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Good morning everyone, or early afternoon depending on when this hits the site. As we roll out of bed this morning we see the Cardinals sitting at the top of the NL Central with a 3 ½ game cushion on the Pirates. This season has the feel of ones in the not so distant past where the Cardinals would turn it on just enough. Last season they were pushed by the Pirates and Reds in route to 97 wins and as a whole the best division in baseball with 3 teams hitting the 90 win mark. This season though it appears only the Cardinals have any real shot of hitting 90 and if that happens it almost assures them of the division title and a spot in the division series round of the playoffs.

Speaking of the playoffs how is everyone liking the 2nd Wild Card spot now that it’s in year 3 of existence? I personally think it’s been great and has brought an enriched experience as a whole to late season baseball. From a business perspective it’s great in the fact that more teams are involved late ( As of today you can make a case for 10 teams being alive for the 4 spots in the 2 leagues) which generates revenue. At the same time it also brings the 1 game play in which I also really like. Win your division or face the elimination Game of Doom! This gives MLB two guaranteed game 7 type clashes regardless of how the playoffs go and everyone loves this type of atmosphere from a pure sports perspective. And lastly it calms down the trade deadline somewhat as more teams have realistic shots at the Postseason making it ever more important to have organizational depth for that late season run. Short version, I like it.

So back to the Cardinals let’s talk some starting pitching. How about that Shelby Miller guy and his new and improved curve ball huh? He’s out there droppin deuces (keep it clean it’s slang for curve ball) on unsuspecting victims. According to Brooks Baseball he toned it down last night and worked his two-seam/sinker into the mix more while still working off his four-seam bread and butter of course. Miller credits Yadier Molina returning from the DL as giving him the confidence in the curve by calling for it. Good on Yadi but credit goes to Miller for the performance and giving the Cardinals a boost in the rotation.

Miller’s emergence transitions us nicely into some playoff rotation predictions. Hopefully I’m not looking too far ahead but it’s fun to speculate so I’m gunna. Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn are locks and as long as Shelby Miller doesn’t explode with suck he’s also in. This leaves John Lackey and Michael Wacha for the 4th and final spot. Wacha continues to try and come back from the shoulder stress reaction. With the team skipping Wacha’s start today it’s hard to believe we’ll see him ready to go for the start of the playoffs and quite possibly not at all regardless of the team’s success. Lackey may be handed the spot by default and that’s fine. He has good postseason experience and is a guy you don’t mind giving the ball to in hopes of a big start on a big stage. It’s easy to blame it on some bad luck but it seems that everything put into play against Lackey lately has been finding holes, gaps and bleachers. Hopefully that turns to gloves sooner rather than later as I believe he’s going to be the guy.

I want to close on something that Rick Horton said during the game last night that really caught my ear in a good way. In case you don’t know I’m really fascinated by Matt Carpenter’s approach to hitting and his work the count get on base any way you can effect on an inning. Dan McLaughlin has had a pitches per plate appearance conversation with both Tim McCarver and Rick Horton this season with Tim dismissing the stat as worthless while Rick gave a good take during Carpenter’s plate appearance last night that supports my obsession of his AB’s so of course I want to point it out. Right now Matt Carpenter leads the NL in P/PA at 4.38. Now the key to this is not only is he the leader in this stat but is also 8th in the NL in OBP at .373. So what Rick Horton said during last night’s game is essentially he believes that on average when a pitcher gets to 15 pitches in an inning that’s where he really begins to fatigue and needs to sit down and re-charge. In last night’s game for example even though Matt Carpenter flew out in his 1st AB it was of the 9 pitch variety and on pitch 15 of the inning Matt Holliday put one on the grass hill in center. Just a fun bit o’ thought I guess.

Closing Arguments: I was at the game on Friday night sitting in the 2nd deck down the right field line and Matt Holliday’s laser beam into Big Mac land made my brain need a break as it couldn’t compute how the ball went from plate to seats at that trajectory that fast.

A few people were having a Cardinals MVP discussion on Twitter the other day. It’s always an interesting topic to discuss value but the answer almost has to be Jhonny Peralta right? What a difference maker he’s been both offensively and defensively with his quick hands and making the double play combo of him and Kolten Wong a sight of baseball awesomeness.

And lastly since I don’t know when my next post will be a large tip of the cap to Lance Lynn for his season. His metrics are very similar to last season with the exceptions of somehow improving on the HR/9 at .39 which is tops in the NL just ahead of Waino but was already a strength of his. The biggest thing for him this season though is his BABIP is sitting at .293 which is about a 10 point improvement from last season. A hint of luck combined with pitch execution is the key to this recipe. Here’s my post on Lynn last July which is kinda fun to reference: A Case For Lance Lynn – Until next time……


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It’s been too long y’all. I’ve always wanted to use y’all in some form and now I’ve accomplished just that. In all seriousness though as I type I’m just hoping my credentials are still good at the site so I can post this. If you’ve ever had a long running gym membership you probably know how I’m feeling right now. You know you roll in there after not going for a couple (six-ish) months and you hand your little swipe card to the person working the front counter knowing full well they’re judging you. I’ve always had a shoulder injury story ready just in case they comment on my time gap between visits but I’ve yet to need it. This is all assuming you’re not one of those fitness freaks who never lapses on getting swoll. And let’s move on.

I want to start my return post with a little tid on what I perceive as the single worst rule in the game of baseball currently. I used to think it was the play at the plate in which the baserunner was able to truck the catcher at the plate because IT WAS AWESOME GOOD HARD BASEBALL DON’T BLOCK MY PLATE! Then that was changed for the better and I’ve now moved on to the strike 3 the batter’s out no wait the catcher dropped the ball now the batter’s not out he can run to 1st because the ball hit the ground rule. This rule reminds of when you play any game with a young child and he/she just makes up rules as they go as to benefit their standing in the game. Not that long ago I was playing Superhero Chutes and Ladders with a good friend’s 5 year old son and based on the superhero he had he was able to turn chutes in to ladders and vice versa depending on where we were on the map. Needless to say I didn’t win much.

