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@C70’s recent post about the best Cardinals-centric accounts on Twitter places focus on those who excel and stand out from the crowd as a result.  Bravo.  It’s a wonderfully altruistic effort to acknowledge and reward the people behind those accounts with a bit of recognition bestowed upon them by a jury of their peers.  Congratulations [...]

MLB is reportedly collecting balls and examining those balls for substances that do not belong on those balls.  That means that at least one person is sitting in a laboratory setting going through ball after ball after ball after ball.  That makes that person the John Gant of scientific investigators. The MLB ball checker(s) will [...]

The Angels released Albert Pujols just 9.18 seasons into a 10-year deal worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.  It’s a rather abrupt and unceremonious end to his time with the California Los Anaheim Angels of America, but it’s probably overdue.  Fine.  The Angels could have at least held the door open as they [...]

  Attending Winter Warm-Up as a fan?  Good stuff.  Attending Winter Warm-Up as a member of the media?  Not so much.  Consider this both a primer for people getting credentialed for the first time and a cautionary tale about the drawbacks of actually being a somewhat responsible media adult. The Cardinals are kind enough to [...]

Once upon a time I had a baseball bucket list. Go to a home opener at Busch?  Check.  Attend a World Series game at Busch?  Check.  Overspend on baseball memorabilia?  Been there, got the jersey(s).  Selfie with Tyler Greene….could still happen.  To be perfectly frank, I’ve checked off most things on my baseball bucket list, [...]

If I’ve judged the temperature of the virtual Cardinal Nation room correctly here, I’d say the fans lean heavily in the “yes” direction.  A vocal majority of the fan base looks at this team, sees Bryce Harper still available, and wants Harper in St. Louis yesterday. Of course, it’s not my money the team would [...]

This is not the guide that includes instructions on how to find the best deal on those baseball tubes you strap to your back.  I’m not here to explain that you need to have baseballs signed with blue ink to maximize autograph longevity by minimizing fading.  You won’t find a detailed workflow for punching your [...]

Unsurprisingly, a Keith Olbermann tweet decidedly not intended to heap praise upon Harrison Bader nearly triggered a full-fledged virtual riot of the thin-skinned BFiB with poor critical reading skills.  Olbermann came across as an opportunistic bully selectively picking on someone he almost certainly knows is a defensive standout.  After all, we can be reasonably sure [...]

The inevitable rise of the price for an ice cold domestic beer delivered in a 16 ounce aluminum bottle by a beer vendor clad in yellow concerns me.  The looming threat that yelling “Keep the change!” will no longer be met with the same sincere nod of appreciation it has for years hurts my soul.  [...]

It’s a simple question without a definitive answer, and it’s part of the pregame in a public relations struggle that Major League Baseball could face in the near future.  Is MLB prepared to handle a Colin Kaepernick-level social injustice protest moment in baseball? Unlike the NFL which was caught unawares when Kaepernick first took a [...]

Yesterday’s announcement that the Cardinals had removed the “interim” tag from Mike Shildt’s title set off a minor Shildt storm of reactions.  Before the BFiB could fully digest the news, Gyorko came up lame, and the “ZOMG Donaldson 4ever” groupies began chiming in with a new take on an old narrative.  Toss the Girardi fanboys [...]

When Nationals tosser Matt Grace plunked Matt Carpenter in the hand last night, the 2018 NL MVP also-ran’s season passed before my eyes (or at least the last two months of it did).  The team’s playoff chances potentially hinged on the outcome of an X-ray, and I was all in favor of exacting a pound [...]

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