In the intro to the always excellent Bird Law podcast, the hosts (Rusty Groppel and Adam Butler of The Redbird Daily) overlay some music with various quotes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  One of them goes as follows: We’re both men of the law. You know. We get after it. You know, we jabber [...]

Marking McGwire: #31

Home run #: 31 Date: June 12 Opponent: Arizona Diamondbacks Location: Bank One Ballpark Pitcher: Andy Benes Score: 1-0 Inning: 3 Outs: 1 Runners on: 3 Distance: 438 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 20 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 26 It was probably a bit weird for Andy Benes to be looking across the field at the [...]

Discounted Tickets Available For Interleague Matchup vs. Indians on June 25-27 ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 12, 2018– The St. Louis Cardinals are teaming up with Papa John’s to present fans with a special ticket promotion for the upcoming interleague matchup against the Cleveland Indians.  On sale now, fans can purchase specially priced $7 tickets to [...]

FIRST BASEMAN LUKE VOIT OPTIONED TO MEMPHIS (AAA) ST. LOUIS, MO – June 11, 2018– The St. Louis Cardinals announced prior to tonight’s series opener with San Diego that they have purchased the contract of rookie right-handed pitcher Daniel Poncedeleon from Memphis (AAA).  The club also announced that first baseman Luke Voit was optioned to the triple-A Redbirds following [...]

Passing On a Sweep

It was pretty unlikely that the Cardinals were going to go 19-0 against the Cincinnati Reds this season.  The problem is less the loss and the snapping that streak than how that loss came to be.  Because with a little more control, that streak could be still running.  However, there were two wins before that [...]

Marking McGwire: #30

Home run #: 30 Date: June 10 Opponent: Chicago White Sox Location: Comiskey Park II Pitcher: Jim Parque Score: 1-0 Inning: 3 Outs: 1 Runners on: 2 Distance: 409 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 20 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 25 Thirty home runs is a heck of a season.  Jedd Gyorko was the last Cardinal to hit [...]

Marking McGwire: #29

Home run #: 29 Date: June 8 Opponent: Chicago White Sox Location: Comiskey Park II Pitcher: Jason Bere Score: 0-3 Inning: 4 Outs: 0 Runners on: 1 Distance: 356 feet End of day Sammy Sosa total: 20 End of day Ken Griffey Jr. total: 24 Interleague play was still fairly new in 1998.  Young whippersnappers who have come to the game [...]

Since we last spoke, the Cardinals have split a couple of games with the Marlins.  We’ll get to those in a bit–you know we never leave a game unexamined around this site–but let’s take a look at the bigger picture with the Cardinals.  It feels like there’s a lot of re-examination going on and as [...]

Toughness And Injuries.

I often hear, in real life and on TV, about being tough, or working through pain, or being a guy, or to “man up”. With Alex Reyes, and indeed throughout baseball, I wonder if this is a factor. Now, I’m no medical expert and don’t have a degree in any field remotely related to baseball, [...]

The Ol’ Redhead

We’ve spent much of the year revisiting Mark McGwire‘s run at Roger Maris‘s home run record.  Besides his muscular body, one of McGwire’s most notable characteristics was his shock of red hair.  We might call McGwire Big Red or something of that nature, but there’s someone else that is always going to own the title [...]

Reyes Lost for Year

Per GM Michael Girsch, Alex Reyes had surgery today to repair his lat and will miss the remainder of the season.  Which is a major bummer but not a huge surprise.

THIRD BASEMAN MENDOZA HIT .369 IN MAY; LEFTY WARNER WAS 2-0 WITH 0.91 ERA ST. LOUIS, MO – June 6, 2018–The St. Louis Cardinals announced today their selections for Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Month for May, with third baseman Evan Mendoza (Palm Beach-A/Springfield-AA) and left-handed pitcher Austin Warner (Palm Beach-A) taking the honors. Mendoza, the Cardinals [...]



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