I haven’t been as frustrated in some time as I was the other night when the Cards were trying to close out a game against the Royals. Adam Wainwright needed a clean inning to go the distance and he was able to get Eric Hosmer to swing through what I believe was one of those knee buckling Waino specials for out number 1. But then the ball hit the back of the plate or something and then bounced off Yadier Molina’s shin guard and up the 1st base line. Now Hosmer’s standing on 1st with no outs and would eventually score in an inning where they would tie the game and send it to extras. Stupid. It’s an easy rule to change. Strike 3 the batter is out regardless and the ball is still live if there are baserunners. Simple. Please change this MLB. Moving on.

So how is everyone? Are we all just waiting for this team to start clubbing the ball all over the yard? I was just thinking a few days ago that for this team to have any chance at the division they need to stay healthy in the rotation and then we got the Adam Wainwright news yesterday. I’m really glad the MRI came back negative but that still doesn’t completely relieve my brain of thinking of all those innings he’s logged since coming back from TJ and wondering what his elbow is really saying? Hoping for the best there obviously.

Matt Carpenter is returning to his awesomeness from last season. I love watching that dude take his turn at the plate. I really want Matheny to bat Carpenter and Molina 1-2 on a regular basis. Carpenter is last I checked around 5th in all of baseball in pitches per plate appearance once again while Molina was somewhere around 20th. I’m a big fan of that stat when you combine it with the can the guy f*cking hit stat as well. It’s a good way to lean heavy on the pitcher before he gets to the middle of the order.

Wainwright’s been a beast this season but I’m not overly excited about him being 2nd in baseball in innings pitched but he’s amazing nonetheless. Cap tip to both Shelby Miller and Lance Lynn for their CG shutouts of the Blue Jays and Yankees in the last couple weeks. This team has a little bit of the same feel as the 2011 team that just struggled for so long to get everything going in the same direction at once until it just happened. 2 games over .500 isn’t great but it’s certainly not danger zone territory especially with that 2nd Wild Card in play now.

I guess that’s all I’ve got. I had a good time sharing some quick thoughts; maybe I’ll do it again some time. Until then may your beer be cold and tasty. Cheers everyone.


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Board Operator: Commander, we have a problem. (Dot flashing and beeping over STL)

Commander BigTyme: What is it?

Board Op: It’s St. Louis sir. They’re………… they’re enjoying life.

Commander BigTyme: What!? They’re supposed to be miserable. They live in the Midwest. They live in St. Louis!  How can this be?

Board Op: It’s the Cardinals sir. They keep winning. They’re one game away from going to the World Series again.

BigTyme: The Cardinals! But they lost Pujols! They…..they were supposed to sink back into mediocrity like all other miserable small and mid market teams. How can this be!? America wants an LA/Boston World Series. Bird and Magic can throw out first pitches!

BoardOp: They overcame losing Pujols with ease sir. In fact it may have actually helped them. It brought them Michael Wacha to go along with all their other draft picks who have developed into major contributors. They have intelligent people in their front office sir.

(Alarm Sounds)

Commander BigTyme (Over Loud Speaker): Attention. Operation Toasted Ravioli Sucks is now live! St. Louis, you’ll pay for this!!!!!!!

End Scene


Boy oh boy has America turned on the Cardinals or what? Coming into this postseason I knew that the public would be heavy in favor of Pittsburgh and I understood. We like a good Rudy story and the Pirates fit that profile but I thought that if the Cards could get by the Pirates that the NLCS would be no worse than split regardless if it was LA or Atlanta. Then the Deadspin article (link) (plus many others since) happened followed by game 3 against the Dodgers and ka-boom! the I hate the Cardinals and their fans festival was in full force. I had this assumption that the Dodgers who’d thrown their financial weight (and it’s fine they have money don’t get pissy) around before the season would have been enough to counter the Cardinals on field success over recent seasons but I was wrong.

Look, if I didn’t live in St. Louis and wasn’t a Cards fan I’d probably hate them as well. If I was a fan of any other team I would be right there on the hate wagon. I’m a very poor sport.  I get it. When a team has too much success they must be brought down one way or another. In a way the Cards are becoming the Yankees, NE Patriots, Miami Heat, Alabama Crimson Tide and Duke Blue Devils to name a few. The biggest difference is all of those teams I just listed have player(s) or coaches you can pin hate to. Arod, Belichick, Brady, Lebron, Saban and Krzyzewski. They’re all successful and good at what they do but for one reason or another people can’t stand them. With the Cards there just isn’t that guy. No one has an out there personality. They’re boring. But you can’t just say I hate a team because they win too much right? There has to be a more “valid” reason……. Ah, the fans. The insufferable BFIB. It’s a weird movement for sure but it continues to pick up steam. If you need more of a rundown as to why people hate the Cards and us as fans here’s another fine piece (link) from Jonathan Mahler who coincidently also contributes to Deadspin. He takes some nice shots at St. Louis as a city. Plus the countless articles written for and against the Cardinals and fans by other writers. By the way, I do enjoy Deadspin and their use of satire so I can’t be hypocritical and rage when it’s about St. Louis. Although I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them pile on to a topic like this before. I’m sure it has something to do with Will Leitch.

We all want David vs. Goliath or Goliath vs. Goliath. The thing with that is only certain teams qualify for the role of Goliath. A large market team with a substantial ( I also realize STL had the 11th highest going into the season) bankroll are two of the main requirements. Everyone else including St. Louis can only be David. And David can only be good for so long. The 2011 season was cool but back to mediocrity you must go. You lost Albert Pujols due to financial short comings and Tony LaRussa so now you must suck until you can gather your resources back to possibly challenge again. That of course didn’t happen and people have had enough. This isn’t how it’s supposed to go.

Nothing’s going to change people’s perception of the Cardinals and their fans now. They want Puig. They want star power and glamour in the World Series not the BFIB and our JELL-O molds. So in closing I’ll leave you with the only thing left for the Cardinals to do (Here). Later you insufferable pretentious cream of mushroom casserole eating weirdos.

Twitter: @DJ_McClure





PEDs Dispenser

I started writing this last week and then ran out of time. I meant to resume at some point but after a long weekend of booze and base/foot ball I’m pretty sure all my thoughts were on lost brain cells. So here I am starting from scratch and wasting what was for sure a masterpiece. I’d like to take a break from division/pennant/world series talk and look into the future. What will the 2014 Cardinals look like? And I’ll also give the NL MVP voting a minute. In fact let’s start with that.

