After four weeks of work, we've cut half of our field of 64 and sent them packing.  Some great moments, to be sure, but there were very few upsets in the first round.  These are the more iconic times of St. Louis Cardinals history.  Let's take a look at the current bracket.  (As always, to [...]

Striving To Be Mediocre

Right now, it feels like .500 is the Death Star and the Cardinals are the X-wings trying to take it down.  Maybe one time a talented, gifted ship will sneak in and blow it up, but right now the Empire of Even keeps swatting away challengers.  Two games, one win, one loss, against a team [...]

Tickets on Sale Now for Country Music Night, Old School Wrestling Night, Career Day & College Night III ST. LOUIS, Mo., August 3, 2017 – The St. Louis Cardinals have announced the addition of four new Theme Nights for the 2017 season. Grab your boots and head down to the ballpark on Friday, September 8, [...]

You remember last year, of course.  That rough season where every time the Cardinals tried to get to 10 games over .500, they'd wind up losing.  I don't remember what the mark was and I can't find it in a quick search, but I want to say that when they won the season finale against [...]

Yesterday, as three o'clock ticked past and the Cardinals' roster look exactly as it did the last few days, a lot of frustration welled up inside many of us, including myself.  While I don't recant anything I wrote in the heat of the moment, I do want to revisit the issue after a few hours [...]

The Do Nothing Cardinals

In 1948, President Truman bestowed the moniker "the Do Nothing Congress" on the legislative side of the government.  While Congress still gets that tag slapped on them from time to time, most recently the current batch of folks, today the Cardinals decided to claim that as their own. It's 3:15 PM and the trade deadline [...]

This morning, we had a meeting of the 2000s vs. the 1980s.  This afternoon for our final first round game, we have the same! #2 Chris Carpenter shuts out Philadelphia in Game 5 (2011) vs. #15 Ozzie Smith and his iconic backflip (1982-1996) The entire run of the 2011 Cardinals, from the Colby Rasmus trade [...]

It's the fourth week of the Greatest Cardinal Moments Tournament (#BestCardsMoments on Twitter) and we'll see the last matchups of the first round kick off.  Before we get to the first of the last for this site, let's take a look at the current bracket.  (You can also find it here.) We've got some good [...]

So this is going to be a great baseball day, right? The Cardinals can't win or lose on the field, but 24 hours from now what makes the headlines in St. Louis? A better question may just end up being was it enough depending on how you look at the National League this silly summer. [...]

The Cardinals had a homestand against two of the top teams in the NL West, two teams that are playing in the playoffs if the season ended this week, much less today.  They went 5-2, showing again that they CAN play with anyone.  And what do they get for their troubles?  Really, not much of [...]

Quick Hitter on Game Scores

With Michael Wacha winning last night, 1-0, after tossing 6 scoreless innings, I was reminded of a post I hadn't finished after his start in New York. So quickly: Wacha's complete game shut out of the Mets on 7/18 posted a Game Score of 95.  For the purposes of this short post, Game Score was [...]

This week's BirdSeeds posted on Monday, after a week in which John Mozeliak called out the "culture" and "attitude" of his team. He, basically, blamed the players. I did not. Today, the world was made aware of a now-public rift between Mike Matheny and Yadier Molina. It could be resolved could be a sign [...]



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