Pirates Cross the Hudson

Before we get into the game, yesterday was the first day in 135 days we’ve not had a post here at the blog.  Part of me wanted to rush around and get this up then, but having that sort of streak stop is a bit relaxing.  We’ll write when we can, but not being beholden [...]

5.4 and 0

We’ve talked about it numerous times, but the weight of each game this season is 2.7 times a normal season.  Now, with the farce of expanded playoffs, you don’t need as many of those wins, but it’s still mathematically true that 162 divided by 60 is 2.7.  Which means that every win or every loss [...]

We’ve done it.  We’ve made the long trek from those days of March fraught with uncertainty and loss to today, where we still have much uncertainty but we gain the game of baseball yet again, at least for a time.  Cardinal baseball begins the 2020 season tonight against the Pirates. So, with baseball right on [...]

As you know, I’ve done a lot of post series in my day.  Every year we have Pepper and Top Cards and Exit Interviews.  But I have never, never been as excited to see a series end as this one.  When I first thought I’d write every day of the pandemic-caused stoppage, I really didn’t [...]

If a fired Cardinal manager returns to Busch Stadium and there are no fans to boo him, does it really happen? Mike Matheny will be in the visitor’s dugout for the first time, at least as an opposing manager.  Actually, it’s the only time he’s ever been on that side of Busch III.  In 2006, [...]

If you’ve listened to the most recent Musial and/or Gateway, you know that I’ve not necessarily been completely transfixed by this whole Summer Camp thing.  Maybe that’ll change a little bit tomorrow when the Royals come into town for what should at least approximate a real game, but having to find the game on a [...]

If this post runs on schedule, that means we are very, very close to Opening Day.  Which means we should take a quick look at the rest of the division because, barring an outbreak, we’ll be seeing a lot of these folks. C70: Does the shortened season work for or against your team? Neil: The [...]

It’s not the superdivision that we heard rumors of early on in the planning process, but the Cards are going to stay regional and play all the AL Central teams this season.  Let’s see what their bloggers think of what’s coming up! C70: Does the shortened season work for or against your team? Samiya: The [...]

No late nights, trying to keep your eyes open to see the seventh inning of a Cardinals/Dodgers game in Los Angeles.  While there’s some novelty to those games (and Twitter can get fun and weird in them), I don’t think many of us are going to miss them this year.  Let’s see what these folks [...]

We continue running around the majors by checking in with our American League friends out West.  I imagine they, more than any other group, will be glad of the limited time zone changes for their TV watching this season. C70: Does the shortened season work for or against your team? James: I think it works [...]

No Mets, Braves, or Nationals this season for the Cardinals?  That’s going to be weird.  We continue Playing Pepper 2.0 by checking out those teams with National League ties on the East Coast. C70: Does the shortened season work for or against your team? Kris: Originally, I would have said that the Braves were one [...]

It was only a few days ago that we took a look at the bullpen.  If it was unsettled then, it’s completely up in the air now. With Jordan Hicks making the right move for him and opting out (the first non-highly paid veteran and the first high-risk player to do so, I believe), things [...]

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