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Bird Seeds: Rally Killer!

This week’s BirdSeeds posted on Monday, after a week in which John Mozeliak called out the “culture” and “attitude” of his team. He, basically, blamed the players. I did not. Today, the world was made aware of a now-public rift between Mike Matheny and Yadier Molina. It could be resolved quickly…it could be a sign [...]

This week, Bird Seeds went on the road…via air…and took you with! The 2nd half is upon us, so here are 5 things I’m looking forward to, win, lose, or draw. [youtube]   What are YOU most reenergized for in phase two of this baseball summer? **Subscribe, comment, like…all that jazz.**

Is Tommy Pham the hero the Cardinals need? [youtube]   Previous episodes of Bird Seeds HERE.

You’ve heard the one about the little engine that could, right? It’s a story about an unlikely hero, and some extraordinary will power. In case it’s been a while since you cracked open one of the all-time greatest children’s books, allow me to offer a quick recap: A train, full of joy and happiness (by [...]

Today’s tale starts with a confession: I haven’t always liked Lance Lynn. Yes, I was dejected when he had to miss last season. Yes, I was delighted at the thought of adding him back into the starting mix for the 2017 Cardinals. And yes, I will stop whatever I’m doing to watch his postgame interviews, [...]

Can we talk about Carlos Martinez for a minute? The 2017 Opening Night starter. The heir apparent to Adam Wainwright as the staff ace. The crazy kid whose home run celebrations are worthy of their own bobblehead night. The young talent, whose potential stardom earned a five-year contract extension in the off season. The stud [...]

“We had a bad first week,” Adam Wainwright said after the Cardinals fell to 2-5 in spectacular fashion Monday night. Before that, I broke down three takeaways from said “bad first week” that still hold true. [youtube]

Forget April Fool’s Day…Happy Opening Day Eve, Cardinals fans! Here’s a little story to aid in the celebrations. [youtube]

Watch the debut episode of the 2017 season of Bird Seeds, featuring topics such as the fate of the future Hall of Fame catcher, and worries about everyone’s favorite brainiac, Stephen Piscotty.  [youtube]

Every year, the UCB gang gets together to solve all the world’s problems in one fell swoop. …well, sort of. This year, I kicked off the discussion with the only question I could think to ask: What to do with Kolten Wong? If you weren’t part of the debate, here’s what you missed… Hello, all [...]

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