A few weeks back, we picked a year and found out what the Cardinals did on that day.  As we continue to wait and see what the players and owners can come up with, let’s spin the wheel again.  Actually, inspired by our conversation with Matthew Leach this past weekend, let’s check on the 2004 [...]

We know that everything is going to be different in 2020.  We also know that this year is the worst and if something can go wrong, it probably will and spectacularly.  So if baseball actually does return and the players take the field, the potential for injury rears its ugly head.  But they can’t be [...]

First off, sorry to anyone that expected this at the normal 7 AM drop time.  (Given that readership of these is in the single digits, I don’t think anyone really was.)  Forgot to prep this in advance, but gotta keep things going, right? Yesterday, Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich (of course) got a copy of [...]

During the course of this whole pandemic thing, finances have been a huge part of the discussion.  As we know, the return of baseball at all in 2020 relies in large part to the owners and the players coming together over financial matters, mainly the pay to the players.  Money makes the world go ’round [...]

Let’s assume–which, again, feels fair but also feels like it could be completely crazy–that the season happens this year.  Can you imagine Official Prospect of the Blog Dylan Carlson having a conversation decades from now with his grandchildren? “Grandpa, tell us about your major league debut.  Were all the fans excited to see you play?” [...]

“For many generations pitchers were guardians of all aspects of the game.  Before the dark times.  Before the DH.” Yes, the designated hitter is coming to the National League.  It seems like it is a fait accompli, though the actual voting and such hasn’t been done.  It makes some sense for this crazy year of [...]

So it seems that, if the season is going to restart (and that currently sits in the hands of the negotiating table….which doesn’t have hands, but I think you get the point) that there is going to be some sort of expanded rosters for each game and a taxi squad, if you will, of players [...]

And here we go.  Not with games.  Not with deadlines.  Not with anything fun or interesting or joyful.  No, here we go with what baseball seems to do best–labor disputes. Yesterday, the owners voted to send a plan over to the players on reopening the game.  There are details in there about scheduling, travel, and [...]

We talked about Adam Wainwright a long, long time ago.  That doesn’t mean we can’t do it again, especially when there are a few new bits to discuss.  But, basically, Adam Wainwright is an amazing person and I’m fine talking about him whenever. Last week, Ken Rosenthal wrote a nice piece about the Cardinal legend [...]

First off, happy Mother’s Day to any mothers out there reading this.  I would hope you’d have something better to do with your holiday, but you do you.  The sacrifices and gifts a mother gives her children are without measure and I know my mother is no exception to that rule. Yesterday, we talked about [...]

Friday afternoon is usually when bad news is dumped on the public.  Nobody’s paying attention, the weekend is coming so it’s not covered, it’s the best time to put something out there that you really don’t want to discuss.  I don’t know that yesterday’s news counted in that regard–though one portion of it really might [...]

You know how, when you were in school, every once in a while either because of a sub or because it was Friday or whatever the case may be, the teacher would just play a movie instead of doing an actual lesson?  Yeah, that’s today.  We can talk about the latest reopening plan and whether [...]

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