Second Half Musings

Didn’t there used to be games on the Thursday after the All-Star Game?  Oh well.

Games in April count the same as games in September, but for the Redbirds the next 17 are critical:

  • 3 against a mediocre Pirates team
  • 4 against a mediocre Mets team
  • 3 against a mediocre Cubs team
  • 3 against a Rockies team that limped into the ASB (losers of 13 0f their last 18)
  • 4 against a Diamondbacks team that limped into the ASB (losers of 8 of their last 11)

The team has the talent to (a) get over .500 and (b) mount a serious challenge to Milwaukee, or the Cubs, or whichever NL Central team wakes up.  Now is when they need to exercise that talent.  Here’s hoping we’re playing meaningful games in September and don’t sell off assets at the deadline.

Other things to watch as the balance of the season unfolds:

  • Will Wacha move to the bullpen allowing Luke Weaver to start?
  • When is Diaz coming back to the majors?
  • How will Matheny manage the budding Dexter Fowler drama about playing CF?
  • Will the team ever settle on a permanent Second Baseman?  Is Tommy Herr still in playing shape?
  • Who closes if Oh (and Rosenthal, for that matter) continue to struggle?  Is Matheny agile enough to match up his best relievers with the situation regardless of inning (sources say no)?

Get ready for the stretch … run?

I won’t promise to write every day … life intervenes … but I am going to make the effort.  Hopefully that doesn’t drive down readership here. 🙂

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