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CODNP Day 1: The Stillness

In my lifetime, there’s only been two times when there should have been baseball and wasn’t.  1994 and 2001.  (OK, my Musial cohost reminded me last night that there was the strike in 1981 that technically is in my lifetime, but I was 6 and not following baseball then.) 9/11 was, of course, nothing like [...]


CODNP Day 2: Heading Home

Another day without baseball.  And now, there’s not even players in Jupiter to give us hope that things might be resolved quickly. There are a few of them staying, of course.  Kwang-Hwan Kim, of course.  Even if the travel didn’t rule out going home, the fact that the virus is even more prevalent in his [...]


CODNP Day 3: The Costs

With another day without baseball, the costs of this shutdown continue to mount. They are unavoidable costs, for sure.  Nobody is suggesting that people should gather to play and watch baseball with such a virus running around the country.  Major League Baseball has never been accused of being panicky or doing things too quickly.  They [...]

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It’s truly a terrible situation that doesn’t have something good come out of it. Not that this isn’t a terrible situation, with illness and death involved.  Plus we talked yesterday about a lot of the costs involved, both financial and personal.  No one is saying this is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. However, [...]


We all probably knew that the idea of an Opening Day in early April was not very likely when the postponement was first announced.  I’m not sure, at least in the initial reaction, we thought it would be as long as it is looking right now. The president released guidelines today that encourage people to [...]


Just six days?  Really?  Why does it feel like it’s been forever?  I guess when things change by the hour, when every morning and afternoon bring some sort of fresh development in the whole coronavirus situation, things like pushing off a season can feel like they were so long ago. We talked yesterday about baseball [...]

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One week down.  I can’t imagine it’s going to get any easier. Especially not until we get a date for a return.  That’s what makes the offseason bearable, the fact that you know every day you are getting closer to baseball returning and you can measure it on your calendar.  (Plus there’s the whole free [...]


CODNP Day 8: Activity

Occasionally, when I am doing a series, I schedule a post ahead of time and then, when it actually goes up, I’m surprised because it had slipped my mind it was going up. You wonder if perhaps the Cardinals had something similar. That they planned out their roster moves, set them to run on Thursday, [...]


How hard does this break have to be on those that were looking to break camp for the first time? Probably the only possible ones for the Cardinals were Dylan Carlson and Kodi Whitley and odds are neither of them was actually going to start the season in St. Louis.  However, there were prospects all [...]



As Celine Dion once sang, “Ten days have come and gone/ten days and I’m all alone”.  Without baseball, many of us are feeling alone now even if we are quarantined in with family.  Depending on your relations with your family, the solitude might be better, but that’s a digression.  We’re closer to baseball, we just [...]

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Tonight, in a different universe where coronavirus isn’t shutting everything down, the Cardinals would be in Texas.  They would be playing the Rangers in an exhibition game that would have been a beginning and an end. It would have been the beginning of Globe Life Park, the new ballpark for the Rangers.  With its retractable [...]


CODNP Day 12: Hitting Home

I guess it was inevitable.  Eventually this worldwide story was going to become local.  That day was yesterday. It was yesterday afternoon when we got the word that one of our co-workers, who had been out sick since Thursday, had tested positive for the coronavirus.  It’s possible she wasn’t the first victim in our office, [...]


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