Today, my friend Brian Swope (@PoppaSwope on Twitter, give him a follow) over at Gateway City Sports took to his platform to suggest that John Mozeliak should have been the one that was fired over Mike Shildt and, at the very least, Mo needs to find some sort of ice pack because his seat should [...]

Thou Shildt Not Manage

I was scrolling through Facebook right after lunch yesterday when I saw a news story that I was sure was fake.  “Mike Shildt, fired?  Yeah right, whatever, what weird rumor is some fringe group promoting?”  Then I saw it was from Rob Rains at St. Louis Sports Page.  Rob’s a credentialed journalist and has been [...]

Make Mine (Team) Marvel!

Yesterday, Minor League Baseball announced a partnership with Marvel Entertainment.  Over the next three years, 96 of the 120 teams will play at least one Marvel-themed game with special jerseys and the like.  You know, the sort of thing that minor league baseball does.  (BTW, if you are interested in going to one, Memphis and [...]

Can’t Dodge The Winter

Let’s get this out of the way up front.  The Dodgers are a very good team.  While their win total might be slightly padded given they played Arizona and Colorado a lot (they went 16-3 against the Diamondbacks and 13-6 against the Rockies), there’s a reason they won over 100 games and are considered the [...]

Talking To The Other Side

As many of you know, every spring I do a series called Playing Pepper where I talk with bloggers of other teams.  It’s sort of a season preview from the point of view of those that know the team best. After the wild card matchup was set, Scott Andes, a long-time participant in Playing Pepper [...]

Coasting Into the Station

The wild card was clinched and there was nothing else that could be done for playoff positioning.  The streak was over the next night  While the Cardinals and others won’t count the last four games of 2021 when they talk about the team has played X number of meaningless games over the past decade or [...]

With the end of the regular season, we start thinking about the things of the fall.  Playoff baseball is at the top of the list, of course, but here at the blog, we’ve got our own calendar.  For instance, the Playing Pepper series will start getting worked on in January or February for a March [...]

Wait, What’s This L Thing?

On Friday, September 10, 2021, the Cardinals lost to the Cincinnati Reds 4-2.  Yadier Molina homered and Jon Lester went seven innings while only allowing two runs, but T.J. McFarland stumbled in the ninth, allowing two runs, and while the Cards got the tying run to the plate in the ninth, Harrison Bader ended the [...]

Streaking Into the Postseason

On Saturday, September 21, 1935, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-3.  The Cubs got out to a 4-0 lead behind a home run by Augie Galan, three hits by Billy Herman, and two knocks by Frank Demaree.  Roy Henshaw tried for the complete game, but he allowed a run in the eighth when [...]

A Crazy (But Sweet) Sixteen

On Monday, August 27, 1951, in the second game of a doubleheader, the New York Giants defeated the Chicago Cubs in the Polo Grounds.  Eddie Stanky and Monte Irvin homered.  Whitey Lockman had three hits.  Both starters, Al Corwin for the Giants and Bob Rush for the Cubs, went the distance.  That was the last [...]

H15tory Made

On Tuesday, April 12, 1892, the St. Louis Browns took the field against the Chicago Colts.  No boxscore exists of that game but the current Cardinals trace their history back to when those players stepped onto the diamond as part of the National League.  From that date until September 10, 2021, the club posted 11,018 [...]

A Record Run

On Thursday, July 18, 1935, the Cardinals defeated the Boston Braves 13-3.  Paul Dean, also known as Daffy because the press needed a nickname that reflected his brother’s, went the distance and gave up just five hits and three runs.  Burgess Whitehead and Pepper Martin both had four hits and Martin would have been the [...]

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