Top Cards on Twitter 2020: Wrap-Up

Earlier today we finished up our march through the best Cardinals Twitter accounts, crowning beat writer Derrick Goold as the best for 2020 (which, when you think about it, might be a backhanded complement).  Now let’s look at things from a few different angles.

As you probably saw, people were named on a varying amount of ballots.  Nobody was on all 144 of them.  Here’s the Top 10 if you sorted by number of ballots named:

Handle # Ballots
cardinalsgifs 129
dgoold 123
DannyMacTV 119
buffa82 118
bschaeffer12 117
C70 112
kyler416 107
Ben_Fred 103
stlcupofjoe 103
CrashStL 102

Not a lot of difference there compared to the actual list.  So what about if you sorted by average vote?  To keep this from being a lot of 10s by people who were on only one ballot, we’ll put a minimum of 40 ballots named as a criteria.

Handle Average
cardinalsgifs 9.512
C70 8.902
kyler416 8.729
dgoold 8.626
DannyMacTV 8.626
bschaeffer12 8.376
CrashStL 8.265
TheCatonFox 8.238
zjgifford 8.205
retrosimba 8.179

There were only about three others that were averaged an eight or higher.  Look at gifs, just dominating everything by averaging a 9.5.  There’s a reason we’re putting him in the Hall of Fame, folks.

Finally, with the same criteria, let’s see who got the highest percentage of perfect scores.

Handle % Perfect
cardinalsgifs 77.52%
kyler416 51.40%
C70 47.32%
dgoold 45.53%
DannyMacTV 42.86%
ToR_Ron75 41.07%
retrosimba 39.74%
CrashStL 37.25%
bschaeffer12 34.19%
Cardinals 32.29%

Some different looks there, with gifs of course just dominating.  Ron Nuttall sneaks in there in the middle and the Cardinals official account brings up the rear, which is a little surprising.

Thanks to everyone who has said they’ve enjoyed the process this year.  We’ll see you next October!

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