CODNP Day 111: Pick Your Cabin

Early on in the coronavirus shutdown, you saw all these little games on Twitter popping up.  “Pick 1 from row one, 1 from row two, 1 from row three.”  That kind of thing.  There was also the ever-popular “Who are you quarantining with?” category, where different people were grouped together and you picked the one that you’d like the most.

The Cardinals brought that back yesterday, using the “Summer Camp” theme (brought to you by MLB sponsor Camping World) to divide up some players into cabins.

Now, personally, I’m always going to want to be in the cabin where Adam Wainwright is.  The fact that Dylan Carlson, Official Prospect of the Blog, is in the same one makes that a slam dunk.  However, you might want to pick Jack Flaherty’s brain given all that’s going on or see if you can convince Carlos Martinez to go with the white with red stitching hair motif.  Lots of possibilities.  Then our friend Jason Hill from Viva El Birdos took it a step farther.

Given I really didn’t have anything ready for today’s post, it seemed to be I could take his idea and shuffle it around a bit.  I don’t want to add to what the Cardinals have, because it’s tough to beat actual major league players as an option, so here’s a separate camp you could be at.

Cabin 1 Cabin 2 Cabin 3 Cabin 4 Cabin 5 Cabin 6
Dan McLaughlin Rick Ankiel Jim Edmonds Rick Horton Brad Thompson Tim McCarver
Jeff Albert Mike Shildt Mike Maddux Ollie Marmol Stubby Clapp Willie McGee
Jeff Jones Anne Rogers Derrick Goold Brenden Schaeffer Benjamin Hochman Mark Saxon
Ben Fredrickson Allen Medlock Ron Nuttall Tara Wellman Alex Crisafulli Jim Cromer
Ben Godar Ben Cerutti Jason Hill Craig Edwards Zach Gifford Matt Graves
cardinalsgifs kyler416 TheCatonFox miklasz stlcupofjoe buffa82

Probably no matter which one you pick, you’ll have interesting stories and good baseball talk.  But which one do you really want to be in?  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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