The great thing about having an MVP discussion is everyone is right. Unless you’re way off base there is no wrong answer. In fact there’s really no set criteria to base the vote on which makes it real interesting.  I honestly don’t care much about individual awards but I’ve found myself in a couple MVP discussions recently and decided to put my thoughts on digital paper. My candidates are in no particular order, Paul Goldschmidt, Joey Votto, Matt Carpenter, Yadier Molina, Carlos Gomez, Clayton Kershaw, Adam Wainwright and Andrew McCutcheon.  I’m certainly not going to break down everyone’s case but my focus is how much does a player influence outcome? For the sake of Kershaw and Wainwright I like to break it down on a week by week basis. This helps me simplify things.

Now again, I’m not here to say there’s a right answer but to merely point out possibilities and basically say, don’t get too worked up about the outcome of a vote. Some people say a pitcher shouldn’t be eligible for the award due to the fact they only contribute once every fifth day.  Sure, but look at it from a weekly standpoint. Waino, for instance, has started 32 games this season and pitched a total of 229 innings. That’s an average of slightly over 7 innings per game or 21 outs he heavily influenced that week. And of course sometimes it falls where a pitcher will pitch twice in one week. Now I’ll give the position player the benefit and say they get 28 AB’s per week. A really good player will average 8-9 ish hits over that span. To not drag it out or hurt my brain getting technical if you add up the position players influence with hits and defensive plays that given week and compare it to the pitchers, in this case Waino and Kershaw’s innings and outs influenced  it’s a little closer than some care to admit. Just a thought.

To close the subject I’m not going to choose a winner because all the guys listed here are deserving. Be it for on field stuff or even intangible things that are brought up like pitching staff management, working pitch counts, defensive greatness and saving bullpens with consistent long outings. For the record McCutcheon will probably win because he’s a damn good player and the Pirates story will push him over. And that’s fine.

Alright, the 2014 Cardinals! What will they look like on Opening Day? Nothing’s certain but here’s some thoughts. First, let’s tackle the free agents Carlos Beltran and Edward Mujica. Odds are neither will be back unless they accept the qualifying offer they’ll receive. Beltran almost certainly gets the offer not 100% on Eddy. Let’s assume Mujica is just gone and I don’t feel like talking bullpen stuff anyway. Now Beltran’s offer will more than likely be in the range of 14 mil for 1 year. I think the Cardinals are in position to be just fine whether he takes it or not but while Carlos thinks about it I want to address other needs. Fact is the Cardinals don’t have a ton of needs aside from maybe generating some more homeruns and trying to get a shortstop.

Short has been a real pain in the butt for the Cards to get a handle on. They really don’t have much in the organization so they would almost certainly need to go outside. They could market a young arm or two to drum up a trade or look towards the free agent market. The market is fairly weak but there is an intriguing name out there in Jhonny Peralta who of course was involved in the Biogenesis stuff. The Tigers have already moved on in the form of Jose Iglesias who will be their shortstop going forward. I can only speak for myself but I don’t have a problem with Peralta joining the club coming off the suspension. I understand some will. Peralta would maintain the defensive level that Kozma attained this season while almost certainly blowing his offensive contribution out of the water. I wouldn’t think Peralta would be overly expensive but the Cardinals have the bandwidth to overpay some with the reward being hanging on to all their young arms.

Now let’s assume Beltran leaves for the AL to help extend his career. With the Oscar Taveras set back this means he probably won’t be able to fill an outfield slot immediately and when he does it’s more than likely going to be in one of the corner spots due to the ankle problems.  Lots of folks believe Craig will make the move to right field making room for Adams at 1st. This makes sense but both have seen the inside of the trainer’s room more than they’d like recently.

Lastly before I close is David Freese. He’s an interesting case because due to his struggles this season he’s become expendable in some people’s eyes which is understandable. Remember he’s only in his 1st year of arbitration and has 3 left. It’s hard to say what will happen but if the move is made where Kolten Wong is the 2nd baseman and Matt Carpenter is moved to 3rd I’d be all for Freese coming off the bench or at least giving him the option of a utility role. Who knows how Wong’s going to hit even with regular playing time and Freese would be a good option against lefty’s.

Alright I’ve gotta run. I’ll talk about this stuff in the coming weeks and most likely expand on the subject in more detail next week. Cards are in Milwaukee this weekend. Shelby Miller vs. Johnny Hellweg tonight. Later.


A Results Driven Business

Another frustrating loss last night has brought the Cardinals back to St. Louis after finishing a seven game road trip with a 2-5 mark. I’d like to touch on a few things today including my trip to Pittsburgh last weekend for the series with the Pirates which I think I’ll start with.

PNC Park certainly deserves the praise it receives. Other than the fact I had to sit there two of the three games as the Pirates pounded the Cardinals it was a fantastic experience. I met a lot of great people who were more than willing to talk baseball and share their story about how old they were the last time the Pirates had a winning season. One of the big highlights of the park for me was the presentation that took place during the game. From the player introductions which were presented in Saturday Night Live fashion to the advanced statistics displayed on the scoreboard and ribbon throughout the game. My favorite being the horizontal and vertical break of each pitch. This is an area I hope the Cardinals will improve on at Busch. I understand the focus should be the play on the field but a better scoreboard with more advanced statistics than just the normal slash would be great.  They also had a free concert on Saturday night complete with an outstanding fireworks display that was shot off from on the field, the river, the Clemente Bridge and even buildings across the river. I’m not really that into fireworks but this was impressive for sure. I’d recommend PNC to anyone thinking about catching the Cardinals on the road next season.

