Top Cards on Twitter 2017: 16-20

We continue to quickly (or not so quickly, depending on your point of view and how you would rather not read so many posts on this topic) go through the rankings compiled from your opinions on various Twitter accounts.  If you’ve missed out, you can find the others here:


Let’s see what the next five have in store for us, shall we?

Number 20: buffa82
South City| WGNU 920 AM Radio Host | Contributor to @590TheFan | @uber driver | @ksdknews and @stlouisgametime columnist | @STLFilmCritics member |

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 133K
Following: 5,990
Followers: 8,611

Number of ballots: 37
% that were 10: 5.41%
% that were 1: 10.81%
Total points: 231
2016 rank: 8

I am pretty sure that if you are on Twitter, you know about Dan, the man with seemingly endless energy.  You’ll find his writing many places and on many topics.  You’ll hear him on the radio on Friday nights.  Heck, if you are out in St. Louis, he could be your Uber driver.  Opinions sometimes vary on him, but there’s no doubt that most everyone has heard the name!

Number 19: SimulacruMusial
Cardinals | gifs | @VanHicklestein

On Twitter since: February 2017
Number of Tweets: 16.5K
Following: 557
Followers: 1,558

Number of ballots: 32
% that were 10: 34.38%
% that were 1: 3.13%
Total points: 240
2016 rank: 7

Even though our methodology changed, we are still seeing similar names up high in the list.  While you’ll see that this account started in February of this year, that was just when VHS split off his baseball info from a personal account.  Cardinal Nation is truly blessed with some amazing visual folks and Sim (if you’ll allow me to abbreviate) is one of the best.  Watching game clips in gif format during the game from this account is always a treat.

Number 18: johnrabe
St. Louis ex-pat, Cardinals fan. Not so hot on Matheny. Political, social, and biblical views over at @johnrabeFL

On Twitter since: June 2008
Number of Tweets: 31.7K
Following: 533
Followers: 2,086

Number of ballots: 32
% that were 10: 28.13%
% that were 1: 3.13%
Total points: 242
2016 rank: 38

John (who does what I do, separates the personal from the baseball) is another one of those that doesn’t shy away from a good discussion or even a bad one.  He’s perfectly willing to be out of the mainstream (or at least out of the Twitter version of that) and defend positions that are going to be challenged.  Another one that benefited from our change in methodology, I believe.

Number 17: Ben_Fred

Sports reporter/columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and @stltoday. Radio talker for @550KTRS. Trying to read more and tweet less.

On Twitter since: January 2009
Number of Tweets: 37.1K
Following: 2,055
Followers: 14,180

Number of ballots: 38
% that were 10: 2.63%
% that were 1: 2.63%
Total points: 244
2016 rank: 50

Ben is, of course, one of the folks you’ll see covering the Cardinals for the Post-Dispatch.  He’s much broader than that, though, and his Twitter feed will be full of links and thoughts about many other sports, especially those coming out of Columbia.  I imagine that’s a selling point for many in that area.  You’ll also find him riding around with Benjamin Hochman in videos put up by the PD talking about all things sports.

Number 16: CardinalTales
Former St. Louis resident and long time fan of the Cardinals and Blues, amateur radio operator and music collector.

On Twitter since: May 2008
Number of Tweets: 149K
Following: 2,090
Followers: 3,812

Number of ballots: 31
% that were 10: 35.48%
% that were 1: 3.23%
Total points: 246
2016 rank: 12

It’s no secret that Bob is one of the great Cardinal historians on Twitter.  He’s got a wealth of knowledge having seen a lot of the great players come through St. Louis in person or actively keeping up with them after he left the state.  A huge proponent of those coming up through the organization (including, for many years, Tommy Pham), Bob is one that has a good feel for things from top to bottom.  I don’t think he and I share a mind as much as we used to, but he’s still a great one to talk baseball with.

All right, just three more posts!  Well, probably four when we take a look at lists a little differently.  But you’ve hung around this long, you might as well come back for more!

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