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One Last 2022 Post

We’re just a couple of days from the calendar flipping over.  Since the end of the season, I’ve written the Exit Interviews and done the Top Cards on Twitter.  While, in all honesty, both are a good bit of work, I’ve not written anything else in part because the motivation has been severely lacking.  It’s [...]

This morning, we finished up going through the list of the best Twitter accounts, culminating with Katie Woo for the second straight year.  That’s really all anyone cares about, but we typically take a look at the Top 10 if you shuffled the data a little bit. For instance, there’s the “how many people cared [...]

We’re to the final results post.  It’s been a long climb but these are the folks you think most worthy of following.  There are some explanations due here but we’ll get to those as we go along.  Let’s go! Number 5: bschaeffer12 Cardinals writer @KMOV. Host @KTGRBigShow, B-Schaeff Daily pod. @SBRReview. Mizzou grad. Cat dad. [...]

We’re getting into the cream of the crop here.  Nobody left shows up on less than 130 ballots.  Nobody left gets less than 1,100 points.  It’s time for the big dogs to take their turn in the spotlight. Number 10: Ben_Fred Sports Columnist at St. Louis Post-Dispatch and @stltoday. Radio talker at @KTRS550. Instagram: benfredpd. [...]

It’s another day of us whittling down the list until we get to the top spot.  These folks fell just outside the top 10 but could have made (and some have made it in past years) that group if things had shaken out differently.  Let’s see who we have! Number 15: miklasz Proudly serving STL [...]

All right, let’s see who makes up the first batch of the top 20 this season.  We’ve got one new face and the rest are a shuffle from last year.  Here we go! Number 20: keelynstl Avid Taylor Swift fan & baseball enthusiast. How I sleep at night after Oli says they’re not trading Lars [...]

If this was a road trip, home would be getting close and we’d be clicking off the miles until our destination.  We’ve got 25 (plus a couple) folks left to examine.  The Top 25 get a little more detail, so sit back and keep your eyes on the mile markers. Number 25: rachxboyd Lars Nootbaar [...]

Lots of accounts down but a lot more still ahead.  We’re getting into the realm of the well-followed, if the point totals are any indication.  Let’s see who we have this time! For all the stability at the Post-Dispatch, the MLB.com beat writer has been a revolving door of late.  The last two prior to [...]

These first few posts cover a lot of ground.  We’ve already looked at 149 accounts!  Still, there are plenty more to go and lots of folks either you are following or you should follow.  Let’s see who they are. Scott’s been through a rough year but you’ll still find him bringing the heat.  I’m always [...]

It’s a new day and time for more Cardinal Twitter accounts!  Right now we stand just outside the top 100.  By the end of the day, only the top 25 will remain.  Let’s quit gabbing and get at it. A lot of folks here you can hear on one podcast or another.  Mr. Torts can [...]

All right, we’re continuing the #TopCardsonTwitter countdown, basically finishing up the triple digits today.  While these folks have some high numbers next to their name when it comes to the rankings, there are still a lot of good follows here.  Let’s dive in! You can find Jon writing at Substack if you want to subscribe [...]

All right, so this morning we went through those that were write-ins, now it’s time to get into the actual ballot.  First, though, a little housekeeping.  Some of this I probably should have done in the earlier post, but it’s not like this is rocket science. The various columns in the table are pretty easy.  [...]

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