Flight Analysis

While the Cardinals only have one shot of getting a superstar for the forseeable future (see Bryce Harper, ignore Manny Machado), they are not limited in opportunities to upgrade. I am going to pretend like it’s a normal offseason that doesn’t feature two prominent superstars becoming available to all 30 teams, because, whether we like [...]

I couldn’t have been more wrong about my expectations for Yairo Muñoz this season. He was the chubby shortstop we got for Stephen Piscotty, as compared to the hitting machine Max Schrock. Paul DeJong had already claimed shortstop for himself. Muñoz wasn’t going to move Wong off of second base like Schrock. Then there’s the [...]

There has been nothing more troubling for the Cardinals this season than their lack of reliable arms beyond the starting pitching. Jordan Hicks has been a revelation, going from High A to closing games out in the majors in such short time. Then there’s Bud Norris, a pitcher who many fans disapproved of signing has [...]

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