Top Cards on Twitter 2017: 11-15

We’re getting closer to the summit of the mountain with our last full slate of double digits.  For reference, here are the past ones:


Some good names coming so buckle up!

Number 15: CardinalsFarm
stlbabybirds at yahoo dot com. Tweets by John Nagel

On Twitter since: April 2012
Number of Tweets: 22.7K
Following: 595
Followers: 11,221

Number of ballots: 36
% that were 10: 13.89%
% that were 1: 5.56%
Total points: 247
2016 rank: 5

One of the losses to the Cardinal base of knowledge this year has been the lack of posting by John, my former Meet Me at Musial co-host.  From what I can gather, life and other interests have kept John, who just a year or so ago was considered one of if not the best prospect guy for the Cardinals as well as the founder of The Redbird Daily, away from the keyboard.  Thankfully some others have picked up the slack, but it would be great if things lined up to get John writing yet again.

Number 14: craigjedwards
Writer @fangraphs. Managing Editor @vivaelbirdos. Email is in my VEB profile.

On Twitter since: February 2011
Number of Tweets: 13.5K
Following: 550
Followers: 3,765

Number of ballots: 35
% that were 10: 11.43%
% that were 1: 8.57%
Total points: 251
2016 rank: 10

Given the Fangraphs and VEB references, it’s not a surprise that there’s a lot of sabermetric knowledge on Craig’s feed, though the pinned Tweet is Tom Lawless’s bat flip.  Lots of good information there as well as links to his current work, which is a helpful thing.  You’ll find plenty to think about if you are following Craig!

Number 13: TexasCardsFan1
I tweet about St. Louis Cardinals baseball 99% of time. Been in love with the Cards for all of my life or at least since 1964.

On Twitter since: November 2011
Number of Tweets: 103K
Following: 1,846
Followers: 3,226

Number of ballots: 36
% that were 10: 36.11%
% that were 1: 11.11%
Total points: 266
2016 rank: 22

Scott is a fun Twitter follow.  At times, he’s a little cynical or negative, but he’s not so overwhelmingly so that he won’t have a good conversation with someone that sees the sunnier side of things.  He’s willing to listen to the other side even while putting out his point of view.  Plus he’s seen a lot of Cardinal baseball and he lets that influence his thoughts as well.

Number 12: hochman
Sports columnist for my hometown paper, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Eater at Protzel’s Deli.

On Twitter since: October 2008
Number of Tweets: 152K
Following: 9,488
Followers: 37,502

Number of ballots: 39
% that were 10: 10.26%
% that were 1: 2.56%
Total points: 267
2016 rank: 19

Hochman is, of course, the most….energetic, shall we say, of the Post-Dispatch writers.  He’s still busy at the P-D after getting married this summer, but he’s not shown up as much on the Best Podcast in Baseball.  Hochman’s style of pop references and rabbit trails can be polarizing, but he’s good to interact with his followers and give them a follow as well.

Number 11: tarawellman
TV host & producer. Storyteller. Baseball lover. Cupcake connoisseur. Just assume it’s sarcasm. RTs ≠ endorsement. 1 John 4:4

On Twitter since: January 2011
Number of Tweets: 60.1K
Following: 1,215
Followers: 2,038

Number of ballots: 34
% that were 10: 14.71%
% that were 1: 0.00%
Total points: 269
2016 rank: 25

Tara is one of my favorite Twitter people, partly because she deals with me every week on Gateway to Baseball Heaven with minimal complaint.  Her Twitter feed is the best place to find a link to a new Bird Seeds (besides subscribing on YouTube, of course) and she’s always talking baseball even while she mixes in other topics, such as whichever place she’s traveled to this week in the course of her real job.

And with that, we’re knocking on the door of the top 10.  We’ll get to those in our next installment!

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