Cardinals Chatter

It’s Time

Carlos Martinez. Tsunami. CMart. Fire. Electric. Brilliant. Emotional. Heart. Joy. Love. Generous. Kind. Impatient. Loyal. Student. Teacher. Child like. Thoughtful. Mournful. Rising star. Capable. Hopeful. Determined. Responsible. Respectful. Memorable. All of these words can be used to describe Carlos. He is growing up before our eyes, under a spotlight. At times, it seems as though [...]

Holding On

The Cardinals started the season on a rollercoaster and have quickly become the Tea Cup ride…they are simply spinning in circles. Their wins happen against losing teams, and sometimes, that is not a given. They lost 2 of 3 to the Orioles and failed to sweep the supposed worst team in baseball, the Phillies. The two games [...]

Tough Love

A few days ago, Stephen Piscotty addressed the media and spoke of a family issue that is unimaginably difficult to go through. After playing in a game or two upon his return, he addressed the media again after a blunder out in right field. The ball got lost in the sun and he missed what [...]

The tough get going. Or at least that’s how it is for some players on the team. Randal Grichuk was demoted to Palm Beach today. At first, before learning of the location, I was at peace with the decision because I thought he would be coached by Mark Budaska in Memphis. Learning of the decision [...]

We’ve all watched the Cardinals this season. We’ve seen some fun games, some good wins that felt like THE turning point, some losses that stung and losses that we all felt were hard fought despite the outcome. If you pay attention to twitter and have looked through the past week, it seems many of us [...]

Can’t Help Who You Love

In life, people say that you can’t help who you love. Often, it’s a parent or concerned friend who is telling you this because you love someone who may not be in everyone’s good graces. The person you love may not be everybody’s favorite. Your love might frustrate, confuse, irritate, annoy or depress your family [...]

It Takes a Village

In Monday night’s game, oh so many things didn’t go in favor of the Cardinals. We tied the game, only to lose it in late innings. Our closer, Seung-hwan Oh, gave up a 3 run homer and as it turns out, that would seal our fate. In this game, as in many games so far [...]

My baseball moment is Waino vs Beltran in 2006. Born in the 80s, I knew some about Ozzie and Willie and then knew a few guys in the 90s, but 2006 was when I fell in love. Wainwright closing that game was mesmerizing for me. I was pacing and crossing my fingers and closing my [...]

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