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We continue running around the majors by checking in with our American League friends out West.  I imagine they, more than any other group, will be glad of the limited time zone changes for their TV watching this season. C70: Does the shortened season work for or against your team? James: I think it works [...]

No Mets, Braves, or Nationals this season for the Cardinals?  That’s going to be weird.  We continue Playing Pepper 2.0 by checking out those teams with National League ties on the East Coast. C70: Does the shortened season work for or against your team? Kris: Originally, I would have said that the Braves were one [...]

It was only a few days ago that we took a look at the bullpen.  If it was unsettled then, it’s completely up in the air now. With Jordan Hicks making the right move for him and opting out (the first non-highly paid veteran and the first high-risk player to do so, I believe), things [...]

It’s another trip around the sun for the blog. Back in 2007, less than two months after my second child was born, I fired up Wordpress and started complaining about Kip Wells.  2007 wasn’t exactly the greatest year to start writing a Cardinal-centric blog, what with Chris Carpenter hurt and the World Series fading quickly [...]

The Cardinals played some games this weekend against themselves.  They did some drills.  They modified the rules.  The press box folks got to fancy themselves play-by-play guys, reiterating once and for all that we really need baseball on our screens instead of in text updates.  Everything seemed hunky-dory and things seem to be speeding toward [...]

Remember back when this all started we were finishing up our Playing Pepper series?  With so many things different now, I thought I’d shoot a few quick questions to a representative of each team to see how things were looking for them.  Let’s start with the AL East! C70: Does the shortened season work for [...]

After stops and starts earlier in the week when testing issues kept the Cardinals from the field, it seems like they’ve started to find their rhythm over the last few days.  All the workouts and games have been moved to the evening, which makes sense given the blazing summer heat that is running through seemingly [...]

Whether the season happens or not, you can tell that it at least is appearing to happen.  Just like at the beginning of any year, the news has started flying a little faster now that we are two weeks from Opening Day. Wednesday, the Cardinals finally announced the rest of their 60-man player pool, the [...]

Monday night, for the first time since summer camp kicked off, Carlos Martinez made it to the field.  It seems he was a victim of some of that testing lag we’ve been talking about, as he was in the same plane as Ricardo Sanchez and Genesis Cabrera, I believe, both of whom tested positive.  Martinez [...]

The Cardinals delayed their workouts for a long time yesterday and, for a few moments, it looked like they were going to have to scrap another day of training.  Losing two full days out of a summer camp that is only 21 days long is less than ideal.  We’re not sure how well the players [...]

If we’re going to keep the tightrope analogy going, yesterday saw baseball briefly slip one foot off of it, increasing fears of a tumble. Early in the day, a number of teams cancelled their workouts due to the fact that they weren’t getting test results back in a timely manner.  The Cardinals initially pushed their [...]

Over the weekend, we got two days closer to the return of baseball.  Right now, there are 19 days until the Cardinals face another team in a game that actually counts (and this series can mercifully come to an end).  As the club was doing that, though, there were reminders that this season, while agreed [...]

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