C70 At The Bat

I have often said that, for the Cardinal fan base, there’s always a whipping boy.  Someone that takes an outsized dose of criticism, deserved or not.  My first memories of this concept were with J.D. Drew in his time in St. Louis and I’m sure it goes back farther than that.  For much of this [...]

At one time, Lane Thomas was a fan favorite choice to start in the St. Louis Cardinals outfield.  Today, he’s on the outside looking in and wondering if he’s ever going to get another chance. Let’s look at the backstory.  The Cardinals acquired Thomas from the Blue Jays in 2017 for international draft money.  The [...]

Yesterday, we spoke about how seeing a less-than-impressive Cardinals lineup against a good pitcher meant that they probably would break out and score a lot of runs and, indeed, they got to Stephen Strasburg and company for 14.  However, even during that game, many fans on Twitter were saying something to the effect of “Guess [...]

Turning Stras Into Gold

Every day, usually early in the afternoon, the lineup for the St. Louis Cardinals is released.  That usually opens the floodgates for the legion of armchair managers to then start picking it apart, wondering what Mike Shildt is thinking, why is he putting this guy there and why can’t that guy move up.  It’s as [...]

The Cardinals tossed another couple of trends out of the window last night.  They had their first loss to a NL East team and their first loss during the week.  Guys, we told you, this “losing the weekend” thing only works if you are going to win every game during the week. Do other teams [...]

As the (sigh, old) song goes, “everybody’s working for the weekend“.  That must include the Cardinals, because they have won any game that has been held Monday-Thursday.  Saturday and Sunday?  Not so much.  There haven’t been any games on Friday yet so we don’t know if the team considers that part of the work week [...]

Who Writes This Stuff?

Seriously, who is scripting this baseball season?  Because yesterday’s game was a mix of tired repeats and cliched writing.  And, by the end, it was glorious.  Yesterday, the Cardinals won their home opener 3-1 in a game that will only be remembered for one moment.  The moment that Nolan Arenado became, truly, a St. Louis [...]

A sweep in Miami isn’t the craziest thing that you could see from the Cardinals.  After all, before last night the Cardinals were 64-36 in Miami since the Marlins came into being in 1993.  (Busch has been kinder to the Fish, though they still trail there 56-45.)  So it’s not the first sweep, but it [...]

You know, I’d just about had this team figured out.  If they scored multiple runs in the first inning, they won.  Otherwise, they didn’t.  No need to wait until the end of the game, the first would tell you all you need to know.  Last night, however, they finally sent that shorthand packing. The two [...]

When last we got together in this space, we were still on cloud nine after a not-perfect but still exciting and enjoyable Opening Day.  The Cards were 1-0, the offense had clicked, and good times seemed the order of the day. That didn’t last long. While two losses shouldn’t create any more panic than one [...]

A Great First Step

Yesterday, we said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  We might have just seen one of 162 games, but that first step was a doozy in a great way. I mean, what was there not to like?  The Cardinals scored six runs in the first inning, meaning that already [...]

It’s Opening Day.  One hundred and sixty-two games of potential lie ahead of us.  This is where it all begins. Between now and October 3, there are 1,458 innings of action, give or take a dozen.  We’re going to see amazing things in those innings.  We’re going to see Nolan Arenado, finally clad in the [...]

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