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The season is only a couple of weeks old, but I thought I’d look at some interesting things that have happened so far.  Today we’ll start with Kolten Wong. Heading into this season, Wong had a career average of .256 with a career .327 OBP, and was coming off a season in 2018 where he [...]

Opening Day Musings.

Good Morning all, and welcome to another day.  I’m sure the blog world is overloaded with talks about today, so I’ll keep my thoughts brief. Three things I’m looking forward to: 1) Harrison Bader. Watching this kid play center field is amazing. I know the bat is still developing, but I love having him out [...]


With the start of baseball just around the corner, I thought I’d look back at one of the biggest things that happened this off-season, the Bryce Harper contract. I grew up the 80’s and 90’s and some of my favorite players were tied to one organization, a key one being Tony Gwynn, who is know [...]

If you have been following this off-season even a little, you know that Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, the two supposed super studs of this class, remain unsigned. There are multiple reasons for this, I think.  One, of course, is the long term commitments these guys want, as well as yearly amount they’ll get paid [...]

Blogger Questions.

First off, happy new year! I hope everybody has a good year in 2019. One of my resolutions is to get back to being more of a regular contributor to this awesome blogging site. Time will tell if I follow through on that, but I fully intend to. Now onto the blogger questions. Sorry I’m [...]


Hey there folks.  Sorry if it’s been a while, but it’s been a busy off-season for me and time has flown by.  I’ve been thinking about a variety of things lately and one of them is our favorite catcher, Yadier Molina and another is the Hall of Fame. As you know, Yadi won his 9th [...]

The Next Phase.

I was thinking about how the Cardinals season had ended, and pondering one of those dreary end of the season memorials, but in reality, the season isn’t over, it’s simply moved on to the next phase. Personally, I usually don’t watch the playoffs unless the Cardinals are in them. To me it’s like rubbing salt [...]

I grew up in the 80’s with those wonderful speed demon Cardinals teams that focused on that speed as well as pitching and defense to make up for a lack of power and capture 3 National League titles and one World Series. Growing up in that era led me to love me some speed. I [...]

In mythology, a phoenix is a bird that has risen from the ashes, reborn. Well in baseball, there are two teams that have done that during this season, one on each league: our Cardinals and the Oakland A’s over in the American League.  The AL West race is especially interesting to me as I’m going [...]

I don’t get FOX Sports Midwest down here in Texas so I’m probably a little behind on this one, but I saw a little blurb in an ESPN article that Rick Ankiel is going to attempt a comeback in 2019 as a reliever.  Ankiel, as you know, started as a pitcher, struggled with throwing pitches [...]

As all of you are well aware, Mike Matheny got fired over the weekend. I was never his biggest fan and denounced his playing favorites with his players as well as his bullpen usage, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way and those subjects have undoubtedly been covered in somebody [...]

With the changes in the Conclave roster, it seemed a good time to let you, our readers, know a little bit more about the guys that you are reading, whether they are coming over from The Redbird Daily or have been a part of the Conclave for a while.  So I (Daniel Shoptaw, also known [...]

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