The Adventures of Luke Skyweaver

Author’s note: As you know, two of my great obsessions are Cardinal baseball and Star Wars. I’ve mixed and mashed them a number of times before, but never to this scale.  If you’ve watched A New Hope a hundred times and have followed the Cardinals this season, I believe you’ll find this at least somewhat [...]


The next morning, Shildt comes into the clubhouse to find Bryan Eversgerd working with some other pitchers. SHILDT Where’s Luke? BRYAN EVERSGERD I don’t know.  He said something about doing some extra workouts, maybe running a bit through town. SHILDT Well, as long as he’s back by first pitch.  He take those new droids with [...]


Racing along the Minorine wasteland, they come across a large settlement. CARPENTER OKC Spaceport.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy that has nothing to do with baby bears.  We must be cautious. They continue on into the spaceport before being stopped by Imperial troops. CUB MINOR LEAGUER How long [...]

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We return to the interior of the Series Winner.  A large viewscreen shows a beautiful planet, populated with reds, blues, blacks, and yellows.  Maddon stands before it, pondering, as Jed Hoyer reports. HOYER We’ve entered the Central system. As Hoyer leaves, he passes Rizzo and John Mozeliak, flanked by Imperial stormtroopers, who enter and stand [...]


  The Arsenal, dwarfed by the immensity of the Series Winner, is pulled into an empty hangar.  The ship comes to rest as a squadron of troopers approaches it.  Back in the manager’s office, Maddon confers with Rizzo as he receives a message. MADDON (pressing button) Yes? OFFICER (over speaker) We’ve captured a freighter entering [...]


  Putting on their helmets, Luke and Reyes walk Kelly through the Series Winner corridors, finally entering an elevator that takes them to the detention block.  Entering the main area, they are stopped by the officer on duty. JAKE ARRIETA (OFFICER) Where are you taking this…thing? LUKE Rule 5 transfer from block two-zero-one-one. ARRIETA I wasn’t notified. [...]


While this drama has been going on, Carpenter has made his way to the tractor beam terminal.  He edges out onto the ledge over a deep chasm and turns all the controls from blue to red, breaking the beam.  As he is out there, the end of the hallway opens and two troopers stand guard, [...]

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  The Arsenal finally comes out of hyperspace at a lush green moon of a planet named Archland.  The ship settles down outside an old stone structure.  Oh is quickly ushered inside and the scouting reports are then distributed with Mozeliak and others cloistered to discuss and analyze them.  Finally, the braintrust emerges and calls [...]


  The battle continues to rage outside.  Luke and his friends continue to perform aerial gymnastics while avoiding laser fire and sending in some of their own. The Republic management continues to monitor things back at the base.  Suddenly, something new appears on the display.  The control officer contacts the ships. JAMIE POGUE (CONTROL OFFICER) [...]

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