When last we saw the Phillies, Aaron Nola was completing a two-hit shutout in 109 pitches.  Last night, the Cardinals had the chance to host the team from Philadelphia.  Except for the change in venue, though, you’d have thought it was a continuation, not a new game. I’ll admit, I didn’t get to see any [...]

Walking On Sunshine

You can’t do a real spring cleaning without a broom and the Cardinals did some real cleaning this weekend at Busch. They did it by getting back to what we’ve come to know as Cardinal baseball.  They didn’t break out the bats in a game, scoring a ton of runs and then going quiet.  They [...]

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”–Andre Gide It’s not like we expected that much more from a battle against Max Scherzer.  For his career, he’s got a 3.05 ERA against the Cardinals with a .226 batting average against.  They did [...]

If you were to ask a fan of the Cardinals before the season what kind of winning games you’d expect to be the hallmark of this team, they’d have probably responded with “a very good outing by the starter, just enough runs to win, and then it is locked down by the bullpen.”  They haven’t [...]

Five days ago, on a Wednesday afternoon in Busch Stadium, Joe Ross was masterful.  He allowed four hits and a walk in six scoreless innings, making the Cardinals again look less than threatening. Yesterday, Ross looked to duplicate that feat.  It didn’t really work out for him. We’ve talked so much about this club either [...]

The Deluge and the Desert

We are three weeks and 15 games into the season and the Cardinals have been in very few competitive games.  Either they are scoring runs by the bushel or they are allowing enough runs early that, while they may make a comeback, it was always a long shot.  They have not played a one run [...]

I have often said that, for the Cardinal fan base, there’s always a whipping boy.  Someone that takes an outsized dose of criticism, deserved or not.  My first memories of this concept were with J.D. Drew in his time in St. Louis and I’m sure it goes back farther than that.  For much of this [...]

At one time, Lane Thomas was a fan favorite choice to start in the St. Louis Cardinals outfield.  Today, he’s on the outside looking in and wondering if he’s ever going to get another chance. Let’s look at the backstory.  The Cardinals acquired Thomas from the Blue Jays in 2017 for international draft money.  The [...]

Yesterday, we spoke about how seeing a less-than-impressive Cardinals lineup against a good pitcher meant that they probably would break out and score a lot of runs and, indeed, they got to Stephen Strasburg and company for 14.  However, even during that game, many fans on Twitter were saying something to the effect of “Guess [...]

Turning Stras Into Gold

Every day, usually early in the afternoon, the lineup for the St. Louis Cardinals is released.  That usually opens the floodgates for the legion of armchair managers to then start picking it apart, wondering what Mike Shildt is thinking, why is he putting this guy there and why can’t that guy move up.  It’s as [...]

The Cardinals tossed another couple of trends out of the window last night.  They had their first loss to a NL East team and their first loss during the week.  Guys, we told you, this “losing the weekend” thing only works if you are going to win every game during the week. Do other teams [...]

As the (sigh, old) song goes, “everybody’s working for the weekend“.  That must include the Cardinals, because they have won any game that has been held Monday-Thursday.  Saturday and Sunday?  Not so much.  There haven’t been any games on Friday yet so we don’t know if the team considers that part of the work week [...]

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