CODNP Day 15: Off Days

After a win or a loss in Cincinnati yesterday, today would have been that dreaded quirk of the early schedule–the off day.

Off days like this make sense, of course.  The weather in March is finicky enough that you can’t guarantee a game will be played.  And while you could shift everything around to make up for it, Opening Day is a beast in and of itself and, as such, it’s just easier to leave a spare day in case it is needed.  We’ve seen the Cardinals have to have that–just last year, the home opener was moved to that off day because of weather.  There was also the year they got about three or four innings in, then the rain came too hard and they had to move it to the next day.  I can’t seem to find that one as I look for it, but in my head Adam Wainwright started the rainout game and maybe Kyle Lohse got what was official Opening Day.  Though nothing I can find supports that, so I may be delusional.

Anyway, if everything was regular, we’d be griping about a day off from baseball.  That’s hard to fathom today, isn’t it?  Give us baseball back and we’ll understand that one day isn’t the end of the world!  After two months (maybe) without the game, 24 hours isn’t going to feel so hard to deal with.

That does make me wonder how off days are going to be incorporated into a new schedule, though.  Obviously they can’t play 100 days in a row or anything, especially not if there are doubleheaders in that mix.  How often will teams have a break, though?  I gotta think it’ll be less than what we usually see.  I also guarantee that, on the first one, somebody will say, “What do they need a day off for?  They just had two months!”

I look forward to when this has receded far enough from our memory that we grumble about off days again.  However, I think that’s going to be a while.  Every day this season is going to feel precious and even when the guys need a break here and there, we’ll be able to honestly say to ourselves, “It could be so much worse.”

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