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Hope is not a Plan

I’ve tried to write this post for over an hour.  And like most of my attempts to write this year, I can’t coherently tie the various ideas swirling around into a post with a common theme.  So I’ve just devolved into bullet points. That the Cardinals ultimately lost this series doesn’t bother me, but the way they lost [...]

Let’s Not Get Carried Away

I think we can all agree, what the Cardinals have done to Clayton Kershaw over the last two post-seasons defies explanation.  The tale of 2+ innings: B3, 18 Oct 13 – 4 runs, 5 hits, 3 LOB, 48 pitches B5, 18 Oct – 3 hitters, 3 hits, Kershaw KO’d, all three runners score, 7 pitches. [...]

End It

What a difference two weeks makes. St Louis finds itself 4 games ahead of Milwaukee as they start play tonight.  Yadier Molina is back; Michael Wacha looked pretty good in his 3 innings of work; the team has won six games in a row.  Granted, the Brewers’ extended losing streak has helped; teams don’t typically gain 6 [...]

Right of Center

Gonna squeeze one in here…. What a difference a homestand makes. Last Wednesday the Cardinals had lost 4 of 5, about to limp out of Miami, and barely hanging on to a Wild Card slot.  Today they head to Philadelphia, winners of  7 of their last 8, and with some space in the WC race. They lead SF by 2 [...]

A Quick Word

St Louis suffered through a tough road trip, dropping 4 of 6 to Baltimore and Miami.  They come home to face the Padres 4 times, a team they’ve traditionally toyed with and then beaten along the shores of the Mississippi River.  Despite boasting the only lineup worse at scoring runs than the Cardinals, San Diego [...]


I haven’t watched, talked, tweeted, or written much about Cardinals baseball this season.  I won’t bore you with the roll-call of excuses.  This week’s series in my adopted hometown provided a good opportunity to hit the reset button.  The team’s annual trip to Petco is always circled on my calendar, and I look forward to the three days [...]

Descalso Switch

This post won’t try to explain why Mike Matheny insists on subbing Daniel Descalso in late in close games.  But, seeing as Matheny double-switched Descalso in last night, and Daniel got an at-bat, I was curious on his success rate.  To wit: He has finished 15 of the 34 games he’s appeared in; 16/35, counting [...]

Who’s Got The Motte?

Jason Motte continues to progress from his Tommy John surgery.  He has been pitching since May 4 and pitching pretty well.  In four appearances with Springfield, he’s faced 13 hitters, allowed a walk and a hit, and struck out three.  Promoted to Memphis this past Tuesday, he’s made two additional appearances, allowed two hits, and [...]

During Wednesday’s Cards/Reds game, Billy Hamilton tagged from third and scored on a fly ball to short right.  This fact caused a juuust a minor ripple in the Twitterverse.  I tip my hat to Hamilton for having the cojones to attempt to score on that ball.  But let’s not trip over ourselves creating the Legend [...]


Forgive me for going off-topic.  There certainly is a lot to talk about from the Cincinnati series in general, and yesterday’s game in particular, but I’m going to skip over that because I’m asking for help. I’ve written about the Cardinals for many years.  I also maintain an interest in the San Diego Padres, the [...]

Tempering Wacha Expectations

You’ve probably never heard of, much less read, a book called Seasons in Hell by Mike Shropshire.  It details some of the crazy events surrounding the 1973-1975 Texas Rangers.  When it was published in 1996, Sports Illustrated ran a story comprised of snippets from the book. I found that article hilarious, and subsequently bought the [...]

Get Out Of The Cold

Its 8:30 on Thursday night, and it’s snowing. Before you check your local weather channel while muttering ‘how did I miss reports of a SoCal snowstorm???’ I’m not currently on the left coast.  A business trip turned into a chance to remind myself how cool a snowstorm can be if you’re not stuck in it.  [...]

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