We’re 1/2 an hour past the trading deadline.  The ONLY trading deadline, I feel compelled to remind you.  We can’t delude ourselves about players clearing waivers or anything like that.  Rosters, save for waiver wire moves (which, given the recent activity of the Cardinals with Adalberto Mejia and Zac Rosscup, has to be noted), are [...]

The Cardinals Won HOW?

Often we as fans take some games as a sign that things are going well.  A win happens in an almost supernatural way and we think, “It’s on now.  Here we go.”  Now, sometimes it is a sign and sometimes it is just a game.  Sometimes the team comes out flat and loses the next [...]

Since the All-Star Break, the Cardinals are 5-2.  That sort of record is nice, but especially in the last couple of days, how they’ve put together a W is probably more notable than the fact that they did. Let’s start with yesterday.  A day game after a tough loss (which, as we noted, looked familiar).  [...]

Monday night, you could really believe things were changing for the Cardinals.  You had an excellent outing by Miles Mikolas, just one pitch short of throwing a Maddux, and it was backed up by two homers by Tyler O’Neill and seven overall runs, though again a solid portion of them came from Pittsburgh bumbling around [...]

In 2011, the Cardinals held their first Blogger Day event.  It was held the first weekend of the season and Jaime Garcia blanked the Padres 2-0 behind RBI from Ryan Theriot and Yadier Molina, getting the Cards their first win of the season.  Their last win brought home trophy #11. This weekend, the bloggers again [...]

It’s not going to get any better, I don’t think. I’m not necessarily talking about the Cardinals, though I think there’s a case to be made that what you see may be what you get.  No, I’m talking about my ability to stay up to date and write in a semi-regular manner instead of letting [...]

Let’s see how far we have to go to have the Cardinals average three runs a game over that span.  Three runs a game isn’t much–after all, we noted earlier in the year that they have only a handful of wins with three or less runs, which isn’t terribly uncommon around the league–but I think [...]

The Catch-Up Post

Folks, we’ve talked about Jordan Hicks and we’ve talked about Mike Shildt, but we’ve not actually talked about games in almost two weeks.  We have to do Heroes and Goats (though if things don’t turn around with my habits, this might be the last year of hitting every game) so a quick run-down.  I’ll try [...]

Talking Shildt

Before last night’s game, Mike Shildt met with the media and held court for a longer stretch than he has since he’s been manager.  If you only read Twitter, you would think that he was looking for praise and completely avoiding how this season is going.  I really recommend you read the whole thing.  Jeff [...]

Crossing the Jordan

We have a week’s worth of games to catch up on.  We’re not doing that this morning. We have the wonderful weekend with Albert Pujols to discuss.  We’re not doing that this morning either.  (If you are really interested in that, both Meet Me at Musial and Gateway to Baseball Heaven might float your fancy.) [...]

That Winning Energy

The Cardinals won five of the seven games during the last week.  The series against the Marlins was good, but whether it was the competition level or how those games played out (or the clunker that ended the series), those games didn’t feel much different than what we’d been seeing out of the Cardinals, except [...]

It’s (Not) A Tarp!

With the rain coming down on Thursday night, the Mets leading 4-2 with just three outs to go, a decision was made to not bring the tarp out–well, to return it, as the grounds crew had already started bringing it out–and try to get the game over without a delay. In an alternate dimension, the [...]

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