Alright, back to the on field stuff. So Lance Lynn got knocked around again last night. I’m going to defend him forever but last night was rough and the things said about him on the social medias made me want to punch clowns. Dennis who writes at ManFridge Baseball had mentioned last night that Lynn had gone away from his four-seamer recently. I hadn’t really even thought of that but I looked into it and sure enough the usage of his best pitch has dropped dramatically. In April-June when Lynn was pitching well he threw his four-seam fastball 60% of the time while going to his sinker 16% his curve 12% and throwing a cutter 8% while also mixing in a change.  In July and August he only went to his four-seam 38% of the time while the sinker usage went to 26% and he started using his cutter more as well. I did notice that the line drive rate on his sinker is lower than that of his four-seam and he also gets a good ground ball rate with the sinker. The problem is his sinker command has left his walk rate up and the ground balls are continuing to get through as his BABIP remains at .314. I would love to see him go back to the four-seamer more to get ahead in counts and then work the sinker in. This would also help keep his pitch count down to go deeper in games. The reality is that like all professional sports MLB is a results driven business and Lance needs to start producing results or fans are going to be out with torches to run him out of town. Keep in mind that Lynn is showing durability with his innings load the past couple seasons and isn’t a free agent until 2018.

I want to close with some Joe Kelly praise. Without Kelly over the last few weeks the starting rotation would be a mess. Similar to Lynn, Kelly primarily goes sinker/four-seam with the sinker being his primary pitch. What worries me about Kelly is that he currently leads the league in LOB% at 85% which is very high. This was something I had mentioned with Jeff Locke of the Pirates that indeed did regress and knock him out of the rotation for some time. The difference was that Locke had an unbelievably low BABIP of .239 or something while Kelly gets hit to the tune of .294 when the ball is put in play which is sustainable. I just think Kelly is showing the ability to execute pitches when he needs to and is able to escape jams. A mid-nineties sinker and fastball with movement combo is fun to watch for sure.

That’s all for now. Let’s hope Lance gives his four-seam a chance and gets back to his early season form. The Cardinals host the Pirates tonight for the start of a three game set. What a tough second half schedule it’s been. After this series the Cardinals have a favorable stretch run to the finish that they can hopefully take advantage of. A.J. Burnett vs. Joe Kelly tonight. Later.

Carlos Beltran 44 42 12 1 0 2 11 2 9 .286 .318 .452 .771 0 0 0 0 0
Matt Holliday 27 24 6 1 0 1 5 3 10 .250 .333 .417 .750 0 0 0 0 1
Yadier Molina 25 23 4 1 0 0 2 1 2 .174 .200 .217 .417 0 1 0 0 0
Matt Carpenter 23 20 8 2 1 0 1 3 2 .400 .478 .600 1.078 0 0 0 0 0
Jon Jay 21 18 4 1 0 0 1 1 6 .222 .333 .278 .611 0 0 0 2 1
Daniel Descalso 17 14 4 0 1 0 3 2 4 .286 .412 .429 .840 0 0 1 1 0
Allen Craig 12 12 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 .167 .167 .167 .333 0 0 0 0 0
David Freese 9 9 1 1 0 0 0 0 4 .111 .111 .222 .333 0 0 0 0 1
Matt Adams 7 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 .143 .143 .143 .286 0 0 0 0 0
Pete Kozma 7 5 2 1 0 0 1 2 1 .400 .571 .600 1.171 0 0 0 0 0
Lance Lynn 7 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 .143 .143 .143 .286 0 0 0 0 0
Tony Cruz 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Rob Johnson 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000 .667 .000 .667 0 0 0 1 0
Kolten Wong 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 .333 .333 .667 0 0 0 0 0
Shelby Miller 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Shane Robinson 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 1
Randy Choate 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Total 213 193 46 8 2 3 24 15 50 .238 .305 .347 .652 0 1 1 4 4
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 9/6/2013.

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A Time and A Place

I wasn’t sure what kind of mood I’d be in as I keyed this post given the nature of last night’s game. Lots of ups and downs. Thankfully the ups prevailed and the Cardinals were able to grab another come from behind win in the late innings. Not even double switching one of the hottest hitters on the team with a third of the game left could keep them from winning.

A little bit of a dip in the road last night for Michael Wacha. He didn’t seem to have command of much of anything and was operating essentially with two pitches (fastball and change). He hasn’t showcased his curveball much at all and I’m not sure if the team is trying to just refine his FB/Change combo before really integrating the curve or what the thinking is. I think it’s safe to say he has some work ahead of him before he steps into the rotation full time.

Let’s talk about some more specific stuff like what Kolten Wong brings to the Cardinals and how f*cking awesome Matt Carpenter is at playing baseball. Starting with Wong, how nice is it to see some legitimate speed on the bases? I’m not big on stolen bases and certainly not forcing the issue by putting guys in motion but I do think there’s a time and place for it. When Wong gets on base it poses an immediate problem for opposing defenses. They have to be conscious of what he’s doing when he’s on base and that’s a good thing.  His two out infield hit was the spark the Cardinals needed last night and if I was a betting man I’d put a wager on him having a few more of those. Looking forward to watching him play down the stretch.

Throughout this season I’ve kept thinking that Matt Carpenter’s hitting approach reminded me of something. It finally hit me the other day that it was the Scott Hatteberg chapter of Moneyball. I’m guessing most of you have read it but to refresh the best skill Hatteberg brought to the A’s was his ability to work pitch counts and get on base. In 2003 he only batted .253 but his OBP was .342 and he ranked 13th in the AL in pitches seen per plate appearance right at 4 pitches per. For a guy who no one but the A’s wanted he brought the ability to work pitchers and get on base without being much over an average hitter. The book described Hatteberg’s approach and how he would create his own zone at the plate. When the AB started he would only swing at a pitch that was in a zone where he could drive the ball. He would then adjust it as needed with the ultimate goal of reaching base. Matt Carpenter has this exact same ability to get on base along with being a very good hitter and also an above average fielder. Carpenter is currently 5th in the NL in pitches per plate appearance at 4.10. Going into the season I didn’t think anyone in the Central would even remotely challenge Shin-Soo Choo for best leadoff hitter but Matt Carpenter has certainly built a strong case. For comparison sake Choo is 1st in the NL in pitches per plate appearance at 4.19 and is 2nd in the NL with a .415 OBP behind his teammate Joey Votto.  Carpenter is 8th in the NL with a .383 OBP which is still fantastic. Choo is a free agent next season (Boras client) and the smart teams will be putting some money forward for his services while Carpenter is not a free agent until 2018. It’s going to be awesome watching him play baseball in the coming years.

