CODNP Day 19: Belated Groundhog’s Day

So the coronavirus saw its shadow and now we have two additional weeks of lockdown.  Is that right?  Something like that?

The idea that no gatherings larger than 10 can take place before April 30 is, of course, problematic for the return of baseball.  It really probably doesn’t affect it much, since we were looking at mid-May before any sort of real gatherings could take place anyway, but knowing that everything is supposedly shut down–supposedly, because if you’ve seen the grocery stores and the walking trails around here, you know that “shut down” does not mean what people think it means–for another entire month makes even a Memorial Day start for baseball a bit dicey.

And if July is the deadline for having a season or not…..

It’s hard to believe that we should be looking at game 5 of the season tonight, wondering if Adam Wainwright can do all right against Christian Yelich and the Brewers.  These days feel SO LONG.  It’s only been five days since Opening Day at Home and it feels like it was a month ago that we were watching Game 6 together online.  I’m afraid I’ll forget what baseball is after another month.  Does it have five bases?  10 players?  What is the guy with the ball called?

We’ll get through it, of course, but it really feels like the longest time.  It has been close to four weeks since the camps shut down but it’s getting hard to remember any details about the spring.  Of course, given how long it will be between the close of camps and when they reopen, those spring training stats mean less than any other year, which is really saying something.

Shut in for another month.  Let’s hope people start taking this seriously so we don’t have to keep saying that.

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