Top Cards on Twitter 2020: 11-15

We’re knocking on the door of the Top 10 and this is a group that’d be well poised to cover it if it was an actual story.  We’re media heavy in this one!

Number 15: hochman
Sports columnist for my hometown paper, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (@stltoday). Author of 3 books, including: “The Big 50 – Cardinals.”

On Twitter since: October 2008
Number of Tweets: 68.2K
Following: 9,796
Followers: 41,160

Total points: 728
Average: 7.663
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 17.89%
% that were 1: 3.16%
Ranking history: 11 (2015), 19 (2016), 12 (2017), 17 (2018), 16 (2019)

I gotta say, I miss Hochman on Derrick Goold’s podcast.  Sure, things could wander down some strange side streets, but I’m not sure anyone covers sports in St. Louis with more enthusiasm and excitement.  Plus you never quite know what sort of pop culture reference he’s going to pull out either.  I see he’s doing an occasional video podcast for the Post-Dispatch and I need to check that out.

Number 14: Cardinals
Official account of the 11-time World Series Champions | #STLCards Contest Rules:

On Twitter since: July 2009
Number of Tweets: 68.8K
Following: 1,064
Followers: 1,246,568

Total points: 740
Average: 7.789
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 32.63%
% that were 1: 2.11%
Ranking history: 8 (2015), 6 (2016), 25 (2017), 12 (2018), 11 (2019)

With the official site, you know what you are going to get.  There’s a lot of promotion, a lot of news, and some occasional interaction.  While some official accounts are more playful, the Cardinals are pretty representative of their brand.  They are going to be competitive in the space, but they aren’t going to be trail-blazers or risk a lot of backlash if they can help it.  It’s a solid follow with those parameters in mind.

Number 13: johnrabe
“Disappointing…” -Derrick Goold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

On Twitter since: June 2008
Number of Tweets: 55.2K
Following: 706
Followers: 3,726

Total points: 752
Average: 8.000
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 24.47%
% that were 1: 1.06%
Ranking history: 34 (2015), 38 (2016), 18 (2017), 23 (2018), 26 (2019)

I’m not sure if anything summarizes the mess that 2020 is more than John Rabe being this high up the list.  More seriously, I’ve had a number of great back-and-forths with John over the years and there’s no doubt that he loves the Cardinals.  He’s got lots of opinions about the club and they are not just shooting from his hip, which might be broken given his age.  He’s a regular if not over-active tweeter, which can add a little spice to your time line.

Number 12: anne_rogers
#STLCards beat writer for Mizzou grad. She/her. Be kind to one another.

On Twitter since: June 2011
Number of Tweets: 10.2K
Following: 1,067
Followers: 15,495

Total points: 759
Average: 7.745
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 22.45%
% that were 1: 1.02%
Ranking history: 14 (2019)

Well, I guess Anne will never forget her first full season on the beat, huh?  She took over in May of 2019, so she’s not had to do the full 162 season grind yet (and may have to wait until 2022 to really get the full experience).  Like her predecessor Jen Langosch, she doesn’t branch too far from reporting Cardinal news, though at times her Missouri ties come through.  Also she was the one responsible for that media personality Tik Tok dance right after the camps were shut down, so praise/blame her for that depending on your point of view.

Number 11: miklasz
Proudly serving STL sports fans as a weekday host (3-6 pm) for 590 KFNS and columnist for Dan McLaughlin’s fast-growing “Scoops With Danny Mac” site.

On Twitter since: February 2009
Number of Tweets: 40.7K
Following: 1,489
Followers: 139,410

Total points: 774
Average: 8.147
Number of ballots:
Maximum: 10
Minimum: 1
% that were 10: 26.32%
% that were 1: 1.05%
Ranking history: 10 (2015), 15 (2016), 5 (2017), 16 (2018), 19 (2019)

The pandemic got to Bernie as well this year, with the loss of revenue at ESPN 101 forcing a cut, but it’s Bernie Miklasz.  He’s a legend in St. Louis and it was only a question of when, not if, he’d be back covering sports.  Now we’ve got him back on the radio and writing as well, so things are starting to be righted.  I still want to have him and Will Leitch recreate Seeing Red on a Meet Me at Musial this winter.

All right, 10 more to go!  Check back this afternoon for the bottom half of that group!

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