The Kids Are All Right

When Whitney Houston sang that she “believe[d] that children are our future”, I’m sure she had a game like last night in mind. The scoring started with Juan Yepez blasting his second career home run, giving him five extra base hits in his first seven career games.  The next two scored on a double by [...]

An Aversion To Orange

The Cardinals won Friday night on a ninth-inning single by Dylan Carlson.  It was a good game against a tough foe, their second in a row against the Giants, and it gave the Cardinals something they hadn’t had all season long–a three game winning streak.  Surely things were looking up and the team that we [...]

The Bats Continue

Perhaps we should just all reach a breaking point more often, because after two games against the Royals where the Cardinals could only muster one run in each game, they’ve now gotten a fresh supply of runs and are spending them like there’s no tomorrow.  Ten against the Royals on Wednesday, seven last night against [...]

Coruscant or Tatooine

This idea of a feast or famine offense isn’t at all a new thing.  We’ve been talking about this for years, it seems like (and it definitely pre-dates the Jeff Albert era, if you are wondering) and one of the last times I wrote on this topic, I said we needed a new term because [...]

For the second straight day, the Cards faced the Royals and mustered only one run in the process.  Unlike Monday afternoon in Busch, though, one run wasn’t nearly enough to win last night in Kansas City.  Perhaps the club can find a recently deceased tauntaun to put them in, because heaven knows they need to [...]

Since we last got together in this space, the Cardinals have played five games.  They’ve won three, they’ve lost two.  What they haven’t done, really? Hit. The Cardinals have a .222/.267/.329 batting line over that span and that includes the 15 single attack (back in my day, that was just called an album but the [...]

If you can say nothing else about this Cardinals team, you can say that they play with a passion.  When your leader is Nolan Arenado, I don’t think you have much choice. There are many things to love about Mr. Arenado.  There’s the fact that he’s currently first in the National League and second only [...]

For the first time this season, though probably not the last, the Cardinals provided a heartbreaking example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  There are going to be losses that hurt more because of the stakes and how important they are, but for the fact that this was a game in the first [...]

A Whole Lotta Blah

There are a lot of nights when something goes wrong.  Not every night has the offense click, the pitching sparkle, and the defense take care of anything hit.  Some nights you win 10-9, for instance, or 2-0.  Some nights a misplay is the difference between a win and a loss.  It’s tough to have every [...]

Around the seventh inning last night, I said to myself, “I’m not sure who will get the Hero tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure Nolan will be the Goat.”  He’d just struck out for the third time and in a night that looked like whichever team scored first was going to win, those strikeouts hurt, most [...]

Churning Out a Win

When I wrote the series preview post over at the Substack, I noted that the Marlins as a whole weren’t great at striking out others while the Cardinals hitters were very good at making contact.  That combination would seem to indicate good things for St. Louis and the early returns are bearing that out. Jesus [...]

After handling Pittsburgh and Kansas City, at least before the rains came in both series, the Cardinals got their first chance this weekend to see how they’d stack up against what should be the class of the NL Central.  They leave Milwaukee on their way to Miami knowing that, at least right now, the Brewers [...]

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