CODNP Day 112: Aw Shucks, Iowa Is In The Cards

We still don’t know the official schedule, though it sounds like the Pirates will be in St. Louis July 24-26.  (Get your tickets now….oh, wait.)  What we do seem to know, though, is that the Cardinals are going to walk out of the cornfield.  Is this baseball heaven?  No, it’s Iowa.

Even as the idea of extra travel is kinda frowned upon, which is the big reason this shortened season is going to be regionally focused, MLB still plans to go ahead with their Field of Dreams game.  It may be that only the ghosts from the corn can watch it in person and, given that, they probably could just play on the actual movie diamond, but revenue needs to be recouped and you have to figure the draw of this game might be bigger than ever.  (And, honestly, if they put out a Cards cap with a special Field of Dreams logo on the side, I might have to grab that.)

Of course, the Yankees were supposed to be tangling with the White Sox in this made-for-TV event, but the changing of the schedule meant that a Central team had to be their opponent.  It makes sense to replace New York with the team that’s been termed “the Yankees of the National League”.  The second most World Series titles.  A legendary history.  I think the Redbirds would do fine as a replacement on this hallowed ground.

(It helps make up for the lack of Cardinals in the original movie, though there was at least one shot of a Cardinal jersey.  Not sure who that was supposed to be, perhaps Joe Medwick.)

This would be great news for some folks, including my Gateway cohost Tara Wellman, if fans were allowed.  The virus is likely to prevent that, of course.  Iowa has seen a recent spike in their COVID cases, and while my Twitter timeline points out there is increased testing and some of the increase is in the prison population, there’s still quite a lot of active cases running around.  Their cases per 100,000 are currently larger than here in Arkansas, which has been considered a hot spot.  Naturally, it could be that, by time this game comes around (which would be August 13, about three weeks into the season), that things will taper back off.  Even so, the possibility of fans seems remote, which is disappointing at such a place.  People won’t come, Ray, people will most definitely not come.

That all assumes that the season happens on schedule and that all the legal and health hurdles can be cleared.  If they can, it’ll be nice to see the Cardinals as children of the corn–wait, that’s a different kind of movie, isn’t it?–and have them out on that national stage.  I don’t think any pitcher will go the distance, but hopefully this will help to ease the pain of many Cardinal fans.  It’s something to look forward to, at least!

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