Exclusive Speaker Series Event with Hall of Fame Battery Mates Set for May 18 at Busch ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 20, 2017 – The St. Louis Cardinals will host an exclusive Speaker Series event with Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Tim McCarver on Thursday, May 18, from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at Busch Stadium.  As part [...]

To be honest, going into the Pirates series, the Cards had kind of sucked. If I were going to use weather phenomena to describe it, I'd use my local one and call it a hurricane. Missouri folks might call it a tornado. (Don't worry about scale here people. The point is: disaster.) Well, one bright [...]

  Mo:  "Neal, Mo here.  Heard the news about Marte.  Thought I'd give you a call to offer my sympathies and a shoulder to cry one.  I'd offer to be the big spoon, but you didn't make it into town for this series." Neal:  "Great to hear from you, Moz.  I sure appreciate you calling [...]

Breaking the Pattern

We talked yesterday about how the Cardinals had had a rhythm this year, though not one that was pleasing to the ear.  A win, followed by three losses.  A win, followed by three losses.  A win, followed by three losses. Last night's discordant note in that rhythm was sweet music to the ears. It again [...]

Leaning on Lynn

Thankfully, they kept to the pattern.  Hopefully tonight, they'll break it. As someone pointed out on Twitter Sunday night, the Cardinals have had three sets of games where they had a win followed by three losses.  After being swept by the Yankees this weekend, the pattern said they were due for a win.  It didn't [...]

Somewhere beyond the Matheny bashing, hypothetical lineup construction machinations, and the usual angst one expects with a 3-9 team lies an unspeakable, horrific possibility.  Maybe the window of opportunity for the Wainwright/Molina era teams has finally closed, and nobody knows it yet.  Perhaps the level of baseball played through the first 12 games more accurately [...]

Ankiel Book Signing and First Batch of Theme Nights Highlight Brief Homestand vs. Pirates ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 17, 2017 – The Cardinals return to Busch Stadium for a short three-game homestand versus Central division foe, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The second homestand of the season is highlighted by four theme events including College Night, Scouts [...]

Club to Kick Off Green Week with E-Cycling & General Donations Drive on April 21 ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 17, 2017 – In celebration of the 47th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, the St. Louis Cardinals will host its 8th annual Green Week at Busch Stadium from Tuesday, April 25 through Sunday, April [...]

Trying To Find The Words

I've done two podcasts this weekend (Meet Me at Musial and Gateway To Baseball Heaven) that totaled close to three hours and it's still hard to come up with words to describe how the Cardinals are playing right now.  Especially if you, like myself, limit yourself only to words that don't get you an explicit [...]

Friday’s Cardinals game to air on FOX Sports Midwest Plus in St. Louis The Cardinals’ game against the New York Yankees on Friday, April 14, will be televised on FOX Sports Midwest Plus in the St. Louis market and on AT&T U-verse, DirecTV and Dish. This is because of overlap with Game 2 of the [...]

Hall of Famer Receiving Treatment for Multiple Myeloma & Unable to Make April 25th Budweiser Bash Event ST. LOUIS, MO, April 13, 2017 – The St. Louis Cardinals announced that Lou Brock has cancelled his April 25th Budweiser Bash appearance at Busch Stadium as he is currently undergoing treatment for Multiple Myeloma. The Hall of [...]

All According To Plan

Baseball, as we've noted before, has its stubborn streak, at times determined not to follow the script.  So it wasn't as much of a surprise to see a struggling Cardinal team on a three game losing streak face Max Scherzer, one of baseball's top pitchers, with a getaway-day-looking lineup and win, just because we've gotten [...]



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