That’s all I have for today. Lance Lynn vs. former Cardinal Kyle Lohse tonight. More so than usual I feel good about Lynn tonight. Hopefully the Cardinals can get to Lohse early and Lynn can give the team some much needed innings and give that tired bullpen a rest. Later.

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Any Given Series

Pitchers control where the ball is hit and who catches it. It has nothing to do with luck.” – Harold Reynolds on MLB Tonight

Luck and the trade deadline that came and went are my topics of choice today and I’m feeling lucky so let’s start there. Is there luck involved in baseball and if so how much? Is it measurable?

This is a topic that I had a brief discussion about during Sunday’s game. Darwin Barney had hit a full swing squib that was just out of range of pitcher Joe Kelly and then a couple innings later Starlin Castro hit a full swing opposite field back spinning ball that found its way to right field just barely out of reach of the fielders off ground ball maestro Seth Maness. Both plays resulted in runs scored. Could it have been prevented? Would Allen Craig have made the play on Castro’s ball? Would Matt Adams have made the play had there not been a runner on 1st he was holding on?

My point in quickly hitting this topic is I’m a believer in the fact that teams in fact do run into the occasional bad luck and can also benefit from good luck. I touched on it when I wrote about Lance Lynn that not all fielders are equal. Yasiel Puig has more range than Carlos Beltran. Mike Trout will get to more balls than Matt Holliday. Pitchers can only control so much. Heck, fielders can only play within their ability. While players do control some they certainly can’t control everything that transpires on the field. I would think that most people view good and bad luck as something that just happens and chalk it up to common sense but when it comes to baseball it doesn’t always exist to everyone. More of a curiosity topic I guess. Maybe I’ll try and dig up some material written by people who have studied the subject and see if there is a trend but for now, moving on…

So the trade deadline came and went without the Cardinals making much of splash. The Cardinals were linked to a number of players including Cliff Lee, Jake Peavy, Alexei Ramirez and Erick Aybar. Logical considering the issues finding a constant 5th man in the rotation and the offensive woes (he’s been awful and I mean awful at the plate but has played very good defense) of Pete Kozma. On a side note maybe the Cardinals knew Joe Kelly was going to be awesome and didn’t need to make a deal? Doubt it but he’s been a breath of fresh air for sure.

JD hit this topic a couple weeks ago but I wanted to talk quickly about it some myself. If I’m a GM which I’m obviously not but if I was my two goals for each season would be to make the playoffs and to have the team in the best position possible going forward. So, are the Cardinals currently in a good position to make the playoffs? Yes. Are they in a good position going forward? Yes, they have a lot of young, cost controlled talent that should contribute at a high level for years to come. I always hear the term built for the postseason but I have no clue what that means. The playoffs are a roll of the dice. Any playoff team can beat any other playoff team in any given series. Ask the 2006, 2011 and 2012 Cardinals. Sure, having excellent starting pitching is a great weapon but certainly doesn’t guarantee anything. Maybe a little LUCK is involved in the playoffs?

Alright that’s enough for this week. The Cardinals kick off a big 3 game set against the Pirates tonight with Adam Wainwright squaring off against Charlie Morton. Hopefully yesterday’s off day helped recharge some tired batteries and things get off to a fast start tonight. Until next week.

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I went into this post trying to decide what I really wanted to talk about. I had three topics on the brain which were PEDs, bunts and trade deadline (non)deals. Since I’m a fairly long winded person I’ve decided to cut PEDs out. Partly because of time and partly because the topic has been beat into the ground already. Plus it’s a topic that’s certainly not going away and I’m sure will come outside and play for a future post. For this post let’s start with last night’s game. Nick hit on it some this morning but hopefully I can add some spice.

Going into the series opener last night the Cards had just arrived home from a challenging road trip and playing the Dodgers at home certainly wasn’t much of a break. The Dodgers had won 14 games in a row on the road before last night’s game. That’s pretty remarkable especially next to the Cardinals 7 game losing streak they just showcased on the road trip. Last night’s tilt featured Adam Wainwright vs. Zack Greinke. Cutting out all the middle stuff let’s fast forward to the bottom of the 7th. The Dodgers held a 3-1 lead at the start of the Cardinals turn at the plate. To this point the Dodgers had found a way to execute and hang 3 runs on Wainwright and now the Cards really needed to find a way to get the inning going on a presumably fatigued Greinke before their recently dominate bullpen was called on to shut the door.

So the inning starts with pinch hitter Adron Chambers who works a very nice 6 pitch walk. The perfect start to this inning. Matt Carpenter follows with a 5 pitch AB that results in a single to put runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and a tired and probably frustrated Greinke on the mound. As Don Mattingly makes his way to the mound the Cardinals line up Carlos Beltran, Allen Craig and Matt Holliday with bats in hand. Mattingly allows Greinke to face Beltran which I assume was a result of Greinke’s overall success against Beltran.  Even so this was Beltran’s 4th AB against Greinke and already had 1 hit which almost left the park. And then on the 1st pitch of the AB, 12th of the inning and 105th of the game Carlos lays down a perfect sacrifice bunt. By doing so he gave away a precious out and according to Baseball Reference’s win probability tool actually decreased the Cardinals chance of winning the game 2 percent. For reference Matt Carpenter’s hit increased their chance of winning by 12 percent. Then Craig grounds out plating Chambers and Holliday grounded out to end the once promising inning. And to finish after a leadoff HBP of Freese in the bottom of the 8th Jon Jay popped a sacrifice bunt in the air resulting in another free out without even moving the runner. Cards go quietly in the 9th and lose.

I’m not going to soap box this but I just really want the Cardinals to stop f@4cking bunting in these situations.  Not sure where the Beltran bunt came from whether it was Matheny or from what it looked like Beltran but either way it was a remarkably terrible decision that contributed to a very frustrating loss.

