CODNP Day 12: Hitting Home

I guess it was inevitable.  Eventually this worldwide story was going to become local.  That day was yesterday.

It was yesterday afternoon when we got the word that one of our co-workers, who had been out sick since Thursday, had tested positive for the coronavirus.  It’s possible she wasn’t the first victim in our office, honestly, but our secretary, who had been home about a week longer than that, still hasn’t gotten her test results back.

Which is the problem, isn’t it?  Enough tests and the rest of our office could have been checked and cleared (if, of course, they were not infected) to go back to work.  Instead, the ones of us at the office and not battling something (given how many people were home with some sort of fever, it may have spread) spent the afternoon notifying clients and determining our next course of action.

Given that I live now about a mile away from the office, it won’t change a lot for me.  I’ll still go in and work at least part of the day, checking the messages, checking the mail.  That’s it, though.  Home to work, work to home, without seeing another person in the meantime.

Of course, it could be worse, I could have symptoms of the disease, but i’m hopeful it won’t come to that.

However, in the course of our office-wide text message last night, there was some confusion over some names–whether we were talking about a client or an employee–and which office was being referred to.  So, of course, I then asked “and if you know who’s on first….” and while one person responded in proper manner, one was very confused.  Which is when I confirmed I worked with some heathens.

I know you know who is on first.  Doesn’t matter.  We all can use a little lightheartedness these days!

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