C70 At The Bat

Suddenly, October’s outlook has been replaced with September’s struggling. Since the calendar flipped to the ninth month of the year, the Cardinals have lost three straight games for the first time since July 11-14, the last three games of Mike Matheny‘s tenure.  Their semi-comfortable lead as the first wild-card team has been replaced by hanging [...]

Marking McGwire: #58, #59

Opponent: Florida Marlins Location: Pro Player Stadium End of day Sammy Sosa total: 56 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 46 You hear people talk about “the zone”.  You hear people talk about getting that extra kick as they get closer to a finish line.  That is probably the best way to describe what the first week [...]

Marking McGwire: #56, #57

Opponent: Florida Marlins Location: Pro Player Stadium End of day Sammy Sosa total: 55 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 46 For some reason, this series against the Marlins is one that I can remember from the Mark McGwire chase.  I mentioned before that I would start noting the home runs on my work calendar and I [...]

Back on July 25, the Cardinals dropped a 7-3 game in Cincinnati, meaning that they lost two of three in Great American Ball Park.  Mike Shildt was 3-5 in the start of his career and while we were still excited about the changes that were happening, it still felt like the best we could hope [...]

Marking McGwire: #55

Home run #: 55 Date: August 30 Opponent: Atlanta Braves Location: Busch Stadium Pitcher: Dennis Martinez Score: 5-7 Inning: 7 Outs: 0 Runners on: 2 Distance: 501 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 54 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 46 After getting a little extra rest the day before courtesy of a heave-ho by Sam Holbrook (which, as we [...]

The Cardinals have dealt with injuries all year long.  Adam Wainwright, Alex Reyes, they lost Yadier Molina for a month, plenty of others to choose from.  When I decided this year to make a spreadsheet tracking roster moves, I didn’t realize just how many there were going to be.  Over the last month or so [...]

Marking McGwire: Ump Show

As we’ve talked about all summer long, 20 years ago the baseball world was riveted by two individuals.  Other things were big, other things got attention, but by this time of the season, it was Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.  Each of their at bats could get a national look in.  If MLB Network had [...]

On the morning of July 15, in discussing the managerial move, I wrote this: Mike Shildt takes over, which is what the front office has been positioning him for as well.  I’d give pretty good odds that Shildt will keep the job after this season, but we’ll see what the club says when they have [...]

Shildt No Longer Interim

The Cards have announced a press conference for 4 PM to, according to sources, sign Mike Shildt up for the next three years.

Years ago, young men went out west searching for gold, riches, and glory beyond measure.  The 2018 Cardinals?  Yeah, they understand that. When you have a West Coast swing this late in the season, it doesn’t always bode that well for your chances.  Add to the time lag and different rhythms for your body the [...]

Marking McGwire: #54

Home run #: 54 Date: August 26 Opponent: Florida Marlins Location: Busch Stadium Pitcher: Justin Speier Score: 1-0 Inning: 8 Outs: 0 Runners on: 1 Distance: 509 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 52 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 43 There wasn’t any thought of a pennant race when the Marlins came into Busch Stadium in August of 1998.  The [...]

Jack and DeJong

Derrick Goold started this.  Please direct all your complaints to him.  Last night’s game recap, inspired by John Mellencamp. Jack and DeJong A little ditty about Jack and DeJong Two American kids growing up in the heartland Jack he’s going to be a baseball star DeJong smashing home runs that go really far Suckin’ down [...]

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