CODNP Day 14: Here’s Where The Fun….Would Have Begun

Opening Day.  At least, that’s what the calendar says.

Unfortunately, calendars lie in the age of coronavirus.  Today the only baseball you will see is the various classic games MLB is running on all of its platforms.  So you can see David Freese extend the World Series at 10 AM today, even if you can’t see Dexter Fowler and the current Cardinals in Cincinnati at 2 PM.

No new baseball.  Spring may be here (and my sneezing fits are proof that it is) but it doesn’t feel right without a little “play ball”.  It’s nice every game of the last two seasons is free on right now, but old games can only scratch the itch so much.  We want to see what happens next.  We want to be able to sit down and not know if the Cards win this one.  We want to be surprised at a big home run or a huge defensive play.  As great as living the past can be, it can’t give you that.

Baseball is the fabric of our lives.  It’s what….well, who better than James Earl Jones to tell us what baseball is and does.

Oh, wait, maybe this guy can do it as well.

Baseball has marked the time.  And in its absence, it is marking this time as well as a serious, historic time.  Hopefully it is also a short time and we can get back to cheering our heroes as soon as possible.

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