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Pennant Push It Real Good

Good morning everyone, or early afternoon depending on when this hits the site. As we roll out of bed this morning we see the Cardinals sitting at the top of the NL Central with a 3 ½ game cushion on the Pirates. This season has the feel of ones in the not so distant past [...]

It’s been too long y’all. I’ve always wanted to use y’all in some form and now I’ve accomplished just that. In all seriousness though as I type I’m just hoping my credentials are still good at the site so I can post this. If you’ve ever had a long running gym membership you probably know [...]

Board Operator: Commander, we have a problem. (Dot flashing and beeping over STL) Commander BigTyme: What is it? Board Op: It’s St. Louis sir. They’re………… they’re enjoying life. Commander BigTyme: What!? They’re supposed to be miserable. They live in the Midwest. They live in St. Louis!  How can this be? Board Op: It’s the Cardinals [...]

PEDs Dispenser

I started writing this last week and then ran out of time. I meant to resume at some point but after a long weekend of booze and base/foot ball I’m pretty sure all my thoughts were on lost brain cells. So here I am starting from scratch and wasting what was for sure a masterpiece. [...]

A Results Driven Business

Another frustrating loss last night has brought the Cardinals back to St. Louis after finishing a seven game road trip with a 2-5 mark. I’d like to touch on a few things today including my trip to Pittsburgh last weekend for the series with the Pirates which I think I’ll start with. PNC Park certainly [...]

A Time and A Place

I wasn’t sure what kind of mood I’d be in as I keyed this post given the nature of last night’s game. Lots of ups and downs. Thankfully the ups prevailed and the Cardinals were able to grab another come from behind win in the late innings. Not even double switching one of the hottest [...]

Any Given Series

“Pitchers control where the ball is hit and who catches it. It has nothing to do with luck.” – Harold Reynolds on MLB Tonight Luck and the trade deadline that came and went are my topics of choice today and I’m feeling lucky so let’s start there. Is there luck involved in baseball and if [...]

I went into this post trying to decide what I really wanted to talk about. I had three topics on the brain which were PEDs, bunts and trade deadline (non)deals. Since I’m a fairly long winded person I’ve decided to cut PEDs out. Partly because of time and partly because the topic has been beat [...]

I was planning on posting my little project I’ve had in the works today but I’ve been lured to another topic that I feel  more compelled to share my thoughts on. My project is based on lineups and how much of a difference the batting order actually makes as far as runs scored per game [...]

So I know I mentioned last week I’d have a more in depth post this week but unfortunately that’s not going to be the case. Some life things got in the way the past few days which will push it back another week. I kind of feel like the used car salesman of bloggers; over [...]

I’d like to take a moment to start this post with a moment of silence for the now released Ty Wigginton…………………… The veteran utility man was released by the Cardinals a short while ago and called up veteran backstop Rob Johnson presumably as a safety guard for Yadier Molina. While most of us never really [...]

Since my last word spew the Cardinals had just taken the first game of a 4 game set with the Chicago Cubs. They went on to take 2 of the next 3 and 3 of 4 in the series with the only loss being in a game in which Adam Wainwright surrendered 4 runs in [...]

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