Top Cards on Twitter 2017: 76-97

Back in October, as you might remember before the long waiting game of the offseason really began, I asked for your help in determining the best Cardinal-related Twitter followers.  This is the third straight year we’ve done this and I think the method I have now of ranking accounts on a 10-1 scale, while not perfect, is the best of the bunch so far.  We received 43 legitimate responses (there were a couple of trolls I had to toss out) which is the third straight year that the input has increased (42 last year, 26 the year before).  This year, as we have always, we will do our ranking by total points received, but I will also break down the results in some different ways when we are done with the first list.  As always, the ones outside of the Top 25 are broken down in table form with some general comments on the group.  So let’s get to it, shall we?


Place Handle Points Max Min 2016
97 Toppercoachx3* 5 5 5 N/A
94 friggencards* 6 6 6 N/A
94 JonDobleRBD* 6 6 6 N/A
94 uhnooffense* 6 6 6 N/A
90 ImJimR87* 8 8 8 N/A
90 leadenfooten13* 8 8 8 N/A
90 RobRains 8 8 8 N/A
90 stlsportsnation* 8 8 8 N/A
89 gr33nazn* 9 9 9 N/A

When making up this year’s list, I took everyone that had gotten even a single vote last year (assuming I could find their Twitter account was still active) and added in a few others.  I was stunned when I saw some of the write-ins because I would have sworn they were already on the list.  They well should have been–Jon Doble’s been active for years and is a great account to follow (he just started up a podcast as well), Rob Rains is one of the great media members in St. Louis, and Dennis (gr33nazn) isn’t as active as he used to be but he’s always bringing quality stuff.  All of these folks probably would have placed higher on the list had they been listed with the others on the form.

Place Handle Points Max Min 2016
83 BlogOfTheirOwn* 10 10 10 N/A
83 CGSportsfan* 10 10 10 N/A
83 D_Shore23* 10 10 10 N/A
83 HolyShildt* 10 10 10 N/A
83 JMcDonald_91* 10 10 10 N/A
83 triveratops* 10 10 10 N/A
82 PinkDaisy08* 15 8 7 N/A
81 zjgifford* 16 9 7 N/A

Again, I don’t know how some of these people were left off.  I mean, I think I actually remember adding Cassie and Zach into this.  Maybe that version didn’t save for some reason but those really stuck out to me as ones I thought I had put on the list.  Derek Shore is one of the great follows for minor league coverage and we’ve got a couple of Redbird Rants writers here that you can follow as well.  I look forward to seeing how these folks do next year when I make sure they are on the list!

Place Handle Points Max Min 2016
80 STLMattinals* 24 8 8 N/A
79 Eric_Schmitt 41 5 1 58
78 deborah91473 51 7 1 54
77 RyanOnTheRight 56 10 1 42
76 hes_verygood 62 9 1 N/A

Mattinals got the most write-in votes with three, which might be a good tell of his popularity.  RyanOnTheRight was ryan_stl1 last year, if you are going to look back on the prior year lists for some reason.  Also want to give a shoutout to Rusty Groppel (hes_verygood) for the outstanding work he does on the Bird Law podcast.

There’s our first dive into the mess.  We’ll be back soon with the next 25!

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