High Sock Sunday

  Everyone knows that St. Louis Cardinals fans are racists and bigots, so it wasn’t surprising to see such a fiery response on Friday when Jason Heyward announced that he was leaving The Best Fans in Baseball™ and Baseball Heaven™ to play for the rival Chicago Cubs. Here’s a collection of some of the vitriol [...]

I visited with the guys at ESPN Evansville to discuss the effect of Adam Wainwright’s season-ending injury and whether or not the National League should adopt the designated hitter. You can listen to the full segment below.

  Oftentimes one of the best ways to cope with a tragic death of someone close to you is to be around others you love who also loved the person who died. The Cardinals weren’t really afforded that opportunity when Oscar Taveras died. His tragic car accident happened on Oct. 26. The 2014 season ended [...]

A “whirlwind” is how Marco Gonzales described his rookie season. “It’s been overused a lot, but it’s pretty accurate,” Gonzales said at last month’s Cardinal Caravan stop in Evansville, Ind. “I think just experience-wise, pitching in high pressure situations, just being able to prepare and see what other guys have done in those situations will [...]

ESPN.com’s Paul Lukas caused a bit of controversy with an article in which he contemplated the merits of a memorial jersey patch for the late Oscar Taveras. Taveras, a rising MLB star and the likely future cornerstone of the Cardinals going forward was killed, along with his 18-year-old girlfriend, in a car crash in the [...]

My 2014 UCB Awards Ballot

Choosing winners for awards is always tough, and when you’re dealing with the Cardinals and Cardinal bloggers, there aren’t really any wrong answers. Both the players and the bloggers who write about the team are talented and worthy of praise. Alas, we must pick winners. Below is my best attempt at doing so. Cardinal Player [...]

One question that was raised shortly after Jason Heyward was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals was whether or not he’d get to keep wearing No. 22 on his jersey. Manager Mike Matheny donned 22 for most of his career, including from 2000-2004 when he was with the Cardinals, and has worn it ever since he [...]

Jaime Garcia is owed $9.25 million next season before his club options kick in following the 2015 season. With recurring shoulder issues plaguing the talented-when-healthy lefty and a pitching staff full of capable starters, it’s unclear what Garcia’s role will be next season, or if he’ll even have any. John Mozeliak, answering questions to a [...]

As is often the case with any bit of Cardinals news, the guys at ESPN Evansville 105.3 had me on to discuss the Jason Heyward-Shelby Miller trade. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the trade in the comment section, or tweet at me @HighSock_Sunday.  

St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Jaime Garcia has been sort of an enigma that last couple years. The two-time 13-game winner has dealt with a shoulder injury on several instances dating back to the 2012 season. The apex of this saga arguably came in 2012 when Garcia attempted to pitch Game 2 of the National [...]

St. Louis Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak told KMOX on Wednesday night that he doesn’t expect infielder Daniel Descalso to return to the Cardinals next season. “I would imagine Danny is going to want to move on,” Mozeliak said. “We may have to make a hard decision on that one.” Mozeliak cited the play of [...]

I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced anything quite like this. First off, in full disclosure, I’ve suffered through several personal tragedies in my life. I lost my mother to Lupus when I was 14, then my grandfather just several months later. Those were and still are the hardest experiences I’ve ever gone through. I say [...]

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