Pitchers Hit Eighth

Part of me thought it was extremely fitting that the deal for Sonny Gray was announced as soon as it was put out there forever by this knucklehead asking for more. It isn’t the first time Mo has got one over on me, as anyone in attendance for a certain Blogger Day can verify. Well, [...]

Okay Cardinals, Now What?

It certainly appears the Cardinals are tired of being cornered about the rotation. Once Aaron Nola signed on the dotted line in his return to Philadelphia, St. Louis was firmly on the clock but doubt anyone predicted the Lance Lynn reunion on your bingo card. Add in the Kyle Gibson move, and the Birds on [...]

Well the offseason has officially kicked into a gear but not willing to call it a moving direction just yet. But instead of heading in reverse, it is safe to say the Cardinals shifted into neutral and appear to be trying to decide how to approach the next hill. Much like my time in the [...]

Baseball more than any other activity has always been a family affair for me. From little league to visiting that first Major League stadium, the thoughts are always the same. It is the exact same thing each and every time Field of Dreams comes on or the Winter Meetings send you in a flurry of [...]

Now that the MLB Draft is in the rear view, the countdown until the inevitable has started in some strange ways and not just due to the first losing summer since 2007. The Cardinals are making almost daily statements which is all well and good but where will it lead? For the St. Louis front [...]

Stop me if you have heard this before. The Cardinals draft a young phenom in the first round destined to lead the franchise to another title. Colby Rasmus first comes to mind but thankfully had enough value to help another way in 2011. Kolten Wong could fall into this category as well although St. Louis [...]

@C70’s recent post about the best Cardinals-centric accounts on Twitter places focus on those who excel and stand out from the crowd as a result.  Bravo.  It’s a wonderfully altruistic effort to acknowledge and reward the people behind those accounts with a bit of recognition bestowed upon them by a jury of their peers.  Congratulations [...]

MLB is reportedly collecting balls and examining those balls for substances that do not belong on those balls.  That means that at least one person is sitting in a laboratory setting going through ball after ball after ball after ball.  That makes that person the John Gant of scientific investigators. The MLB ball checker(s) will [...]

The Angels released Albert Pujols just 9.18 seasons into a 10-year deal worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.  It’s a rather abrupt and unceremonious end to his time with the California Los Anaheim Angels of America, but it’s probably overdue.  Fine.  The Angels could have at least held the door open as they [...]

But as everyone knows, he might not be the answer we deserve. Getting John Gant to trend on Twitter should have been the first clue. The Cardinals with their almost always faithful fan base (see Carpenter, Matt) do many things well including constant attempts at keeping social media more happy. I left nearly every account [...]

Today is a special day! It has been 14 very long years since I could have multiple reasons to celebrate the day of my birth landing on a much better Holiday. I was deployed during the 2006 World Series run and was fortunate enough to be able to see the final victories. Then the baseball [...]

Black Friday

We made it! In honor of my wife having to share my attention for at least the next 6 or 7 months, I rewarded the occasion by wearing all black to work. Because try as everything did, baseball starts back this weekend and honestly no better words have been spoken after the year that was. [...]

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