Top Cards on Twitter 2017: 21-25

Before we get into the top folks in our survey, here are the ones that we’ve already talked about:


All right, here we go!  As we did last year, we’ll put up their bio and a recent or pinned tweet to give you a taste of who they are.  Stats are through November (basically).

Number 25: Cardinals
Official Twitter of the #STLCards | | | 👻: cardinals

On Twitter since: July 2009
Number of Tweets: 53.9K
Following: 1,279
Followers: 1,151,816

Number of ballots: 35
% that were 10: 22.86%
% that were 1: 11.43%
Total points: 216
2016 rank: 6

It’s a bit interesting that the official account dropped when, in my opinion, the feed really improved over the past season.  There was more personality, more interaction with followers, than we’d seen in a while.  I mean, they aren’t the Rockies or anything like that, but there’s more than a dry recitation of facts and stats and constant selling of stuff.  (There’s still a lot of the latter, of course, but in a little better ways.)

Number 24: BirdsOnTheBat13
Bringing you all the news, stats, and articles that you need to know for the 11-time World Series Champion St. Louis @Cardinals.

On Twitter since: April 2012
Number of Tweets: 93.3K
Following: 4,619
Followers: 37,117

Number of ballots: 35
% that were 10: 0.00%
% that were 1: 5.71%
Total points: 218
2016 rank: 3

This might sound as a slight that it’s not intended to be, but BOB might be the biggest Cardinal cheerleader on the site.  If you want to know stuff about the Cardinals, he’s putting it out there, whether it’s links like that above or RTs of other folks.  He’s a great conduit for things that are going on–you can follow this account and it’s like following 1000 others!

Number 23: cigarmike
Christian, lover of fine cigars, The Beautiful City of Memphis, St. Louis Cardinals, Memphis Grizzlies, Arkansas Razorbacks, fine books, and fine conversation.

On Twitter since: January 2009
Number of Tweets: 59.4K
Following: 1,829
Followers: 2,701

Number of ballots: 32
% that were 10: 9.38%
% that were 1: 0.00%
Total points: 225
2016 rank: 37

Mike’s got a pretty wide-ranging Twitter feed.  You’ll find some great Cardinal talk, of course, and he’s very willing to get into a good discussion about the team and everything around it.  There are other things here as well, though, including Memphis in various forms and, of course, the virtues of a fine cigar.

Number 22: MozAlgorithm
St. Louis Cardinals President of Baseball Operations computer algorithm | Cardinals contributor at @STLHatTrick | Special Thursday Guest on @birdsonabatshow

On Twitter since: July 2017
Number of Tweets: 20.1K
Following: 599
Followers: 1,677

Number of ballots: 33
% that were 10: 12.12%
% that were 1: 6.06%
Total points: 227
2016 rank: N/A

If you are looking for a Twitter rookie of the year, you probably don’t look much beyond Moz here.  He’s been on Twitter for less than half a year and already is a fixture on there, with a lot of great work (as can be seen in the embedded Tweet) and some great thoughts.  Moz isn’t afraid to stake out some far edges of opinion and then get into the mix to defend it, but usually does so with plenty of data and strong thought.

Number 21: StlWinn
Sports-junkie who’s also nerd-curious, @NeverNeverDan. Unique blend of positivity & sarcasm. Resides in a network of tunnels beneath Busch Stadium.

On Twitter since: February 2011
Number of Tweets: 40.6K
Following: 80
Followers: 2,092

Number of ballots: 29
% that were 10: 24.14%
% that were 1: 0.00%
Total points: 230
2016 rank: 11

Regular readers of this blog remember Daniel from his work on the Luke Skyweaver series we ran last offseason.  One of the many on Twitter than can do some great visual work, Dan’s usually active during the season but is much less active once the games stop.  That doesn’t mean he won’t pop in from time to time, though!

There’s our first foray into the Top 25.  More to come soon!

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