C70 At The Bat

What have we said as we looked forward to the next two or so weeks of Cardinals baseball?  We’ve said that they have to beat these terrible teams that are standing between them and the San Francisco/Chicago end of the first half of the season.  We’ve pointed out how well the Cardinals have done against [...]

As regular readers and Twitter followers know, last week I was out on vacation.  The first part of the week was spent in an area with no wifi and spotty cell service, which would have been a great chance for me to then put the Cardinals out of mind and enjoy not worrying about them.  [...]


Thank goodness for Adam Wainwright. Our Hero went to the mound with a lot on his shoulders last night.  Not only had the Cardinals lost six games, but if he faltered, there was a less than zero chance this losing streak could reach double digits.  Earlier Mike Shildt announced that the rotation for this weekend [...]

I’ll admit that I didn’t see much of last night’s Cardinals game.  Then again, I think we have all seen that game plenty of times before. I had a church meeting last night and afterwards checked the score.  It was 2-0 in the bottom of the second with runners on.  Not the best first inning [...]

I think it’s fair that nobody saw that coming.  With the Reds in town, any sweep thoughts were of the positive variety, not the possibility that the Cardinals could be the receiving end of the broom.  I mean, the last time the Reds had done that was 1990, a year where they went on to [...]

Coming Up Small

In the eighth inning last night, I tweeted that at least this version of the St. Louis Cardinals isn’t stale.  One night we can complain about the bullpen, another night about the starting pitching, then another about the offense.  Occasionally we can do two or more at the same time, but it doesn’t feel like [...]

West Coast trips are always tough.  The fact that they went to Arizona and LA (plus that first trip to the White Sox) and went 5-5 is not the worst thing that could have happened in the least.  However, the trip highlighted that, as currently constructed, things are going to be hard for the Cardinals.  [...]

There have been seasons where the Cardinals win one or two, then lose one or two, never really getting into a rhythm.  This year, they seem to be a bit more streaky.  Four wins against the White Sox and Diamondbacks in a row followed by, as of now, two losses in a row against Arizona [...]

Say what you will about last night’s game, but it was at least unique.  It didn’t feel quite like any other game the Cardinals had played this season.  Sure, some of the elements were there–long stretches of quiet by the offense, a bullpen that could have been better–but they were put together in a way [...]

In 2006, Anthony Reyes threw a gem at what was then called U.S. Cellular Field.  He went the distance, allowed just one hit, and struck out six.  It was a masterful performance.  However, the distance was only eight innings because the one hit he allowed was a home run to to-be Hall of Famer Jim [...]

I’m tired of Chicago teams.  Perhaps more clearly, I’m tired of the Cardinals losing to Chicago teams. Allen and I have discussed in the past on Musial how there was a concern that some of the good fortune for the Redbirds was due to a weaker schedule.  The series win against Milwaukee, as close as [...]

Problems Not Solved

In yesterday’s post, we postulated that the offense really needed Dylan Carlson back and perhaps Daniel Ponce de Leon could be an answer for those middle innings. Like that gif from Scrubs says, “Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong.  You’re wrong.” Carlson returned to the lineup last night but there were no notable [...]

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