Talking Shildt

Before last night’s game, Mike Shildt met with the media and held court for a longer stretch than he has since he’s been manager.  If you only read Twitter, you would think that he was looking for praise and completely avoiding how this season is going.  I really recommend you read the whole thing.  Jeff [...]

Crossing the Jordan

We have a week’s worth of games to catch up on.  We’re not doing that this morning. We have the wonderful weekend with Albert Pujols to discuss.  We’re not doing that this morning either.  (If you are really interested in that, both Meet Me at Musial and Gateway to Baseball Heaven might float your fancy.) [...]

That Winning Energy

The Cardinals won five of the seven games during the last week.  The series against the Marlins was good, but whether it was the competition level or how those games played out (or the clunker that ended the series), those games didn’t feel much different than what we’d been seeing out of the Cardinals, except [...]

It’s (Not) A Tarp!

With the rain coming down on Thursday night, the Mets leading 4-2 with just three outs to go, a decision was made to not bring the tarp out–well, to return it, as the grounds crew had already started bringing it out–and try to get the game over without a delay. In an alternate dimension, the [...]

A Week’s Worth of Meh

I’ve said often this season that I don’t want to write these big recap posts, but this one was unavoidable due to moving into a new house (which went well, by the way, though there are boxes stacked hither, thither, and yon).  However, as we’ve also noted, it gets darn hard to get excited about [...]

Timing Is Everything

I should have written yesterday. With a four game winning streak to recap, it would have been nice to have had nothing but good things (besides the obvious tabbing of the different Goats) to say about the Cardinals.  Unfortunately, I let the opportunity slide by and now it’s just mostly good, ending on the downbeat.  [...]

For a couple of weeks, there was a large outcry and clamor on Twitter and other channels about the lineup.  With the team in a tailspin, the lineup needed a shakeup.  Dexter Fowler was doing so well and Matt Carpenter wasn’t, so shift things around to move Dex to the top of the lineup.  Finally, [...]

We’ve talked before about the issues that I’ve been going through at the moment, what with moving and a new dog and all sorts of different things.  One thing, though, is probably part of the overriding malaise when it comes to trying to get posts up. This team just isn’t very good. At least, that’s [...]

Now that the Blues have done their thing, the focus can get back on what is important in life, which is what the Cardinals are doing.  Not that anyone really wants to look at it, of course, but it is necessary. (Wait, there’s ANOTHER round for the Blues?  Seriously, how long does this thing take?  [...]

We all know the old saw that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.  I don’t know that I quite believe that, especially in baseball, but after another dud of a game, you have to think that a change would do some good. Last night, [...]

We’ll catch up on the last few games, the Heroes and Goats and all the rest, in a little bit.  I just wanted to throw out some numbers about the up-and-down offense, to see if it’s really as much of a problem as it has seemed to be the last week.  Anytime you go from [...]

It’s been a bit, hasn’t it? One of the few things I pride myself on is regular blogging.  It might not be every day, but during the season we rarely go more than a weekend without catching up.  However, since we last got together, there’s been an involved process of moving my mother-in-law from Ohio [...]

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