C70 At The Bat

The 2019 Cardinals made it to the National League Championship Series.  They were the second-best team in the National League if you look at it that way.  They were four wins from making it to the World Series, which albeit sounds much closer than it felt while watching the NLCS.  By all accounts, by basically [...]

And just like that, it’s over. Last Thursday, we were still in awe of the bombing the Cardinals did against the Braves, piling up 13 runs in an offensive display that set records.  This Thursday, we’re putting away our gear for the winter after seeing the Cardinals score just six runs in the four games [...]

Win or Go Home

The League Divisional Series became a playoff round in 1995.  (It would have been 1994, but, well, you know what happened there.)  That means this is the 25th year of said series and the Cardinals have made a home there.  Out of those 25 years, St. Louis has played in the LDS 14 years, counting [...]

At times this season, this seemed almost impossible.  When the Cardinals were going 9-18 in May, we wondered if they’d win another regular-season game, much less get to the postseason.  When they reached the All-Star Break at .500 and in third place, we hoped they had a run in them but we weren’t sure.  When [...]

For the fifth straight year, as the Cardinals wrap up the regular season, we spend some time looking at the Cardinal community on Twitter that we just spent six months with (and, this year, have more time together to come!)  If you’ve not done this before, you can go back through the posts of the [...]

If you aren’t acquainted with Scenes from an Italian Restaurant by Billy Joel, fix that.  A rare three-in-one song, it tells the story about high school friends getting together and reminiscing.  The line “from the high to the low to the end of the show” seemed to be a great descriptor of the last couple [...]


All season, we’ve said that the road to the division goes through Chicago.  Even when the schedule came out last August, these four games (and the three next week at Busch) loomed large.  Now, they are here. The Cardinals go into Wrigley in better shape than many thought, especially a few days ago.  With a [...]

Those Day-After-Off-Day Blues

Everyone was feeling good about the Cardinals going into last night’s game.  They’d just finished winning two of three in Pittsburgh and had completed a stretch where they won eight of 11.  They were in first place, the pitching was great, the offense was clicking, and things overall were looking bright.  There was just one [...]

The Cardinals lost to the Giants last night.  Earlier in the season, that’d have been a reason to gnash some teeth and talk about how this team didn’t really rise to the occasion.  Now, it’s a disappointment, but not a tragedy. That’s what happens when you put on a remarkable run of baseball.  As you [...]

Why So Serious?

Six games in a row where the Cards have won and scored at least six runs.  Time to break this out. (Can you believe this has been around for 10 years?  I mean, I guess the fact that drinks used to be a quarter and now are 50 cents is somewhat of a tell, but [...]

The old SportsCenter catchphrase was “a good carpenter never blames his tools”.  However, a good carpenter still has to have tools.  Right now, it’s hard to know what tools Matt Carpenter is bringing to the table. Let’s look at some numbers.  As you know, I’m not the most stat-savvy guy out there (so, so far [...]

All season long, there have been some, shall we say, debatable choices made by Mike Shildt in regard to deploying his personnel.  Over the last week or so, that hasn’t changed.  However, as surprising as it is, at least some of them have borne a lot of fruit.  A sampling: Tommy Edman starting in right [...]

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