C70 At The Bat

Shouldering The Load

If you want to look on the bright side of things, at least this year’s early pitching news didn’t involve Tommy John surgery.  So there’s that, at least.  However, like so many years, the Cardinals couldn’t get to their first exhibition game without a setback by one of their key players.  This year, it was [...]

When there is just one piece of data, that piece is everything.  It has to support all the weight of analysis, it’s all that anyone has to discuss, it’s the complete set of knowledge.  When a batter goes 0-4 on Opening Day, that one game is the entirety of what we can discuss and as [...]

Sunny Days Are Here Again

Even as the rain dumps down over my house and the St. Louis area this weekend dealt with ice, the pictures and articles from sunny Jupiter, Florida give us that jolt we need to realize that baseball will be here very soon.  (Pictures from Jupiter the planet are also cool, but the big red spot [...]

I’ve been completely unmotivated to post but as the players start making their way back to Jupiter, hopefully I can also shake off my winter doldrums and get back to bringing you the mediocre content you expect from this space.  I hope to get back in the saddle next week, but until then, fill the [...]

The Cardinals had their annual official kickoff to a new season this weekend, the Winter Warmup.  (In the spirit of the big news of the weekend, perhaps it should be noted that the Cardinals’ convention is clearly designed to support their charitable arm, while I can find no such information about the Cubs convention that [...]

Michael Wacha is again going through the arbitration process.  It’s very likely he’ll settle for a one-year deal before I finish this post.  What strikes me strange is the fact that, given the Cardinals’ history, he’s had to go through this process all three years.  We’ll tackle the question posed in the title a bit [...]

First off, I probably should wish you a happy new year and all that.  After all, it’s been a little bit since we got together and talked.  I mean, it was right before Christmas when we talked about Andrew Miller.  While the stove is fairly cool and there’s not necessarily anything major to discuss, I [...]

The Way They (An)Drew It Up

This offseason, the Cardinals had a few goals.  They wanted to get a bat for the middle of the order and checked that off with Paul Goldschmidt.  They wanted a left-handed bat, perhaps for the bench.  It remains to be seen whether Drew Robinson is actually said bat, but they did trade Patrick Wisdom for [...]

A Little Chat With Mo

If you’ve followed any of the Cardinal bloggers for very long, you know that every year since 2011 we’ve had a chance to spend the day at the ballpark and have a Q&A with John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt III.  A couple of years ago, we were able to arrange to submit questions in writing [...]

“Go west, young man” was the cry of a generation that headed to California looking for success in the form of gold.  The Cardinals didn’t go that far west but found Goldy all the same. Days before the winter meetings in Las Vegas, the Cards struck it rich by acquiring Paul Goldschmidt from the Arizona [...]

Goldschmidt’s a Cardinal

Per the official Twitter, Paul Goldschimdt is now a Cardinal in exchange for Luke Weaver, Carson Kelly, Andy Young, and the Cardinals’ compensation round B pick.  More on this as we get a chance to digest it.

Having Cake and Eating It

Right now, Twitter is a bit abuzz with rumors of a Paul Goldschmidt deal being almost done for the Cardinals.  (And, if you don’t believe that, which is completely fair and most likely the right thing to do, there are still reports of discussions between the two teams.)  I wrote earlier about how prioritizing Goldschmidt [...]

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