I realize ripping bunting is becoming more mainstream but it truly is a rally killer. It’s the prevent defense of baseball. If you watch much football you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s 5 minutes left, the Muskrats take a 10 point lead on a touchdown. They kick to the Fighting Turtles and then proceed to go away from the defensive game plan that helped them get the lead in the first place. They go into a prevent defense, dropping the safeties and corners off the line of scrimmage to ensure nothing gets over their head for a big play. The Turtles then proceed to take 10-15 yard plays down the field and score a touchdown in 2 minutes. If the Muskrats stick to their guns they probably get a stop and win the game but instead are content with making sure of no huge plays in exchange for easy yardage and some time off the clock. Prevent big plays. Sacrifice an out to gain 1 base and prevent 2 outs. Just say no to both. Let the secondary play tough defense and have your professional hitters swing the bat.

Anyway I’m running short on time so I’m going to cut this post off on that inspiring topic. I’ll hit some deadline stuff  and talk some prospects next week. The Cards get to deal with Clayton Kershaw tonight who unfortunately is very good at throwing baseballs. Here’s how they’ve fared against him.

Matt Holliday 37 27 8 1 0 0 1 10 5 .296 .486 .333 .820
Carlos Beltran 22 19 4 2 0 0 1 2 7 .211 .273 .316 .589
Allen Craig 15 14 4 0 0 1 5 0 0 .286 .267 .500 .767
David Freese 15 13 3 1 0 0 2 1 1 .231 .267 .308 .574
Matt Carpenter 9 9 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 .222 .222 .222 .444
Adam Wainwright 7 4 2 1 0 0 2 2 1 .500 .667 .750 1.417
Daniel Descalso 6 4 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 .500 .667 .500 1.167
Jon Jay 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 .000 .000 .000 .000
Rob Johnson 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Pete Kozma 3 3 3 2 0 0 3 0 0 1.000 1.000 1.667 2.667
Shelby Miller 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000
Jake Westbrook 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000
Tony Cruz 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Total 126 105 28 7 0 1 15 17 21 .267 .360 .362 .722
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 8/6/2013.

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I was planning on posting my little project I’ve had in the works today but I’ve been lured to another topic that I feel  more compelled to share my thoughts on. My project is based on lineups and how much of a difference the batting order actually makes as far as runs scored per game over the course of a season. I’ll save that for a rainy day so that today I can discuss the topic of pitcher Lance Lynn. With his recent performance it’s caused some folks to question his ability and some to even question his spot in the rotation.  So please allow me to lay some things out on the table and see what we have. Also, before I start throwing out points I do realize most stats can be interpreted in many ways. Nothing’s perfect but hopefully I can build enough of a case to clear Lance of any wrong doing. Also I’m not a stat head by any means and the information I’m providing is not meant to be taken in a know it all manner from me.

The first witness I’d like to call to the stand in his defense is his FIP (definition) to this point. It currently sits at 3.17 which is good for 14th in all of baseball. Basically when it comes to the things he can absolutely control he’s one of the best in the league. Adam Wainwright is 2nd with a 2.20 and Shelby Miller is 10th with a 3.06. The big difference between Lynn and Wainwright is walks. Lance Lynn allows 3.25 free passes per 9 innings while Adam Wainwright allows .99 per 9 which is amazing. I’m bringing Wainwright into this so I can illustrate the fine line between a pitcher who’s regarded as a top 3 Cy Young candidate and a pitcher who some want to demote to Palm Beach. This also illustrates how closely competitive the league is in general.

Adam Wainwright is currently 13-5 with 154.2 IP (league leader) and a 2.44 ERA. Lance Lynn is 11-5 with 122 IP and a 4.13 ERA and one less game pitched. Earned Run Average is a stat that has continually come under heavy scrutiny due to how a pitcher is scored. Instead of it being pitcher vs. hitter ERA also brings in the ability of his infielders (range), outfielders (range/arm), how the game is scored (error/hit) and also a certain amount of luck. With FIP we can trim some of the fat and get a reasonable look at how a pitcher is performing. I completely understand it’s not perfect but it’s certainly better than ERA. There’s also xFIP and SIERA for those inclined to dive into fangraphs for a deeper understanding.

So my big question is what’s Adam Wainwright doing that is setting him apart from Lance Lynn? When looking at their respective lines a couple things really jumped. First, Wainwright’s BB/9 which we discussed is borderline silly. While he’s leading the league in this Lance Lynn’s 3.25 places him 72nd and is definitely contributing to his performance although it’s factored into his FIP which is still really good.

What else? How about BABIP. This measures opposing hitters batting average once the ball is put into play. When hitters put the ball into play against Lynn they are hitting .304 against a .296 league average. This is a stat that certainly has a luck factor to it and one can hope would regress towards the league average. Now Adam Wainwright is only allowing a,wait,what ,wow, hitters are hitting .308 against Wainwright when they’re able to put the ball in play. Surprising for sure. For reference purposes luck box Jeff Locke has a .223 against which is most certainly contributing to his good season. I’m sure Pirates fans are holding their breath on that one. Just think how good Wainwright’s season could look if his BABIP would lower toward the league average?

Alright I found it. Adam Wainwright is 2nd in the league in homeruns allowed per 9. He’s only giving up .35 per 9 and sucky Lance Lynn is sitting all the way down in let’s see…….uh, 5th only giving up .52 per 9. This is actually a rotation strength as a whole.

Ok, so when the ball is put in play off these two what happens or in other words is it a fly ball, ground ball or a line drive? Wainwright: 24.9% LD, 49.1% GB, 26% FB – Lynn: 22.2% LD, 42% GB, 35.8% FB. With line drives being the preferred hitter contact this shows Lynn holding the advantage. League average for line drives is currently at 20.9% so they’re both slightly over in that regard.

The last thing I’ll bring to the table is LOB% or runners that the pitcher allows on base and then strands. Adam Wainwright is at 76.3% which is 30th in the league while Lance Lynn is stranding 69.8% of hitters that reach against him. League average is 73.2%. Adam Wainwright is considered above average here while Lance Lynn is in the poor territory. The league leader is freaking Jeff Locke at an amazing 83.2%. Geez. This is absolutely an opportunity area for Lance Lynn. Also Adam Wainwright’s WHIP is currently at 1.02 while Lance Lynn’s is at 1.27. Wainwright’s is really good and Lynn’s is fine as long as he can improve his LOB%.

