Top Cards on Twitter 2017: Assorted Thoughts

Yesterday we wrapped up our look through all those that got votes in our Top Cards on Twitter project.  However, we did things differently this year.  Instead of ranking people 1-25 on a ballot, I asked you to give me a valuation of the account on a 1-10 scale, where one was barely worth following and 10 was a must-follow.  So it was possible to wind up with more points but have less “vitality”, if you will.  Let’s look at what the top 10 accounts by average per ballot was (minimum 20 ballots):

Handle Points Ballots Average
cardinalsgifs 382 40 9.550
StlCardsCards 334 38 8.7895
dgoold 357 41 8.7073
LangoschMLB 344 40 8.6000
miklasz 326 38 8.5789
C70 349 41 8.5122
bschaeffer12 318 39 8.1538
crashstl 276 34 8.1176
stlcupofjoe 323 40 8.0750
CardinalTales 246 31 7.9355

Not a real different look here.  A reshuffling of sorts but only CardinalTales really jumps up much.  Look at that overall average for gifs, though.  As you’ll see in our next table, which shows those that had the highest percentage of 10 votes, he was probably as close to perfection on this kinda thing as you can get.

Handle Ballots %10
cardinalsgifs 40 65.00%
StlCardsCards 38 50.00%
miklasz 38 50.00%
dgoold 41 43.90%
LangoschMLB 40 37.50%
TexasCardsFan1 36 36.11%
CardinalTales 31 35.48%
SimulacruMusial 32 34.38%
stlcupofjoe 40 32.50%
crashstl 34 29.41%

A bit more variety here.  A couple of folks that might not have gotten overwhelming support overall but what support they got was very strong and devout.

Who got voted on the most?  Nobody was voted on all of the 43 ballots, which given the form was a little surprising.

Handle Ballots %
C70 41 95.35%
dgoold 41 95.35%
cardinalsgifs 40 93.02%
LangoschMLB 40 93.02%
stlcupofjoe 40 93.02%
vivaelbirdos 40 93.02%
bschaeffer12 39 90.70%
hochman 39 90.70%
Ben_Fred 38 88.37%
miklasz 38 88.37%
StlCardsCards 38 88.37%

Probably not a surprise there are a lot of media types on there, given their reach, plus I’m on there because I am the one running this thing and odds are you found it from my links.

Anyway, just a few little tweaks and ways to look at things.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the whole series and we’ll probably do it again next October!

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