How Do You Like Your Wins?

The Cardinals right now are doing their impression of Burger King.  You can have a win your way.  It can be a slugfest, a pitching gem, or a come-from-behind battle.  They’ve won all sorts of different ways this year, as we’ll see when we recap the last five games.  (Sorry for getting behind, folks.)  For [...]

Beating Around the Busch

The real estate agents are right.  It’s all about location. After winning just two of seven games against the Brewers and having Christian Yelich almost single-handedly destroy them, the Cardinals have now won two games against Milwaukee under the Arch in as many attempts and Yelich is proving to be actually mortal.  While the difference [...]

We’ve wondered all year what things would look like if everyone in the offense going going at the same time.  If the top four in the lineup all clicked while the bottom half was doing its work.  What a hot Paul Goldschmidt and Marcell Ozuna would bring to the team. We saw it last night.  [...]

I was talking with my Meet Me at Musial cohost Allen Medlock before this series started and I said it might be an indicator that things are different under the new coaching staff (well, another indicator) if they were able to come out and beat a struggling Jason Vargas in the first game of the [...]

A Different Brew: A Win

After six games in Milwaukee, you’d have to forgive the Cardinals if they were starting to regard the retractable-roof edifice as more of a house of horrors with Christian Yelich playing the main ghoul.  With a get-away day in a series they’d already lost, it might have been tempting to just hurry through, take your [...]

Yesterday, I wrote You expect this team to win every time they go out there, even if they get behind early.  It’s a good feeling to know that there’s no reason to turn off the game after a miserable second inning. While that may be the case, there is no reason that the Cardinals need [...]

How you feel about the Cardinals right now is a matter of perspective.  (Unless, as we’ll see, you are Christian Yelich, then you love them unconditionally.)  You look at their overall record of 9-7 and you say, OK, not too bad, not too great.  You look at their mark of 5-2 over the last week [...]

No Need to Dodge This Fact

It seems that the Cardinals might be good after all. We talked last time about how hot the Dodgers were coming into this series.  That success wasn’t a fluke at all, given this is a team that has been to the World Series the last two years and is again the heavy favorite to win [...]

The Los Angeles Dodgers came into St. Louis with an offensive swagger.  I don’t mean that people were offended by them, though I don’t know your personal opinion about those boys in blue.  No, they were a powerhouse of offense, hitting .307 as a team, slugging homers left and right, and basically pounding some opponents [...]

Last year, I said that I was going to try to do better about writing regularly and not having as many big huge recap posts that covered entire series and the like.  I made no such vow this year.  I’ll see about doing better but I make no promises, which is kinda where we are [...]

So before the season started, the United Cardinal Bloggers got together and did their regular roundtable.  As always, I went last in the questioning and, as is distressingly more and more common, delayed getting the excellent answers provided posted.  Let’s rectify that now, shall we?  To our expert panel, I posed the following: Give as [...]

You know, for all the craziness, for all the issues, for all the angst around the Cardinals, if they’d been able to complete the ninth inning Sunday intact they’d be 3-2 and tied with the Brewers atop the NL Central.  As it is, they are second, the only non-Brewers team in the division with multiple [...]

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