On a side note to that stat someone I always felt was good at stranding runners was Kyle Lohse and sure enough he’s sitting 12th in the league at 80.1% which has really helped him overcome some other things including his FIP which is at 4.30 near the bottom of the league.

So what have we learned or at least what have I taken from this exercise? First, the difference between Adam Wainwright’s Cy Young caliber performance this season and Lance Lynn’s (in some eyes bullpen demotion) performance is a pretty fine line. If Mike Matheny called and asked me what I thought, I’d say Lance needs to find a way to get his walk rate down. Trust his stuff regardless of the situation. When the walks  come down that should improve BABIP by having the ball in play more which will allow less batters to reach base and less runs. Hooray! All easier said than done of course. Lance Lynn is a very talented pitcher who’s still only 26 years old. He may not have the same kind of stuff that Adam Wainwright, Shelby Miller or Carlos Martinez have but he’s still really damn good. I promise I won’t say I told you so when he starts getting the results he deserves.

BTW, the Cardinals start a series tonight against the Phillies. Jonathan Pettibone (never faced) vs. Shelby Miller. I also want to mention the Conclave twitter account which is @CardsConclave  and also mine which is @DJ_McClure. I hope I was able to shed some light on this topic and hope you enjoyed reading. Later.

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So I know I mentioned last week I’d have a more in depth post this week but unfortunately that’s not going to be the case. Some life things got in the way the past few days which will push it back another week. I kind of feel like the used car salesman of bloggers; over promise and under deliver. No offense intended towards used car folks.

As we all know tonight is the All-Star game with the Home Run Derby taking place last night. I have to admit I really enjoyed the derby. Bryce Harper vs. Yoenis Cespedes was an entertaining final. I don’t get people who just constantly dog the derby and the ASG itself. I completely agree the game should count towards nothing other than giving fans and people involved with the game a chance to celebrate but given the reaction of some you’d think they were being tied to a chair and forced to watch.  As with the derby my only real beef is the host team should always have a chosen hitter as their respective league’s captain as David Wright was last night. Ken Davidoff who writes for the New York Post wrote this nice piece calling out Kansas City fans for their treatment of Robinson Cano last year after he bypassed Billy Butler. He also commended the New York crowd for their behavior while referring to the recent small market cites who have hosted the event as ‘hayseeds’. Not sure who he’s referring to unless it’s KC, STL and maybe Pitt or Det? I suppose he’s right. Everyone who lives in NYC is an outstanding citizen and equally contributes towards bettering society while all us hayseeds hur in Missourah pound Busch Lights with big ol wads of chaw in our mouth. I’m sure if someone like Joey Votto had been the NL captain last night and he had bypassed David Wright for someone else he would have received a standing ovation. Rigghhht. Let’s see the kind of reception Carlos Beltran, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright get tonight. Point is Cano was put in a bad spot last year. The decision should have been made for him and Billy Butler should have not only been in the event but also captain of the AL. Again, it’s a celebration first and competition second.

As for the hayseed fans here in St. Louis we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a pretty damn good first half plus of baseball. Sitting at 57-36 a game up on the Pirates and holding a 5 game lead on the Reds. Also Chris Carpenter made his first rehab start last night for Springfield. By all accounts it sounded like a successful night. He got touched up for a few runs but he stated after the game he felt good and had fairly good command of his pitches. Considering most of us went into the start just hoping his arm would stay attached I’ll call it a win and move on with anticipation for his next outing.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Looking forward to the game tonight and then getting real baseball going again against the Padres on Friday. A good lineup of giveaways in store for the weekend series so I’m guessing capacity crowds will greet the team to kick things off.

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I’d like to take a moment to start this post with a moment of silence for the now released Ty Wigginton…………………… The veteran utility man was released by the Cardinals a short while ago and called up veteran backstop Rob Johnson presumably as a safety guard for Yadier Molina. While most of us never really understood the Wigginton signing in the first place he certainly did nothing to even remotely prove the skeptics wrong. I always side with the team when it comes to signings assuming they know way more than I when it comes to filling out a roster but Ty was a tough one to figure out. I certainly know of one blogger who’ll enjoy this news more than most (If there’s nothing up yet don’t worry, there will be). Hopefully they pay Wiggy the remainder of his head scratching contract in rolls of nickels. Anyway.

I didn’t have a post last week due to preparation for a lake trip and this one’s going to be a little short due to the fact I’m still exhausted from the trip. I’m working on a post that will have some actual substance and hopefully I’ll have that for you next week. Until then I’ll give you my usual empty sentences and hope I can bring some flare with my next post. Maybe even 37 pieces of it.

So the Cardinals have completed an 8 game road trip and the first 3 games of a 5 game home stand since we last chatted. Overall 6-5 in that time which included a few really tough loses in the final game of each road series. The series finale against the Angels was a brutal way to get my baseball fix on the 4th of July. I’m not going to lie I only caught the final inning of the game but I really wish I’d just caught the box score. Mike Matheny really can’t catch a break. Take Wainwright out, chaos. Try to leave him in, still chaos. Now I suppose he could have stuck with him and had him pitch to Josh Hamilton which was a definite possibility but if I’m doing the second guessing I’m going with Randy Choate or Kevin Siegrist. If you’re not giving Edward Mujica a clean inning anyway why not bring in your specialist (Choate) who is getting paid for those exact situations or at least Siegrist who’s been awesome and will certainly challenge Hamilton to the max? Regardless I had more than a few beers circulating in my system so all I really remember is Adam Wainwright walking back to the dugout, Mujica trotting in from the bullpen and then the Angels running around the infield having a tickle fight and playing a game of grab a$$. Get it? Their payroll is really high so $$ instead of ss. Wheeeeeee.

The home 9 had a very nice rebound series against the Marlins in which they surprisingly in my eyes took all 3 games. Not that I didn’t have confidence they could just more so the Marlins had been playing respectable baseball. So that sets them up nicely going into a short 2 game series against the Astros with Wainwright and Shelby Miller taking the hill. Bud Norris goes for the Astros tonight and I really hope they can put runs on the board early to suppress the Bud Chuck jokes once and for all.

Like I said I’ll try and have an actual post up next week that I put real effort into and everything. Remember to use the twitters if you want to talk some ball. I’ve had a few folks hit me up and I’m always down for a good discussion. If you’re interested here’s how the Cardinals have done against Mr. Norris. Look for Daniel Descalso to be in the lineup tonight.

