There are a couple of ways to approach last night’s 5-2 loss to the Giants. The Cardinals won the first two games and it is very hard to sweep any team, much less a team that has the best winning percentage in baseball.  They were competitive in this one and it would have been nice [...]

Is This A Turnaround?

Before we get too far down the way, let’s acknowledge that the answer to the title of this post is probably “no”.  Two wins in a row is a nice thing, don’t get me wrong.  The last time the Cardinals won two in a row against a team that wasn’t really bad (Arizona, Miami, Pittsburgh, [...]

Baseball is an unpredictable thing.  We know that, of course, but the game continues to provide example after example. How could a team that went 2-8 against the Tigers, Pirates, and Rockies come out and not only beat the best team in baseball, but the pitcher having the best season this side of Jacob deGrom?  [...]

Back to the Old Ways

At the end of Rogue One, after the Death Star plans have been carried onto the Tantive IV and onto the bridge, Princess Leia is asked “what have they brought us?” “Hope”, she responded. I asked Ben Godar last night on Meet Me at Musial if the sweep of the Diamondbacks had produced any hope [...]

There’s nothing quite like taking a mess and turning into something orderly.  Even if your whole house is a disaster area complete with FEMA on your front yard, getting one room back to livable state, looking sharp with things put away and furniture dusted, can feel like an accomplishment.  That holds even if that was [...]

The Nolan Arenado Show

That’s why they got him, folks. When Nolan Arenado was acquired for the Colorado Rockies (the team that is 1) still paying him this season and 2) will do so as he goes against them this weekend), as fans we thought he’d do a few things.  He’d get key hits.  He’d hit big home runs.  [...]

Unless you are measuring an entire season, any sort of sample from the baseball year really involved arbitrary endpoints.  We say someone hit .270 in June, but maybe that was .300 for a couple of weeks and .250 later.  Or maybe we could have just as easily measured from May 15 to June 15.  We [...]

Below Rock Bottom

As noted philosopher Rachel Green once said (and was echoed in Moneyball by Billy Beane/Brad Pitt), there’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, then us.  We thought things were bad earlier in the month.  We thought there was nowhere to go but up.  Then the Cardinals lost four in a row against the Tigers and [...]

Thoughts on Tommy Edman

Hey there all, I live! I’ve actually moved back to St. Louis, so I’m not the Baseball Geek in Galveston anymore and will likely change my alias at some point. One of the first things I thought about when I got back up here was bringing the blog back to life. I know it’s been [...]

Let me start by saying that I do not have an answer to the question that I pose. Mostly, this is me calling out the continued failure of the Cardinals front office and the their affinity to sit on their hands. Specifically, their failure to address the desperate need for Major League starting pitching. I [...]

$1.2 Million Field Renovation and Construction Project Provides New Baseball and Softball Fields for Student Athletes at Former Home of the St. Louis Stars Negro National League Team ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 25, 2021– Today the St. Louis Cardinals, in conjunction with Cardinals Care and Harris-Stowe State University, announced the dedication of Stars Park Field [...]

Swept.  By the Tigers. I know it was only a two game series, so it doesn’t have the import of a “real” sweep.  On the other hand, it was Detroit.  You wouldn’t expect to lose two games to them in a three game series, much less a shorter one.  A split of the two-gamer would [...]

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