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It’s been too long y’all. I’ve always wanted to use y’all in some form and now I’ve accomplished just that. In all seriousness though as I type I’m just hoping my credentials are still good at the site so I can post this. If you’ve ever had a long running gym membership you probably know how I’m feeling right now. You know you roll in there after not going for a couple (six-ish) months and you hand your little swipe card to the person working the front counter knowing full well they’re judging you. I’ve always had a shoulder injury story ready just in case they comment on my time gap between visits but I’ve yet to need it. This is all assuming you’re not one of those fitness freaks who never lapses on getting swoll. And let’s move on.

I want to start my return post with a little tid on what I perceive as the single worst rule in the game of baseball currently. I used to think it was the play at the plate in which the baserunner was able to truck the catcher at the plate because IT WAS AWESOME GOOD HARD BASEBALL DON’T BLOCK MY PLATE! Then that was changed for the better and I’ve now moved on to the strike 3 the batter’s out no wait the catcher dropped the ball now the batter’s not out he can run to 1st because the ball hit the ground rule. This rule reminds of when you play any game with a young child and he/she just makes up rules as they go as to benefit their standing in the game. Not that long ago I was playing Superhero Chutes and Ladders with a good friend’s 5 year old son and based on the superhero he had he was able to turn chutes in to ladders and vice versa depending on where we were on the map. Needless to say I didn’t win much.

I haven’t been as frustrated in some time as I was the other night when the Cards were trying to close out a game against the Royals. Adam Wainwright needed a clean inning to go the distance and he was able to get Eric Hosmer to swing through what I believe was one of those knee buckling Waino specials for out number 1. But then the ball hit the back of the plate or something and then bounced off Yadier Molina’s shin guard and up the 1st base line. Now Hosmer’s standing on 1st with no outs and would eventually score in an inning where they would tie the game and send it to extras. Stupid. It’s an easy rule to change. Strike 3 the batter is out regardless and the ball is still live if there are baserunners. Simple. Please change this MLB. Moving on.

So how is everyone? Are we all just waiting for this team to start clubbing the ball all over the yard? I was just thinking a few days ago that for this team to have any chance at the division they need to stay healthy in the rotation and then we got the Adam Wainwright news yesterday. I’m really glad the MRI came back negative but that still doesn’t completely relieve my brain of thinking of all those innings he’s logged since coming back from TJ and wondering what his elbow is really saying? Hoping for the best there obviously.

Matt Carpenter is returning to his awesomeness from last season. I love watching that dude take his turn at the plate. I really want Matheny to bat Carpenter and Molina 1-2 on a regular basis. Carpenter is last I checked around 5th in all of baseball in pitches per plate appearance once again while Molina was somewhere around 20th. I’m a big fan of that stat when you combine it with the can the guy f*cking hit stat as well. It’s a good way to lean heavy on the pitcher before he gets to the middle of the order.

Wainwright’s been a beast this season but I’m not overly excited about him being 2nd in baseball in innings pitched but he’s amazing nonetheless. Cap tip to both Shelby Miller and Lance Lynn for their CG shutouts of the Blue Jays and Yankees in the last couple weeks. This team has a little bit of the same feel as the 2011 team that just struggled for so long to get everything going in the same direction at once until it just happened. 2 games over .500 isn’t great but it’s certainly not danger zone territory especially with that 2nd Wild Card in play now.

I guess that’s all I’ve got. I had a good time sharing some quick thoughts; maybe I’ll do it again some time. Until then may your beer be cold and tasty. Cheers everyone.


  • Buddhasillegitimatechild38 June 13, 2014, 3:30 pm

    The Wainwright situation scares me too

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