Yadier Molina 42 38 8 0 0 0 1 3 3 .211 .286 .211 .496 2
Matt Holliday 38 36 9 2 0 2 5 2 9 .250 .289 .472 .762 0
Jon Jay 28 26 7 2 0 0 4 1 4 .269 .296 .346 .642 1
Daniel Descalso 23 18 6 3 1 1 4 5 7 .333 .478 .778 1.256 0
Carlos Beltran 21 21 7 5 0 0 2 0 6 .333 .333 .571 .905 0
Allen Craig 18 17 7 1 0 2 7 1 3 .412 .444 .824 1.268 0
David Freese 17 15 4 2 0 0 2 2 7 .267 .353 .400 .753 0
Matt Carpenter 14 12 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 .083 .214 .083 .298 0
Pete Kozma 7 6 1 1 0 0 1 1 4 .167 .286 .333 .619 0
Adam Wainwright 7 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 .143 .143 .143 .286 0
Matt Adams 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000 0
Total 217 198 51 16 1 5 26 17 51 .258 .319 .424 .744 3
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 7/9/2013.


Since my last word spew the Cardinals had just taken the first game of a 4 game set with the Chicago Cubs. They went on to take 2 of the next 3 and 3 of 4 in the series with the only loss being in a game in which Adam Wainwright surrendered 4 runs in the 1st inning before settling in and being normal Wainwright. That game featured yet another dominating start by Jeff Samardzija against the Cardinals. Regardless the Cardinals looked to have some momentum in their favor heading into a measuring stick series against the World Series runner up from 2011 Texas Rangers.

Going into the series it looked as though the Cardinals had the edge in games 2 and 3 as far as starting pitching goes with the Rangers having the edge in Game 1 with the matchup of Tyler Lyons vs. Derek Holland. To be honest  I’m really not sure why Joe Kelly wasn’t handed the ball for this start but nonetheless Lyons was given 1 last opportunity to shine but was rudely greeted by the Rangers in the 2nd inning for 4 runs and a free pass to Shower City. Joe Kelly did his part tossing  5 scoreless and keeping the Cardinals in the game which they would eventually lose.

Game 2 featured Shelby Miller matching up against Martin Perez. I was at this game so my point of view wasn’t the greatest or the most sober. First off, I didn’t think Perez was supposed to be that good but he sure fooled me from my 300 level view. Give credit to Nelson Cruz and A.J. Pierzynski  for jumping a couple early count pitches in a game in which the Cardinals publicly made it a point that Miller needed to be more efficient early in games. The Cardinals had all kinds of trouble getting much established offensively and much of this was due to grounding into some costly double plays. I felt like Matt Holliday grounded into one in each plate appearance. So a frustrating loss indeed.

On a side note from this game there was some interesting activity below me right above the Rangers dugout. Essentially there was a man who appeared to be in his late-ish 30’s sporting a shirsey begging for baseballs as the Ranger players exited the field between innings. This guy ended up taking home 2 balls while the kids seated a couple rows up around 5 seats over took home none. And don’t worry, this guy was a perfectly ‘normal’ dude who was pounding beers and high fiving his buddies. As far as things that annoy me at a baseball game go, adult men clamoring for baseballs like morons tops the list. It should be viewed as a baseball by adults but it’s everything to a young kid. The wave bothers me, but I just avoid it. I understand that they could have kids at home but I’m pretty sure dude in the shirsey is very much single and not a father but of course I could be wrong. The only thing that may top this is idiots who throw opposing team homeruns back on the field. Leave that noise in the Wrigley bleachers. If you throw a homerun back rather than hanging on to it or giving it to a young kid then I think it’s time for some self evaluation.  So to recap, Saturday night featured a rain delay, very little Cardinals offense, and the wave while simultaneously a grown man waved his arms wildly yelling Ian! Ian! Ian, throw me a ball Ian! But I was drinking beer and watching baseball so whatever.

Now Sunday night’s game I admittedly did not see much of live due to the late start. I did catch most of the abbreviated replay on mlb.tv. Most of the attention has been pointed at the Adam Wainwright and Mike Matheny stuff that went down in the 7th inning along with the Pete Kozma error. Personally I’d like to know why the Cardinals couldn’t score more than 1 run against Nick Tepesch? Regardless of reasons the Cardinals dropped all 3 in the weekend series and now need to set their sights forward.

The Cards start an 8 game AL West swing tonight in Houston. The Cardinals send Jake Westbrook to the mound hoping to build off of his last start. The Astros are a team like the Marlins that you can’t take lightly. A team that’s rebuilding always has MLB players in evaluation mode trying to prove they can be an asset. I really hope the Cardinals don’t think they can just take the 2 games by merely showing up. The Astros send Missouri native Lucas Harrell to the mound who has been solid as of late. Here’s how the Cardinals have done against him:

Allen Craig 15 13 6 0 0 0 1 1 0 .462 .467 .462 .928
Matt Holliday 15 12 4 0 1 0 2 3 3 .333 .467 .500 .967
Yadier Molina 13 12 7 0 0 1 4 0 1 .583 .538 .833 1.372
David Freese 12 10 5 2 0 1 2 2 1 .500 .583 1.000 1.583
Jon Jay 12 12 4 1 0 0 1 0 3 .333 .333 .417 .750
Matt Carpenter 9 7 1 1 0 0 0 2 1 .143 .333 .286 .619
Carlos Beltran 6 5 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 .000 .167 .000 .167
Daniel Descalso 6 5 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000 .167 .000 .167
Pete Kozma 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Matt Adams 3 3 1 0 0 1 3 0 0 .333 .333 1.333 1.667
Tony Cruz 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 .333 .333 .667
Shane Robinson 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 .333 .333 .667
Lance Lynn 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000
Adam Wainwright 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000 .500 .000 .500
Ty Wigginton 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .500 .500 .500 1.000
Total 108 95 31 4 1 3 13 11 13 .326 .389 .484 .873
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 6/25/2013.


Ian! Ian! Ian, throw me a ball! Until next week. @DJ_McClure

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