CODNP Day 29: Passing the Time

With no baseball (or any major sport, with few minor ones even going on), you’ve got to find ways to pass the time.  The best ways are ways that involve other folks.  Not physically, of course, but virtually there’s been any sort of interactive things going on.

Brackets were and have been big.  It’s the time of year that we typically fill them out anyway, what with March Madness usually just past.  You know that our fellow Conclave writer Rusty Groppel did one pairing up Cardinals walk-up songs.  We saw Brenden Schaeffer really kick it off comparing breakfast cereals.  I did a little thing we liked to call #ForceMadness.  Currently, Birds on the Black is running #PitchMadness, where various pitches from various Cardinal hurlers are matched up.  Still plenty of time to vote in some of those matchups, so you should get to it.

Of course, a lot of people are wanting to do something a little more than click a poll.  MLB The Show 20 came out just in time for a whole audience to be sitting at home, so you know there have been a lot of games going on.  There was even a small tournament of Cardinal twitterers, I believe, though I don’t know how that played out.  I am terrible at video games, but it remains to be seen if I am terrible IN video games.  Gene Bonds–many of you know him by Crash or CrashSTL, though he’s currently running under the label MBSportsSTL, has created some players in his franchise mode and many bloggers and broadcasters got the treatment.  He was kind enough to include me and I look the part, but I haven’t heard how the stats are going.  I’m probably in AA by now.

There are still podcasts going on, of course.  Allen and I have tried to stay regular with Musial while Tara and I have done Gateway, albeit a Gateway that goes a little more off the rails than it usually does.  Tara and Alex are still doing Chirps every week and Zach picked a tough time to start a new Periscope/podcast called Nerds on the Black, but he’s hanging in there.  And you’ve got the regulars–Derrick Goold just dropped a new Best Podcast in Baseball, for instance, and Danny Mac continues to churn out content.

So what are you doing that helps with this quarantine?  Are you FaceTiming or Zooming with buddies to talk baseball?  Are you just spending a ton of time on Twitter, probably to the detriment of your mental health?  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.  If you’ve got something good, maybe it’ll help some others as well!

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