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With the regular season now behind us, it’s time to turn to that annual tradition we have around these parts.  No, not that one yet.  No, we’ll get to that one.  Man, that one is in the spring.  No, it’s time for the third annual Top Cards on Twitter event! In 2015, we kicked this [...]


Back in October, as you might remember before the long waiting game of the offseason really began, I asked for your help in determining the best Cardinal-related Twitter followers.  This is the third straight year we’ve done this and I think the method I have now of ranking accounts on a 10-1 scale, while not [...]


Let’s continue our look at the best Cardinal-centric follows on Twitter as determined by those that got tired enough of listening to me beg for input that they filled out a form.  If you missed it, our first batch, from #76 to #97, ran here.  All the details about the project are there as well, [...]


All right, we’ve tackled the first two chunks (76-97 and 51-75) of our list.  Here we get into those that run right up to the Top 25.  I don’t know if we need any more intro so let’s get on with it, shall we? A couple of changed names here and I can’t quite remember [...]


Before we get into the top folks in our survey, here are the ones that we’ve already talked about: 76-97 51-75 26-50 All right, here we go!  As we did last year, we’ll put up their bio and a recent or pinned tweet to give you a taste of who they are.  Stats are through [...]


We continue to quickly (or not so quickly, depending on your point of view and how you would rather not read so many posts on this topic) go through the rankings compiled from your opinions on various Twitter accounts.  If you’ve missed out, you can find the others here: 76-97 51-75 26-50 21-25 Let’s see [...]


We’re getting closer to the summit of the mountain with our last full slate of double digits.  For reference, here are the past ones: 76-97 51-75 26-50 21-25 16-20 Some good names coming so buckle up! Number 15: CardinalsFarm stlbabybirds at yahoo dot com. Tweets by John Nagel Tommy Pham is on pace for a [...]


We’re reaching the end of our list of the top Cardinal Twitter accounts.  For reference, here are our past posts: 76-97 51-75 26-50 21-25 16-20 11-15 Who are the top 10 Twitterers?  Here’s the first half of them! Number 10: KeeneMLB Expert analysis on the St. Louis Cardinals. RT = humiliation. During games there will [...]


We’ve reached the last of our list, though we’ll be looking at it through some different prisms tomorrow. If you are just now tuning in, where have you been? Here are the other links for you: 76-97 51-75 26-50 21-25 16-20 11-15 6-10 We’ve put this off long enough.  Who are the best Cardinal Twitter [...]

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Yesterday we wrapped up our look through all those that got votes in our Top Cards on Twitter project.  However, we did things differently this year.  Instead of ranking people 1-25 on a ballot, I asked you to give me a valuation of the account on a 1-10 scale, where one was barely worth following [...]


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