“This is Cardinals baseball!” Dan McLaughlin intoned as the camera gave us our first real views of the 2021 St. Louis Cardinals.  At least, I assume he did–12:05 starts on a Sunday usually mean I miss the early part of a game due to church.  However, I got to watch some of the first half [...]

A Couple of Answers From Mo

The Cardinals have been pretty good over the last half-decade or more of letting the bloggers submit questions to John Mozeliak during the offseason and, at some point, Mo will answer some of them.  (I always try to list out 8-10 questions so as to more likely get 1-2 answered.)  This year, we sent in [...]

Return of the Other King

What do the Cardinals owe the legends?  Apparently about $17 million. Last night, the inevitable became official and Yadier Molina will be back for his 18th season wearing the birds on the bat.  After an offseason of dancing around, Instagram trolling, and searching the market, Molina comes home on a one year deal for $9 [...]

Hydra’s main slogan is if you cut off one head, two more will rise to take its place.  This week, the Cardinals did the reverse Hydra, bringing in one player and cutting ties with two more.  While Kolten Wong was expected, given that he was on the free agent market and there seemed little chance [...]

Goodbye, Mr. Wong, and Thanks

“They grab Ugarte and she walks in.  Well, that’s the way it goes.  One in, one out.”–Rick Blaine, Casablanca Roughly 24 hours after the Cardinals officially welcomed a Gold Glove infielder, they officially said goodbye to another.  Kolten Wong, after having his option for 2021 declined by the Cards to start the winter, finally agreed [...]

The t’s are crossed. The i’s are dotted.  The official site, which had not a hint of Nolan Arenado news over the weekend, has seven or eight links, almost the entire top section, devoted to the third baseman.   As Han Solo said, “It’s true.  All of it.” Nolan Arenado is a St. Louis Cardinal. We [...]

Rolen With Nolan

Back in 2002, I was a big Scott Rolen fan.  His offense for the Phillies was great, especially back in those days when I was playing fantasy baseball, but his defense is something that struck me.   Which, when you think about it, isn’t surprising.  After all, I came to baseball in the late ’80s in [...]

Return of the King

After all this time, after the weeks of radio silence, after reports of offers from attractive places like San Diego, we can start the parade. Adam Wainwright is staying home. The 39-year-old hurler agreed to another one-year contract with the Cards on Thursday, reportedly for $8 million.  I’ve not seen any reports that there were [...]

My fellow Cardinals fans, It’s been a number of years since I’ve come before you to talk about the state of the Nation.  The last time we spoke in this manner, the Cardinal banner was flying high.  Legends walked among us.  It was a time when no one save those folks on the north side [...]

Given the limitations the St. Louis Cardinals have, whether self-imposed or not, as a result of the loss of revenue relating to COVID-19, the situations around Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright are pretty much the only game in town when it comes to something to interest us this winter.  There’s no Paul Goldschmidt trade as [...]

Earlier today we finished up our march through the best Cardinals Twitter accounts, crowning beat writer Derrick Goold as the best for 2020 (which, when you think about it, might be a backhanded complement).  Now let’s look at things from a few different angles. As you probably saw, people were named on a varying amount [...]

Top Cards On Twitter 2020: 1-5

We’ve made it to the end of our Twitter list.  While we’ll shuffle the numbers a little this afternoon, we need to get the Fab Five* of Cardinals Twitter listed out. *–It’s really seven, because…’ll see. Number 5: buffa82 @ksdknews baseball columnist and film critic. Love coffee and cigars, but hates bugs. Part time radio/podcaster. [...]

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