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Forgive me for going off-topic.  There certainly is a lot to talk about from the Cincinnati series in general, and yesterday’s game in particular, but I’m going to skip over that because I’m asking for help. I’ve written about the Cardinals for many years.  I also maintain an interest in the San Diego Padres, the [...]

Tempering Wacha Expectations

You’ve probably never heard of, much less read, a book called Seasons in Hell by Mike Shropshire.  It details some of the crazy events surrounding the 1973-1975 Texas Rangers.  When it was published in 1996, Sports Illustrated ran a story comprised of snippets from the book. I found that article hilarious, and subsequently bought the [...]

Get Out Of The Cold

Its 8:30 on Thursday night, and it’s snowing. Before you check your local weather channel while muttering ‘how did I miss reports of a SoCal snowstorm???’ I’m not currently on the left coast.  A business trip turned into a chance to remind myself how cool a snowstorm can be if you’re not stuck in it.  [...]

Falling Silent

Do you remember the SuperStations?  When cable was just starting to become a viable alternative to free TV, the superstations were a marquee attraction, if only for the novelty of being able to watch regional programming anywhere in the US.  For baseball fanatics, the SuperStations invoke memories of WWOR (New York) and WTBS (Atlanta).  And [...]

Recent Complete Game Losses

You realize it’s been over 3 seasons since a Cardinal pitcher threw a complete game loss? Last season St Louis threw seven complete games.  Things ain’t like they used to be.  Adam Wainwright threw five.  Shelby Miller and Jake Westbrook, of all people, tossed the other two.  All seven games were victories.  Which got me [...]


We rapidly approach the end of another year.  I know this because I am bombarded with reminders on how many shopping days are left until Christmas.  What is it, four not including today?  This is why Amazon’s free 2-day shipping is the best invention since wax paper.  Even a serial procrastinator like myself can get [...]

Stealing Signs

Nothing like a manufactured pseudo-controversy to keep things fresh. You may have noticed the story Wednesday about St Louis allegedly stealing signs during the NLCS.  From the ESPN article: “We felt like we had to be sure we kept an eye on their first-base coach and their third-base coach,” Mattingly said. “They’re the ones with [...]

If I’m going to write a post on Edward Mujica, I guess I’d better write one on Carlos Beltran as well. Carlos took some of the sting out of losing Albert Pujols to the Angels.  As time went on, he took all of it.  Pujols has not (yet) returned to being the fearsome hitter he [...]

A Savior Departs

One of the reasons St Louis made it to the post-season has moved on.  Edward Mujica. Ed went from seventh inning guy, to closer, to 25th man on a 25-man roster, all in the same year.  When Jason Motte went down, a window opened for someone to step into the closer role.  Many thought it [...]

Lucky Number Seven

We have a Series now.  But we almost didn’t. Funny how the game can turn in a single inning or on a single play.  In Game 1, that was the first inning, and Pete Kozma‘s muff at second.  Game 2 was a lot more tense, with a potential turning point coming in the bottom of [...]

Nervous Time

In 1986, the University of Louisville played Duke for the NCAA basketball championship.  The Cardinals had a freshman center named Pervis Ellison, who led his team to victory and earned the moniker “Never Nervous Pervis”.  Must be nice to not worry. I don’t know any Cardinal fan who is not nervous right now. My Wednesday [...]

Not The Same Thing

It’s 1130 West Coast time, with first pitch about 90 min away.  I’m stuck on hold because the Outlook server I use is down.  Never a better time to type a quick post. There’s been a lot of air heated in the last 12 hours about the 3-1 NLCS lead St Louis enjoys.  Specifically, about [...]

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