C70 At The Bat

History Accomplished

Five years ago, if you’d asked most people who holds the record for the most starts by a battery, people not only wouldn’t know, they’d be surprised that that actually was some sort of record that MLB kept up with.  (Then again, baseball keeps up with everything.)  After last night, at least Cardinal fans are [...]

August Boom, September Blah

Let’s be clear from the jump–while the Cardinals have been kinda meh this September, it’s not been all bad.  They swept a series with the Cubs, split one with the Nationals, won one against Pittsburgh, and could potentially split a small one with the Brewers with a win tonight.  They are 7-4 this month.  The [...]

Fighting To The Last (Ed)Man

Every season, every team has a win like last night.  A game with a memorable comeback, a game that stands apart from the other 162.  The question is, how is it remembered? For a team like the Pirates, it’s a great 24 hours or so but it doesn’t leave a lasting imprint.  The Rockies, for [...]

Everything Lining Up

OK, so it’s been basically a month since I last wrote, which has to be the longest I’ve gone in season in my blogging career.  (Not that anyone has likely noticed, of course.)  The shows have continued to plug along but I’ve not been able to get motivated enough to put words to paper, to [...]

Since we’ve last visited in this space, the Cardinals have done nothing but win.  However, they’ve sampled from the variety of ways you can win a game. –A walkoff –A late explosion –A come-from-behind –A pitcher’s duel –A see-saw slugfest If you want to include the others in this winning streak, you can add the [...]

The Tortoise Deadline

John Mozeliak’s favorite fable must have been the tortoise and the hare, followed on closely by the grasshopper and the ant.  Again at the deadline, he’s gone for the slow and steady over the quick and impactful, while continuing to store up his prospects for winter. I’m not here to disagree with that, though it’s [...]

SO Much TO Catch Up On

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve stepped foot into this office and there’s been a lot of things going on since then.  There was an epic meltdown against the Dodgers, Blogger Day at Busch Stadium, the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, a tough series loss to start the second half, plenty of [...]

The Pack Attack

Fifteen years ago tonight, I started up C70 At The Bat.  What better way to mark the anniversary than to highlight the current Patron Pitcher of the Blog? Last night’s game was intense, but anytime the Dodgers and Cardinals get together there’s a whiff of October, even if the temperature reads 100.  Perhaps it’s the [...]

Corey The Load

We all hoped that things would be better when the outfielder got off the injured list.  We expected power and timely hitting while hopefully improving the fortunes of the team on the field and getting them back to their winning ways.  And that’s exactly what happened. Except the outfielder was Corey Dickerson, not Tyler O’Neill. [...]

I have been negligent in my writing, for various reasons, but when you look at what the Cardinals have done since the last post, can you really blame me? Dropped the finale against the Marlins when they were one strike away from getting the sweep. Lost two of three to the Phillies, admittedly a surging [...]

I haven’t had the chance to watch many of the games between my last post and this one.  I’ve not been on Twitter as much so I don’t know what the big controversies are that I should be weighing in on.  (Well, I know of one.)  I’ve been a little adrift and unattached to the [...]

Keeping Pace

The last time we got together, the Cardinals were in first place by 2 1/2 games.  It’s not been the most successful week, but at least the placement hasn’t changed. The Cards are 3-4 over their last seven but the cushion coupled with the fact that two of those wins were over their closest divisional [...]

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