Forgive me for going off-topic.  There certainly is a lot to talk about from the Cincinnati series in general, and yesterday’s game in particular, but I’m going to skip over that because I’m asking for help.

I’ve written about the Cardinals for many years.  I also maintain an interest in the San Diego Padres, the closest National League team to where I live. Recently the Padres decided to part ways with their Public Address Announcer of 10 years and host an open competition to find his replacement.  On a bright Saturday morning in January, I joined 472 other hopefuls, auditioned for the job, then promptly forgot about it.

Six weeks later, I received a call from Padres HR informing me I was one of 50 finalists.  Over the three weeks since that call, there have been three additional auditions, including a stint introducing hitters during Wednesday’s Dodgers/Padres game.  The field was cut from 50 to 30; I made the cut. Now the field will be cut to 10 through a fan vote.

Here’s where I need help.  I could use your support to make it into that final 10. There is a hashtag specific to each candidate.  I’m reaching out to family, friends, casual acquaintances, folks in line at the supermarket, random strangers on the street  – heck, everyone I can think of – to try and stay alive in this contest.  I am grateful for any support lent.

Polls open today at 5PM Central time, and close Monday at 7PM Central time.  A vote can be cast in one of two ways – via the Padres website, or through Twitter by including the hashtag #PadresPA25 in your tweet.

My name is Michael Metzger.  I am Padres PA Candidate #25.  Thanks for reading.


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