C70 At The Bat

A Game of Inches

I thought he was going to do it. Last night I had church meetings and so didn’t get a chance to sit down with the game until bottom of the sixth inning.  I knew the Cardinals were winning handily because I’d checked the score and almost thought it wasn’t worth catching the last three innings [...]

Still Finding Footing

The Cardinals are in first place but it’s hard to say they are firing on all cylinders.  Just most of them. That was evident yesterday as Dakota Hudson fell back into old habits with his command.  The walks didn’t really pile up like in the past–he only issued two in his seven innings of work–but [...]

Last night, the Cardinals lost to the Rays 11-3.  Hidden in that final score is the fact that, had a ball hit by Juan Yepez gone about three feet further, the game could have been tied after five and 1/2 innings.  On the face of it, it looks like the Cardinals could have won that [...]

Bad Cardinal Polling

The old saying is that you wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.  Last night, the Cards got touched by a tenth inning one.  This team is getting to be a little extra, what with three games in a row going past the ninth frame. Taylor Walls was 0-3 going into that at bat.  [...]

Onward and Upward

That’s one way to spend a long weekend in Chicago. A team that was wondering how it would manage innings for five games then went ahead and played two consecutive extra inning affairs.  They also covered all those innings with  no reliever appearing in more than one game.  I mean, when was the last time [...]

If you’ve read this space enough or listened to the podcasts, you know that I’m not necessarily on the Dakota Hudson bandwagon.  He tends to work slow, his control is iffy, and he doesn’t have much of a strikeout ability for when times get tough.  There’s no doubt he can be valuable, especially with the [...]

There’s been a lot of good moments this year, even if the overall product has been perhaps more meh than you’d like, One of the consistent joys of 2022, though, has been watching the old masters continue to ply their craft.  It’s not the same as in years past, because age gets to everyone and [...]

What The Hicks?

We think of growth as a steady progression, especially when it comes to baseball players.  A guy that was great in A ball last year should be able to show improvement at AA the next year.  A pitcher that threw 80 innings as a rookie should be able to go 120 as a sophomore.  We [...]

One of the great things about baseball–about most sports, really–is that redemption doesn’t necessarily take that long.  You can have a terrible night but come through in a big moment in the end and you are a hero. Or Hero, in this case.  Paul Goldschmidt started off last night 0-4, which is remarkable given just [...]

PNC Nutrition

Are you feeling scrawny?  Not quite up to your physical capabilities?  Are you looking for a little more muscle, a little more oomph in your day?  Head over to your local PNC Nutrition store.  There you can bulk up against middling pitchers and feel much better about yourself when you leave than when you came [...]

So I haven’t written in this space in over a week (and the Substack longer) for various reasons, the largest of which was that I kept resetting my alarm to get more sleep and therefore didn’t have time to write before work.  However, another reason that it’s been harder to write is that, well, the [...]

When Whitney Houston sang that she “believe[d] that children are our future”, I’m sure she had a game like last night in mind. The scoring started with Juan Yepez blasting his second career home run, giving him five extra base hits in his first seven career games.  The next two scored on a double by [...]

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