Quick Hitter: ASG Edition

So I know I mentioned last week I’d have a more in depth post this week but unfortunately that’s not going to be the case. Some life things got in the way the past few days which will push it back another week. I kind of feel like the used car salesman of bloggers; over promise and under deliver. No offense intended towards used car folks.

As we all know tonight is the All-Star game with the Home Run Derby taking place last night. I have to admit I really enjoyed the derby. Bryce Harper vs. Yoenis Cespedes was an entertaining final. I don’t get people who just constantly dog the derby and the ASG itself. I completely agree the game should count towards nothing other than giving fans and people involved with the game a chance to celebrate but given the reaction of some you’d think they were being tied to a chair and forced to watch.  As with the derby my only real beef is the host team should always have a chosen hitter as their respective league’s captain as David Wright was last night. Ken Davidoff who writes for the New York Post wrote this nice piece calling out Kansas City fans for their treatment of Robinson Cano last year after he bypassed Billy Butler. He also commended the New York crowd for their behavior while referring to the recent small market cites who have hosted the event as ‘hayseeds’. Not sure who he’s referring to unless it’s KC, STL and maybe Pitt or Det? I suppose he’s right. Everyone who lives in NYC is an outstanding citizen and equally contributes towards bettering society while all us hayseeds hur in Missourah pound Busch Lights with big ol wads of chaw in our mouth. I’m sure if someone like Joey Votto had been the NL captain last night and he had bypassed David Wright for someone else he would have received a standing ovation. Rigghhht. Let’s see the kind of reception Carlos Beltran, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright get tonight. Point is Cano was put in a bad spot last year. The decision should have been made for him and Billy Butler should have not only been in the event but also captain of the AL. Again, it’s a celebration first and competition second.

As for the hayseed fans here in St. Louis we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a pretty damn good first half plus of baseball. Sitting at 57-36 a game up on the Pirates and holding a 5 game lead on the Reds. Also Chris Carpenter made his first rehab start last night for Springfield. By all accounts it sounded like a successful night. He got touched up for a few runs but he stated after the game he felt good and had fairly good command of his pitches. Considering most of us went into the start just hoping his arm would stay attached I’ll call it a win and move on with anticipation for his next outing.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Looking forward to the game tonight and then getting real baseball going again against the Padres on Friday. A good lineup of giveaways in store for the weekend series so I’m guessing capacity crowds will greet the team to kick things off.

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