C70 At The Bat

Another Postseason Chapter

Today, the Cardinals play in their second straight postseason. Now, if you were reading that sentence about 15 years ago, you’d probably be a bit confused.  Just two in a row?  What happened?  Isn’t it the Cardinals’ birthright to be in October every year?  If you were reading that sentence toward the end of the [...]

Is Today The Tipping Point?

One of the reasons I came up with the idea of writing every day during the pandemic shortage is because I knew that, if left to my own devices, there would be some lengthy gaps.  Kinda like the one between the last post and this. It’s been a couple of weeks and a lot of [...]

Bobbing Around .500

Up two.  Even.  Down two.  Even.  It seems like the Cardinals can’t get away from the pull that is sea level.  They’ve been 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, 11-11, 13-13, and now 14-14. By all measures, this is a .500 team.  They’ve put together a winning streak, defined as “more than one win [...]

When last I wrote, things were looking up.  The Cardinals had held their own against the division leading Cubs as they dealt with the aftereffects of the COVID outbreak.  They were dealing with the Reds, who had struggled this year after being expected to contend.  They had Kansas City and Pittsburgh on the horizon.  Life [...]

It’s a rare week, of course, that sees seven baseball games at all, much less between Monday and Friday.  We spent a lot of time without the Cardinals and now, it’s almost like we can’t get away from them!  This weekend is more normal and there’s only one doubleheader next week, so maybe we’ll catch [...]

After all the stops and starts, the Cardinals actually took the field this weekend.  They did so in double masks, without touching anyone, and even masked up in Zoom calls after the game.  No one can say they aren’t taking this seriously, because another stoppage would put an end to their season.  (Sadly, their reworked [...]

After much radio silence over the last few days, the Cardinals dropped a lot on folks yesterday.  However, most Cardinal fans only heard six words. Dylan Carlson is being called up. I’ve understood (and argued in favor) of what the front office was doing in looking at their other options first.  It made sense and [...]

Keeping Some Optimism

I honestly think the Cardinals are through the worst of it. Of course, I’d have probably said that last Friday, right before more cases were discovered and another week wound up being wiped off the calendar.  Still, while I have no problems with those cancellations given the situation, it does seem like that might have [...]

The outbreak may be finally contained.  The ramifications are just now starting to take shape. The Cardinals announced that, after sending all the positive COVID-19 cases home, no positives were shown out of the latest round of testing.  If the same thing happens tomorrow–and I would expect it would, given the time from possible infection–the [...]

The Cardinals Go Viral

John Mozeliak, talking to the bloggers on Wednesday, reiterated that he felt like the team was “in a good spot” and were doing all they could, even as they hold their breath and hope to come out unscathed. Little did he know that, as he was speaking, the wheels were in the process of coming [...]

Zoomin’ With Mo

Most of you know this, but every year since 2011, the Cardinals have hosted the United Cardinal Bloggers at a game.  The interactions, the suites, the food and drink are all well and good, but what most people come for is the question-and-answer session with John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt III before everything kicks off.  [...]

Minnesota Mean

For a people that have such a reputation for hospitality, the Twins sure didn’t show any last night. Obviously, that was not the kind of outing you wanted to see for the first start of Carlos Martinez.  I wasn’t able to watch the beginning of the game, relying on GameDay to keep me posted, but [...]

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