C70 At The Bat

The Batmen of Gotham

Riddle me this.  What bird is flying north for the winter?  That would be the Cardinals, who are moving up the standings and now sit a full game ahead of the Padres and a game and a half ahead of the Reds for the second wild card. I’m not trying to be a joker about [...]

October Baseball In September

It’s often said, and indeed has been again this year, that when a team is fighting to get to October that they really start the playoffs early.  Every game could be the difference between having that chance (however small) at the World Series or playing golf as the postseason begins.  While every game has that [...]

A Bite of the Big Apple

We’ve talked a lot about how this team might have some similarities with the 2011 team, what with the come-from-behind nature of trying to get a wild card spot.  However, last night Mets fans could be forgiven if they thought they’d been transported back to 2006. After all, there was Adam Wainwright on the mound [...]

This Cardinals team is like a boomerang.  We keep throwing their season out as over, but they keep coming right back in staying relevant and in the hunt for that last wild card spot. Now, in truth, it takes a village to win the wild card, because the Reds and most notably the Padres (16-24 [...]

The Greatest Hits Tour

Busch Stadium might not be hosting a concert this summer but that doesn’t mean that artists aren’t playing their greatest hits on the St. Louis diamond. Tuesday night, it was the band member that broke off and went his own way for a solo career coming back home and doing a rendition of his top [...]

On a holiday, it’s nice to just kick back, relax, and not stress about anything.  When Max Scherzer is on the mound for the other side, you can do that because you know there won’t be any bullpen meltdowns, any missed opportunities.  You know what the results are going to be. Granted, it’s not like [...]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Another series win within their grasp.  A chance to make up ground in the wild card.  Then a walkoff home run spoils it. I’m all for Sunday traditions but this one really needs to go. You can put the blame wherever you want yesterday (and we’ll get to the official establishing of the Heroes and [...]

I don’t think it was terribly surprising that the Cardinals split yesterday’s doubleheader.  The way they lost Game 2 might be a little off-putting, but the idea that this flawed team would go into Cincinnati, sweep the Reds, and wind up just a fraction behind them for the wild card didn’t really seem like something [...]

The Road Not Taken

Just think where the Cardinals could be. After last night’s win against the Reds, the Cardinals again sit 2 1/2 games out of the second wild card spot.  (This may be the widest spread in the history of the wild card game, as the Dodgers are now 12 1/2 games better than the Reds, so [...]

Before last week, it was easy to start getting excited about the possibility of making a push to the second wild card.  Losing two of three to the Brewers didn’t help but there was no shame in that.  Then they lost two of three to the Pirates and split with the Tigers.  Yet for all [...]

The Phillies lost.  The Reds lost.  The Padres lost.  With the Cardinals playing the Tigers, this would have been an excellent time to tighten up the race. Instead, the only tightening was in Jack Flaherty‘s shoulder and the Cards lost yet another opportunity to gain significant ground in the playoff race, something that we’ve been [...]

The Cardinals faced the division leading Brewers last week.  They won one, should have won another, and held their own in a shutout loss in the third.  When you watched that series, you understood that Milwaukee was the better team but that the Cardinals were better than a team that was double-digits behind them. The [...]

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