [...]

We’re finally getting into the single digits here on our Top Cards on Twitter countdown.  We’ll have this post then one this afternoon to count down the very top of the list.  After that, we’ll have a wrap-up post where we sort the data some different ways and see what it looks like.  For now, [...]

Welcome back to our afternoon post looking at the next chunk of Top Cards on Twitter.  This section also has a lot of media types, which I guess it to be expected with their reach.  Let’s find out which ones! Number 15: zjgifford gonna throw it out there that Manfred is probably on his way [...]

We’re deep into the weeds now, with less than 10% of our number left to get through.  This time around, we have three media folk, but which ones?  You’ll have to stick around to find out! Number 20: Moz_Algorithm @MozAlgorithm was suspended permanently for “impersonation”. This will be my new account Doesn’t look as weird as [...]

We’ve blazed through roughly 90% of the names on this list, so now it’s time to settle in and see what the top 25 folks look like.  Much of it will be familiar, but there are a couple of new faces and our order from last year has shifted around somewhat.  We’ll take a look [...]

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