The Trade History of John Mozeliak

There are many aspects to a general manager’s job.  There is supervising the minor league system.  There is negotiating with free agents.  There’s dealing with the league, interacting with the coaching staff, and a myriad of other things, many of which the public never really sees.  One of the biggest aspects of the job, though, [...]


Last week, we started our examination of the trade history of Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak.  He came out with a bang in 2007, trading two pieces of what we would now term “the core” and then wrapped up 2008 with what is one of his most disappointing trades.  In the next two years, Mo [...]


We’ve come to the third of our continuing series of posts looking back at the trades John Mozeliak has made since he became the full-time general manager in October of 2007.  While not all of them are memorable or notable, 2010 was the year Mo made more trades than any other single year.  Some of [...]

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As you know, we’ve been taking a look at the trading history of Cardinal general manager John Mozeliak.  If you’ve missed out, we tackled 2007-2008 here, 2009 here, and 2010 in the last installment.  Today, we’ll tackle the year of the last World Championship.  There aren’t many deals here, but since one of them takes [...]


I think you could argue that 2011 was the high point of John Mozeliak’s trading tenure, at least so far.  There are still some very interesting trades to talk about, it’s true, but I don’t think Mo’s “shrewd dealer” reputation was ever as high as it was when he was coming off a World Series [...]

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We’ve come to the end of our review of John Mozeliak’s trades since he took over as general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals in October 2007.  In this post, we’ll tackle the last three years and we’ll leave an overall look for one more final post.  (Edit: Ha ha, no we won’t.  This post [...]

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I don’t care how long this post gets, we are finishing up looking at all of John Mozeliak’s trades in this post.  Last time we linked to all the former posts, so if you’ve missed any you can find them there.  Some of the trades in this post may be hard to grade, as they [...]


Back in the winter, I started looking at the history of John Mozeliak’s trades, what value he’d given up, what value he’d gotten, and how the players did before and after.  It’s been a while since we did one of these, so here are the links if you want to go back and refresh your [...]


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